Hoops Tonight for 2/3/11

Posted by Andy Durham on February 3, 2011 at 8:33 pm under Amateur | 9 Comments to Read

from the Kiser Middle School….

Guilford Middle School 33
Kiser Middle 14

*****Halftime it was GMS 12, KMS 11….3rd Q:GMS 27, KMS 14….Final:GMS 33, KMS 14….

Kiser Middle School 50
Guilford Middle School 37

The word was/is that Kiser has only lost one game this season and that was the 48-43 loss to Mendenhall….Guilford Middle is coached by Brent Hinson who played AAU ball here for many years, his brother Ismael Hinson played at Northeast Guilford HS and is now a video coordinator in the basketball program at N.C. Central and their dad James Hinson, has been a contributor to local basketball teams for many, many years…..

Boys rewind:1st Q:KMS 15, GMS 11….Halftime:KMS 27, GMS 16….3rd Q:KMS 40, GMS 22….Final:KMS 49, GMS 37….

Kiser scoring:Travis Hylton 19 points….John Puryear 12 points….Allen Little 8 pts….

Guilford scoring:Cedarious Dockery 11 points….Adrian Price 9 pts….Adrian Hatfield 7 pts….

  • stangfan said,

    mendenhall smoked jackson tonight and are 10-2. heard that kiser had dropped a game to aycock but without standings posted somewhere who knows?

  • JMS said,

    Jamestown Middle Boy won a MUCH tougher conference!

  • stangfan said,

    congrats then. what is their record

  • peace said,

    aycock is leading the conf with back to back wins over northern….and only one loss in conf play to mendaenhall….kms and ams on mon…..aycock has 2 really good players #2 is a guard and # 15 is strong on the inside…sorry for not knowing their names …very scrapy team with speed…. should be a good match up!

  • DHP said,

    First of all the score to the Kiser/Guilford MS game was 50-37 instead of 49-37 and for the record Tarius Hilton had 19 points and John Puryear had 12. The KMS and the AMS game on Monday should be a good one.

  • Jake said,

    I spotted Greensboro Day’s girl’s coach at the Northwest Guilford/Allen middle school game yesterday. Wonder who he was recruiting? Probably the little point guard from Allen. She is a great athlete. Best athlete on the court but still needs skill work. She will be really good if she keeps working.

    GDS doesn’t recruit though. Their coach just happened to show up to watch probably the best middle school point guard in the city play. Just a coincedence.

  • Observer said,

    GDS is a private school and can recruit if they want to. Why make an issue of it? Other schools in their conference do the same thing, such as Christ School. So does Westchester.
    Also, contrary to what many would like to think, there are lots of Guilford County parents who approach GDS and try to get their kids in there for the academics, as well as the athletics. Many times when GDS coaches are observing middle school kids, it is because the parents contacted GDS.
    Either way, explain what is wrong with that.

  • Jake said,

    It is against NCISAA rules to recruit for athletic purposes. If the parents contacted GDS about attending school for academics then the admissions person or a math teacher should have been at the game, not the basketball coach. If it is for academic reasons why would he be there? Is their admission to the school based on academics or how well they play basketball? Did he need to check her out before the school would admit her for academic reasons? I know private schools have to recruit STUDENTS but it is against their rules to recruit ATHLETES.

    If a parent decides to send their child to GDS for academic reasons there is no need for the coach to see the child play a sport. If the parent is sending them there for academic AND athletic reasons and the coach observes them play and GDS doesn’t want the kid and the parent then doesn’t send the kid to GDS then the parent was not interested in sending them for academic reasons. Think about it.

    Just because other schools do the same thing doesn’t mean it isn’t unethical and breaking their athletic association rules. The only school in the area that can do that without breaking any rules is Oak Ridge. They aren’t in any state athletic association. The ironic thing is the NCISAA won’t let them in because they recruit athletes.

    If a private school coach is out watching kids play, it is hard to believe that he is not recruiting. I am sure they have better things to do with their time than watch middle school girl’s basketball.

  • wake up - Jake said,

    Sorry Jake but you are wrong with what is happening at GDS. They do not “recruit” athletes. If a family shows interest in their kid coming to GDS, then the coaches will eventually show up at a game to see what the kid can do. Remember that nearly 80% of all GDS students play some type of sport from track, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, etc.. Everyone cannot make specific teams such as the basketball team and any parent coming into a situation such as this needs honest feedback from the coaches in advance. No one wants to spend $15-18k per year and find out later that their kid is not ready to compete against the players that are already in place.

    To answer your question about the teachers – GDS has a required placment test that all potential students must take before they are accepted into the school. GDS encourages each new potential student to visit with subject teachers, parents of kids, other GDS kids, and yes the coaches for sports of their choice.