HS Hoops Tonight with 2/3/11 Finals: Trojans upset WCD…

Posted by Andy Durham on February 3, 2011 at 10:43 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Wesleyan 59
Westchester Country Day 51

Game played at Wesleyan Education Center in High Point….

Word of God 65
Oak Ridge Military Academy 57

WOG(21-2) ORMA(27-3)

  • dale fulton said,

    Anyone have a WOG-OaK Ridge score?

  • upset? said,

    I was just wondering how this was an upset? WCDS is not much better than last year considering Quincy Miller’s injury and Wesleyan is much better than last year. I never considered Wesleyan’s win last year an upset so how could this be considered an upset?

  • wandering Bball Fan said,

    No way wcds wins states with Bello and Nwamu jacking up threes whenever they want. I don’t see how HPCA lost to them twice. They couldn’t look up and pass to the open man if their life depended on it. Kahny can’t control them and they don’t care because they are already signed. Example? End of 1st half: wcds ran a set play that left Tucker, Burton, and Ingram open but Nwamu was so bent on taking the last shot, he dribbled until there was no shot. Ingram from southern Guilford put up 6 pts 3 steals and 3 rebound in the 1st half. He is a good player. They passed him the ball once in the 2nd. Twice under 2 minutes and Leek with 4 foul, Level who had just hit a midrange and a three, sprinted out on a fast break but Bello decided he’d do his typical 1 on 3 and hope for the foul that the refs weren’t calling all game! Burton from Northeast was wide openatthe end of the 3rd but they simply would no give him he ball. If wcds wins states, the “stars” will have shared the ball. If not, it is because of the wcds scouting report: double Ike and Deuce, frustrate them, and they won’t pass, play team ball, make those around them better or even care.

  • Bob Barker said,

    Bball Fan, your opinion is respected, but is a terrible one at best. If you really have to downgrade two of the best players in this area through a post on greensboro sport you truely have no life. If you find pleasure in doing this you need to find something better to do with the apparent tons of free time you have on your hands. If you are such a good coach why arent you out coaching an elite team instead of coming to a high school basketball game too be a critic.

  • calvin said,

    Bball fan is a little tough on those great players but did give a fair representation of how that game was played out. Bello and Nwamu are exceptional talents and I’ve only seen them in last night’s game; but involve their teammates more and they would appear to be a much better team.

  • wandering Bball Fan said,

    Because that’s what folks do on sports blogs: talk, certificate, argue. If what you are saying is true, don’t complain about taxes unless you are a governor or president. Don’t complain about crime unless you are going to be a police officer. News flash! Great players can be selfish and out for themselves too. They don’t always put their twam forst or make those around th better! Stop drooling long enough to see that those two hit 4 of 23 threes. I know I know: they shoot that much because no one else will. The truth is no one else will BECAUSE they shoot that much! I guess downgrading two lesser known players would be better. It takes a minute to state my opinion. Not all the free time you obviously think one must have on order to make a point or prediction. And please stop criticizing me! You obviously have too much time in YOUR hands replying to people with terrible opinions. LOL @ these riders who can’t figure out long shots equal long rebounds which equal fast breaks. Weslyan’s Richmond had 8 pts off fast break points from missed threes even after Kahny yelled at them to quit jacking them up so quickly! Not coach but I know this game doesn’t build who you are…it SHOWS who you are!

  • Bernie Madoff said,

    Anyone have a WOG-OaK Ridge score? No, but…

    Securities Exchange Commission – 1 Stan K – 0

    Aint no more money from secret funds to tap. The well has been sealed shut. Whats happening out there at ORMA? Is Velocity still on track? New gym going up? Teacher and coaches still getting paid? I hope the parents of the kids out there will step up and fund this school so they can remain an option for students looking for athletic scholarships. It would be a shame to see anything happen to this school because one man’s funding has dried up.

  • Fan said,

    Oak ridge lost by 5 or 6

  • high point said,

    to Westchester’s credit, I have seen them play HPCA twice and they played really well. Confused as to how they bring it against them, buit are very lackasical against everyone else. They have the potential, and when they play hard they are tough to beat. I agree that HPCA should’ve won the last one they played, but Oates but couldn’t buy a shot.

    At the same time, it doesn’t surprise me that Wesleyan beat Westchester. Wesleyan is talented, and when Westchester chooses to not play hard they are very, very beatable. Even sad to watch sometimes.