Wake County looking to go Pay-to-Play for High School Athletics: Some families will not be able to afford it….

Posted by Andy Durham on February 3, 2011 at 9:26 pm under High School | Read the First Comment

Talk has already started and it not that far off from being a reality…Next year if you want to participate in athletics in the Wake County Schools, there is a very good chance that if you want to play, you will have to Pay-to-Play….They talked about this once in Guilford County, but it was never put into place across the board, but that might ALL be about ready to change, in Wake and possibly about one hour west of Raleigh, in Greensboro……

“You certainly hate to see anyone go to pay-to-play, but if one of the local districts has to do so, you certainly hope they do it as a last resort,” N.C. High School Athletic Association commissioner Davis Whitfield said.

No formal pay-to-play proposal has been made in Wake County, but the thought of it is enough to make noise in the athletics community.

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  • boosters said,

    Mecklenburg County is also reviewing this, especially for certain sports. What people don’t mention is the fee will initially be small. Expect booster clubs to fill some gaps as well as affluent adults looking to help others. What I don’t like about it is schools that raise less money may suffer. Then you have parents and boosters making demands because they put money in. College programs have these issues now.