Friday Night Hoops – 2/4/11: Chris Jones and Brian Hall have them all, your basketball scores…

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Girls Basketball
Northern Guilford – 58
Morehead – 31
NG girls are (18-3)

Boys Basketball
Northern Guilford – 59
Morehead – 49
NG boys are (11-8)
(Chris Jones)

from Brian Hall WFMY:

Western Guilford boys 71
Southeast Guilford 50

Dudley girls 60
Page 49
Dudley girls are (21-1)

Page boys 101
Dudley 56
Page takes Metro 4-A regular season title….
Page now(15-7) Dudley(16-5)

WS Parkland boys 92
Northwest Guilford 74

North Forsyth boys 55
Northeast Guiford 51

Westchester Country Day 59
Caldwell Academy 54 (Men)

Westchester Country Day 41
Caldwell Academy 38 (Women)

Burl. Williams 83
E. Guilford 78 (Men)
EG men now (13-9)

Burlington Williams 53
E. Guilford 46 (Women)
EG women now (17-5) BW(19-1) Miranda Jenkins with 28 points to lead EG….

NW Guilford 75
Parkland 32 (Women)

SW Guilford 60
East Forsyth 27 (Women)

SE Guilford girls 48
Western Guilford 34

SW Guilford 90
E. Forsyth 65 (Men)
Cowboys Clinch Conference Title

Greensboro Day 70
Forsyth Country Day 65 Final/OT (Men)

Southern Guilford girls 63
Asheboro 61
Kamille Horne 21 points….Alexis Moore 17 points….Jasmine Harper 11 points…Sylvia Bass 9 pts….Myra Henderson 5 pts….

Greensboro Day girls 52
Forsyth Country Day 45

Southern Guilford boys 57
Asheboro 50

Grimsley boys 56
Southern Alamance 36

High Point Central boys 55
Glenn 47

High Point Central girls 68
Glenn 40

Oak Ridge boys 61
St. Ignatius 56

Bishop McGuinness girls 71
WS Prep 49

WS Prep 73
Bishop McGuinness 70

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Westchester Country Day 59
    Caldwell Academy 54 (Men)

    Westchester Country Day 41
    Caldwell Academy 38 (Women)

  • hoopsmike said,

    Anyone know the GDS men or women scores?

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Burl. Williams 83
    E. Guilford 78 (Men)

    Burl. Williams 53
    E. Guilford 46 (Women)

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    NW Guilford 75
    Parkland 32 (Women)

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    SW Guilford 60
    East Forsyth 27 (Women)

  • sefan said,

    SE Guilford 48
    Western Guilford 34

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    SW Guilford 90
    E. Forsyth 65 (Men)

    Cowboys Clinch Conference Title

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Greensboro Day 70
    Forsyth Country Day 65 Final/OT (Men)

  • J.Lynchberg said,





  • J.Lynchburg said,


  • Pager said,

    Page 101
    Dudley 56

    Page is the Metro 4A regular season champion!

  • what is the score said,

    The Page 101 over Dudley 56 score – was that the boys game? If yes, I am beyond shocked. If this was the score for the boys, then what was the score for the girls page vs dudley ? Also, does anyone have the score for the GDS girls game ? Looking at the different scores, it appears that Guilford Co beat the Forsyth Co teams in all cases (boys and girls). Does this represent the normal results when it’s Guilford vs Forsyth County teams ?

  • Amazing said,

    that is amazing J. Lynchberg. You used every excuse in the book in one post. So was it the refs fault? the poor free throw shooting? or the coach?

    Coincidentally I was at this game and EG played lousy defense and didn’t look like they were playing much team basketball either.

    Good luck to the Wildcats. You have a good team. I hope you get back on track in time for the playoffs!

  • Pager said,

    what is the score,

    Yes, that is a boys score.

  • J.Lynchberg said,

    All of the above. All 3.


  • go appy said,

    GDS girls won a close game. Not sure of the score. Boys game was another outstanding game. John Terry hit a 3 to send to overtime. Bengals controlled most of overtime. kleinman went out early with an apparent injury. Big guys were the difference. FCD had no answer for the four bigs of GDS. Guards were steady and controlled Lewis just enough. By the way, Tyler Lewis set school record for scoring at FCD. Congrats to him.

  • Page Fan said,

    where all my dudley people at ? ? ? ? Home licking their wounds ? ? ?

  • CoachKnow said,

    North Forsyth thumped Northeast Guilford.

    North Forsyth 55
    Northeast Guilford 51

    My home people in Winston-Salem let me know they thumped
    Northeast Guilford. They have been warning me for almost
    two weeks that Northeast would receive the thumping when
    they come to Forysth County. The whole Winston-Salem has
    been talking this game up.

  • Rams fan said,

    I don’t call the Northeast and North Forsyth a thumping by any means. It was a very close game the entire time. Home court advantage and refs decided the outcome of this one so the edge with to North Forsyth. Northeast led by 8 with 4 minutes left in the game and didn’t finish. Both teams won their home court and they should meet again and should be on neutral site and the Rams will prevail. Go Rams!

  • Duke said,

    GDS is 22-4 on the year not 21-4. Tyler Lewis set the FCDS (14-11 with some of the loses coming when Lewis was out hurt) all time scoring record. Congrats to him.

  • dale fulton said,

    Not necessarily a great game last night but definitely an exciting one!!!!! I know that by the end of this season, we will be the #1 ranked team in the private and the overall poll. Personally I wish we would schedule OaK Ridge and play them @ our place—-we could play the game at the special events center and charge $20 a person. We would fill the place up and could donate $10 per ticket sold to a number of Guilford county non-profits. I would suggest the Guilford county public schools as a recipient, but they would squander it in a New York minute!!!
    As a matter of fact, we should look at having a tournament next year with several local teams and do just that.

  • High Point said,


    Is Dudley in the Metro 4a this year? If not, who all makes up the metro 4a these days?’

    Congrats to Southwest for clinching the conference title.

  • WG Fan said,

    metro 4 a consists of :
    Western Guilford
    Southern Alamance

  • PAGE PIRATE said,

    Paris Kea was too much for Dudley girls to handle. Yes Dudley won the game but it was clearly shown that Paris Kea is the best basketball girl in the conference. I read where Dudley coach stated in the paper ” We have players that are not looking to score 20 points and that they just want to win the game “. That sounds good but the reality is, How many really have the skill set to do it? Having more players on your team that play basketball usually gives one the advantage. Especially when all play AAU basketball.


  • DUDLEY BALLA said,

    COGRATS TO Desiree Drayton for reaching the 1000 point club as well as 1000th rebound club in win over Page. She is in a long list of Dudley greats whom have reached that Pinnacle of success including the likes of Helen Terry and Breonna Patterson! Kierra McIvor may be just a few point away as well. Depends on how far we go in the playoffs.


  • Loving the Game said,

    Page Pirate:

    Dudley did more than handled Paris Kea. She is a good shooter but that’s it. Really! That’s
    it. Page has some good ballers that play hard and have multiple skills. Could be a winning
    team IF their coach teaches TEAM BALL and not KEA ball. Don’t put all your eggs in one
    basket (HUGE MISTAKE) Really! Paris Kea is OK and will definitely get better
    and better down the line but for now she is simply a good player.

    Paris Kea… best basketball girl in the conference… wishful thinking… Now that’s funny!

    And as far as AAU players … Page has several AAU players themselves including KEA.
    So take the LOST… stop making excuses! “PARIS KEA IS BACK—- PARIS KEA IS BACK”
    wasn’t enough to take on the Dudley lady Panthers and thats a FACT!

    Kea point: Page scored (4) more points from the last time lost to Dudley. Go figure!

    Shout out to Page Pirates: Must be tough playing with the goose that lays the golden egg…
    too much pressure on the egg and cracked it. Keep balling ladies!

  • ALUM said,

    Congratz to the Dudley High School Seniors on “Senior Night” (Basketball players,
    Cheerleaders and managers.

    What a find job you’ve done. But most importantly maintaining your GPA
    3.5 – 4.7 and above! Now that’s academic! Way to go STUDENT ATHLETES!

  • Typo said,

    Times-News has wrong information, they said EG girls won and then they also Huffman had 15 in the boys game and he had between 20-23 points. I was looking in News and Record today but they didnt have the boys game in there. maybe tommorow! Can you find out Andy?

  • outside observer said,

    Let me be clear that I am not a Page or Dudley person or backer but Miss Kea’s is the “key” for Page and if she gets 20 pts a game, then that is what was needed at the time by her team. She does not play selfish and from what I have heard she is a great teammate. The bottomline is that she is one of the few girls in this town that is worth the price of admissions. Her playing style and energy is what makes the game worth watching. It is rare to see her skill set level on the floor in girls high school sports today. There are a lot of tall girls, a lot of athletic girls, and a lot of quick girls out there but few with her skill set. This is not to say that other girls are bad or not worth watching but it is to say “she is worth seeing both home or away”. I am just thankful that we have 3 more years to experience Miss Kea’s.

  • wow said,

    posted to Loving the Game :

    WOW…why so intense in regards to Kea. It is hard for some parents to hear so much hype about another player and hardly nothing about their own child. Paris is actually a great teammate and is very unselfish…she should have been more selfish last night and Dudley would have taken an L. I give credit where credit is due…The lady Panthers are a dynamite team….but the Golden Egg did not crack. Please be mindful because she is still a kid and I am sure she isn’t talking about you like you are talking about her.

    Also, Page has an awesome team as well…very young…only 2 seniors…majority sophmores..I guarantee you that page girls and boys will be THE TEAMS to beat next year and look at it this way…McNeil couldn’t even let his non-starting seniors play the entire 1st quarter on “Senior Night”, scared the Freshmen and sophmores going to make a run on ’em. By the way, hope the academy/recruting works for Dudley over the next couple of years because after Ebona and the Rouse sisters…..there is nothing left.

    Keep talking about Kea….why did the panthers let the Freshman score at all in their den….

  • wow said,

    By the way Loving the Game…

    At least Page girls didn’t let anyone come into our gym and mop the floor with us when Paris was out like your boys did w/out PJ and Richmond. We held our own because we have a complete team…Your girls should have helped your boys…they have more heart.

    Looks like Price built his team around his star too…now the star is shining oh so bright somewhere else…”Could be a winningteam IF their coach teaches TEAM BALL and not KEA (PJ)ball. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (HUGE MISTAKE)”
    “Shout out to Page Pirates (Dudley Panthers): Must be tough playing with (without)the goose that lays the golden egg…too much pressure on the egg and it took its talents to Virgina. Keep balling fellas!” Help will be recruited soon…I’m sure.

  • Andy said,

    Good idea to remember that these kids are just kids that we are talking about and they work hard and play hard pretty much every day in an attempt to improve their game….They don’t go there trying to get worse…

    All of the Page and Dudley kids, both boys and girls are kids and on any given night, there is no telling what might happen…

    PJ, Reggie, Frankie, Paris, Desiree…..All of these kids, we are proud of them and their coaches in McNeil, Jones, Price and Kent we are proud of the job that they have done and are still doing too….

    We may have to go through all of this again in about two weeks with the Conference Tournament so let’s let it rest and chill till then….Keep up the good work Panthers and Pirtates and Pirates and Panthers…..