Guilford Orthopaedic Polls for 2/4/2011

Posted by Andy Durham on February 4, 2011 at 12:36 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Guilford Orthopaedic High School Basketball Polls for 2/4/2011

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Northeast Guilford(17-3)
#2 Dudley(16-4)
#3 Southwest Guilford(16-4)
#4 Page(14-7)
#5 High Point Andrews(16-2)
#6 Smith(13-8)
#7 Eastern Guilford(13-8)
#8 Northern Guilford(10-8)
#9 Ragsdale(10-11)
#10 TIE: Northwest Guilford(9-10)/ Grimsley(8-9)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(20-1)
#2 Southwest Guilford(18-2)
#3 Northern Guilford(17-3)
#4 Eastern Guilford(17-4)
#5 Southeast Guilford(16-4)
#6 Northwest Guilford(16-4)
#7 High Point Central(15-4)
#8 Page(13-6)
#9 Western Guilford(9-10)
#10 Southern Guilford(9-10)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(27-3)
#2 Greensboro Day School(20-4)
#3 Wesleyan(12-9)
#4 Westchester Country Day(17-10)
#5 High Point Christian Academy(15-10)
#6 Forsyth Country Day(8-10)
#7 Caldwell Acadmey(15-10)
#8 Bishop McGuinness(7-14)
#9 Shining Light Academy(16-1)
#10 Vandalia Christian School(8-7)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(27-3)
#2 Greensboro Day(20-4)
#3 Northeast Guilford(17-3)
#4 Dudley(16-4)
#5 Southwest Guilford(16-4)
#6 Page(14-7)
#7 High Point Andrews(16-2)
#8 Smith(13-8)
#9 Wesleyan(12-9)
#10 Eastern Guilford(13-8)

Private School Girls Poll:
#1 ORMA(13-6)
#2 Bishop McGuinness(16-6)
#3 Greensboro Day School(16-8)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(8-11)
#5 Vandalia Christian(10-8)
#6 Caldwell Academy(3-9)
#7 High Point Christian(2-15)

  • POLL WATCHER said,

    How does 3A schools like Northern Guilford and Eastern Guilford get to be ranked 3rd and 4th respectively ahead of the other 4A schools?

  • Andy said,

    Eastern’s girls just beat 4-A Southwest Guilford at SWG the other night by 15 points and Northern just beat Eastern the week before….EG split with SWG during the season and the line of thinking says the (18-2) overall of SWG still holds some clout…SWG beat NWG twice during the season already and NWG topped HPC at least once….SEG lost to Dudley by 12 last Friday night and that caused them to drop some this week with their 4 total losses….

    There is some science to this and if nothing else the records still hold some bearing out qualities….

    Nobody from around here has come close to catching the Dudley girls yet, closest so far was when Western took them to overtime……

    I have seen almost all of these teams play on more than one occasion and may not have it exactly right, but it is pretty close…..

    Love to hear what others have to say, and there may be much more to say after tonight….We have the prospect of some upsets and surprizes this evening….

  • correction said,

    Dudley girls 21/1

  • bballer fan said,


    Heard last night that several lady panthers had signed from Dudley. If you know the coach
    would you find out for us when and where the signing celebration will be held because we’d
    love to be there.

  • poll watcher said,

    Just wondering why Northern Guilford girls moved up in the poll? They had the 38-37 win over Eastern Guilford last week. Have they played any of the current teams in your poll other than Eastern Guilford. Don’t say because they are 3-A, looks like Eastern has played 4 games against teams on this list and they are in the same conference.

  • Andy said,

    Part of the thinking on the poll was that Northern just beat Eastern and Eastern just beat SWG by 15 and SWG has beaten NWG and HPC twice and that just about gives you the ascending order….

    EG beat SWG so they have to be up there, NG just recenlty topped EG and SWG has taken care of NWG and HPC and even though SWG just got beat by EG, the Cowgirls are still (18-2) or now (19-2) and I can’t see them falling that far after just the one loss, but it does make you have to take notice of EG and NG and NG has now also won 11 games in-a-row……

    SEG has not be able to get the BIG win…..Can’t seem to beat Dudley and just got by Page by one at home and Page had some key injuries at that time…..SEG at Page on Tuesday and that ought to be a very good girls game….

    Just some thoughts and I have to have some line of thinking going into these polls on Fridays…..Not fool-proof, but as the old coach once said of me, “He may be crazy, but he ‘aint no fool”…….

  • Poll Watcher said,

    Thanks Andy,
    I just want all the teams that play one another to get their just do. It just looks like last year with Northern Guilford. It’s just hard to believe that they won’t be judge by playing better competition. Last year was the same, only top 10 area team they played was Eastern (same conference). Are they going to make up the NW Guilford game or did they just drop it since NW was winning again this year. Just beating one team in the top 10 does not make you the third best team in the area. They probably can’t beat Western who is ranked 9th because the loses for Western are all but 2 from top 10 area teams. Oh yeah, didn’t they loses to Smith who is in 6th place in the Metro?

  • Andy said,

    I think that NWG-NG game is now off and you still have to say that (18-3) is still pretty stout….Beating EG and then EG beating SWG gives the poll it’s twist….