Update on Middle School Basketball finishing up next week

Posted by Andy Durham on February 4, 2011 at 1:16 pm under Amateur | 5 Comments to Read

Courtesy of Middle School Baketball fans that can’t wait to get it running again next week and it will be a big week for the Kernodle Cougars and others….

Glad to see you guys were able to come out to the Kernodle vs Northwest middle game earlier this week. All of the other middle school teams finished their
season yesterday however Kernodle still has 2 games remaining next week on
Monday and Tuesday due to the 8th graders being out of town a couple of
weeks ago for a week long Disney trip and several cancelled games due to
snow. We know that the Superbowl will take all of the headlines but Monday
and Tuesday will be slow days in sport coverage so hopefully you can give
the 2 upcoming Kernodle games some attention.

Monday – Northwest will host Kernodle at Northwest Middle School starting at
4:45pm with the girls.

Tuesday – Kernodle will host Southwest at Kernodle Middle School starting at
4:45pm with the girls.

The last Nwest vs Kernodle girls game was a great game and should be another
great match up to end the Northwest season. If the Kernodle girls win, then
they are sole conference champions but if Northwest wins then both Northwest
and Kernodle will share the conference title.

If the Kernodle girls win both the Northwest game and the final Southwest
game at Kernodle, then they will win their 2nd ever conference champion and
complete a 2 year run of undefeated play.

If the Kernodle boys win at Northwest, then they will win the conference
champion regardless of the last home game against Southwest. This will also
be 2 years in a row winning the conference.

The best game will likely be the Northwest vs Kernodle girls game. During
the last game, Northwest double and tripled team Kernodle’s top scorer
Tamera Thorpe. Tamera normally scores 20 plus points per game. She was
able to find her teammates which nailed some big 3 point shots (Emily
Langenfeld and Nadia Curry) throughout the game. We believe Northwest will
continue to double/triple Tamera on every possession and force her teammates
to win the game. Kernodle point guard (Catherine Moore) was out sick during
the last meeting but will be ready Monday. I am not sure of all of the
names of the Northwest players but I know their top players that will need
to step up and make the difference are #11 (Carly the point guard), #22
(Jazz the shooting guard/forward) and #30 (Hunter the center). Nearly every
team has tried the same defense, but only Northwest and Northeast have come
within 10 pts of Kernodle. Monday will be the Superbowl of games for middle
school girls basketball.

More on next week’s games:
The Mendenhall Mustangs defeated Jackson at home last night and play at Jackson Monday night. They have two conference losses (Kiser and. Aycock). Mendenhall beat Aycock at Aycock earlier this week.

Then Aycock visits Mendenhall Wednesday. That game possibly could be for the
conference depending on Kiser’s record and/or the outcome of their game Monday, Or, if Kiser indeed only has one conference loss then the Kiser – Aycock game could be the big one.

  • Northern said,

    Not sure about Mendenhall’s overall record but they lost to Northern by 21 last week.

  • stangfan said,

    Pretty sure Mendenhall is 9-2 with losses at Kiser and Northern.

  • Bball fan said,

    Mendenhall had three losses to Kiser, Northern and Aycock.
    Kiser had two losses to Mendenhall and Aycock
    Aycock has lost one game to Mendenhall,so the game with Kiser on Monday and Mendenhall on Wed. next week will determine conference champions.

  • stangfan said,

    Incorrect… Mendenhall only has two losses …. at Kiser and at Northern. I have been to every game…..

  • calling all Kernodle backers said,

    We are calling out to all of the Kernodle family both far & near and past & present. Come support Kernodle on the road this Monday at Northwest starting at 4:45 with the 5th quarter players and on the main games to follow. Northwest has a tough team and our girls need your voices and in person support to bring home the championship. Go Cougars !!!