Fantastic Friday Leaders

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2011 at 4:01 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read


1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 28 pts
Quon Greer: Smith: 25 pts
2. Paris Kea:Page: 24 pts
3. Kamille Horne: Southern Guilford:21 pts
Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 21 pts
4. Ayshia Mcneil: Southeast Guilford: 19 pts
5. Michelle Williams: Northwest Guilford: 17 pts
Alexis Moore: Southern Guilford: 17 pts
Breana Garris: Smith: 17 pts
6. Ronata Rogers: Greensboro Day: 14 pts
7. Brittany Gwynn: High Point Central: 13 pts
8. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford: 11 pts
Tenesha Williamson: Greensboro Day: 11 pts
Natalie Harper: Northwest Guilford: 11 pts
9. Shannon Buchannan: Southwest Guilford: 10 pts
Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 10 pts
Kaitlyn Shelton: Northwest Guilford: 10 pts
Kierra McIvor: Dudley: 10 pts
Eboni Goins: Dudley: 10 pts
Victoria McGee: Northwest Guilford: 10 pts


1. Tiera George: Northeast Guilford: 10
Carryl Alston: Eastern Guilford: 10
2. Erica Olerich: Eastern Guilford: 6


1. Carryl Alston: Eastern Guilford:4
2. Ercia Olerich: Eastern Guilford:3


1. Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford:31
2. Jordan Hanner: Southwest Guilford:30
3. John McBeth: Norrthern Guilford:29
4.Terrell Leach: Southwest Guilford:24
5. Cody Hylton: Northwest Guilford:23
6. Frank Eaves: Page:22
7. Nick Bell: Southern Guilford: 19
Brett Manning: Caldwell: 19
8. James Summers: Page:18
Reggie Perkins: Western Guilford:18
Jackson Kent: Page: 18
Ike Nwamu: Westchester: 18
Asad Lamont: ORMA: 18
9. Daniel Downing: Northern Guilford: 17
10. Brandon Clyburn: Dudley:16
Matthew Uchedike: Caldwell: 16
Jalen Ross: Greensboro Day:16
Diante Baldwin: Western Guilford:16
Michael Neal: ORMA: 16


1. Matthew Uchedike: Caldwell: 17
Michael Obacha: ORMA: 16
2. Paris Scales: NEG: 13
3. Deuce Bello: Westchester:5


1.Deuce Bello: Westchester:6

  • toots opa said,

    #8 from Northwest should actually be Natalie Harper…she had 12 points..

  • whats up said,

    i dont no whats up with eastern guilford book keeper huffman kid had at least 22 friday give the kid a break

  • Always. said,

    They are always giving him (Huffman) the short end of the stick. I guess cause he aint a politic kid. or a suburb kid.

  • Andy said,

    Got Natalie squared away and if we can get the word on Butch Huffman from EG Coach we can update that too…..