Larry Drew II’s dad made the call….

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2011 at 11:13 am under College | 2 Comments to Read

from Tom Sorenson Charlotte Observer:

Larry Drew Sr. didn’t negotiate, Roy Williams says. Drew Sr. said his kid, who had been playing well for a team that was playing better than it had all season, was gone. Clean and neat. He’s out of here.

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  • Back to Reality said,

    It was obvious that this Drew kid was not the correct fit for Roy Williams. He was not the type of point guard that Carolina previously had with Felton and Lawson. He was not as tough, not as fast and clearly not the same type of leader on the court. The bottomline is that Roy made a mistake recruiting this kid. Strickland is even closer to the Felton or Lawson type of player than Drew. The freshman Marshall is clearly what UNC needed and that is why they are winning. Drew could have made a difference but unfortunately he was more concerned with his future NBA (or overseas) career than what his team needed today. UNC is famous for getting its 6th, 7th and even 8th man into the NBA but that was not enough for Drew. Whatever !! I am a UNC man so whatever is best for UNC is what I will support. This was absolutely a good time for UNC – Go Heels !!

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Drew was an underperforming at Carolina…he’ll probably get a NBA tryout (from the Hawks, thanks DAD) but will never amount to much as a player. Prima Donna player will a name but no game…..