Smith at Greensboro Day – Live Audio Broadcast

Posted by Don Moore on February 5, 2011 at 6:04 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

Tonight’s Special Broadcast is WEB-ONLY from the GreensboroSports.Com Sports Offices.
Here’s the recorded show. (It will be available until April 14, 2011) Read the full article for the audio player.

  • Bengal fan said,

    GDS playing some good ball right now. Freddy got em peaking at right time to make a deep run in States.

  • dale fulton said,

    I agree. Smith has a very athletic team, but we are now playing the best basketball of any team in the area without a doubt. I feel that when Oak Hill beats OaK Ridge, we will definitely be #1!!!!

  • fan said,

    Dale, you are an idiot. You are playing local teams like Smith. Oak Ridge is playing top ranked teams in the country like Oak Hhill. LoL

  • Mike said,

    You are an idiot! have a nice day donkey!

  • hatin on fan said,

    fan, you are too skool for cool. i bet you go to oak ridge. cool story bro.

  • guy said,

    i think we can all agree though that if kobe or lebron were playin their high school ball here instead of miami and los angeles, their teams would be numba 1.

  • Hm said,

    Ddnt see game, but heard smith was missing a lot of players. Any truth to that?

  • Brian said,

    Oak Hill plays Greensboro Day School Feb 18th at home

  • High Point said,

    Smith was only missing 2 players. They were missing a guard and the Gathings kid.

  • fan said,

    What was the score?

  • Hoops said,

    GDS 83 Smith 46

  • go appy said,

    GDS came out early and put them away. They were definitely missing two of their best players and it showed. However, the way GDS moved the ball in the early part of the game was the best I have seen all year. And Reed Lucas was on fire. I think he hit 3 threes in the first quarter. Bigs dominated the boards along with Terry and Ross and Kleinman were solid as well. Looks like Hairston and Chapman are really coming along. These two young kids get looked over a lot. They are going to be terrific high school players. Looks like we are peaking at just the right time and lots to look forward to the next few weeks, but there is also a lot to be excited about in the future. Will be interesting to see how they adapt to losing two of their big kids and being almost completely guard oriented. I know they will do it.

    By the way, buzz going around during the game that it was Coach Johnsons 799th win. Is this accurate? 800 wins is something special.

  • dale fulton said,

    I really do wish “the powers that be ” at GDS would schedule OaK Ridge—we could end this discussion forever–i would bet my over-priced real estate against your over-priced real estate and then the loser could donate a $100K to a worthy cause—of course, the loser would have to have access to his assets to make good on the deal.
    PS. I love my Bengals!!!!!!!

  • Mike said,

    Yes i do, and i would tell it to your face if i ever had the chance!

  • dale fulton said,

    This is just as good! But, if you come to the GDS-Oak Hill game, I will be there. You just describe what you will be wearing and I will say hello. I may even take your money if you buy a ticket or popcorn. You have to be smarter than I think you are, because Dale can be male or female. Just thought I would give you a little hint. The Dillard Athletic Center will welcome you. And, just in case you are Coach K, we remember you when you were a real person just starting out, trying to break into coaching, when Coach J befriended you. Oh well, loyalty is a one-way street!

  • Mike said,

    I know who u are! That makes it easy!

  • hm said,

    I seriously doubt Dale is the guy that takes money at the table at GDS. I don’t think that Dale Fulton is an actual name, at least the name of the poster anyways.

  • Andy said,

    Coach Freddy Johnson will be going for win #800 when GDS faces Calvary Baptist on Monday night….

    Gathings and Drew Williams were the two young men that were missing for Smith last night….

    Over the course of the year, Smith has lost Coleman, Butler, Ebron, Sims and at least 1-2 others and now last night, they didn’t have Tracy and Drew….At (13-9), Smith has really hung in there with all the defections and changes that they have seen….

  • just a coach said,

    Andy, why don’t we just let this all go to CNBC and talk basketball. Stains passionate about being a good coach, he supports his players and helps them to a fault, supports every school wher he coaches including ORMA. Leave him alone and hope the best for Oak Ridge. Good luck to all players, teams, and coaches.

  • Andy said,

    If you want to check out the current news stories you can go to

    That way you can get all the current updates there and we can try and stick to the sports news here….If we get too deep into those news stories all it will do is take us down a dead end on a beat up horse….

  • The Real Deal said,

    Were the boys the only game that was played on Saturday at GDS? I haven’t heard anything on the girls game if they played. That should have been a really good game.

  • WildManStan said,

    The guy that takes money at the GDS games for ticket sales is definitely not named “Dale Fulton”.

  • Smith girls over GDS said,

    To WildManStan,
    The Smith girls beat GDS by nearly 20 pts. Smith ran, ran and ran the ball in an up tempo style that GDS was not able to match. GDS had 1 guard that was able get her offense going but the other guards were missing too many shots. The GDS center did a great job but she needs help down low defensively. Smith was able to turn the corner on the GDS guards and often finished with a layup. If Smith had played this way all year, then they would have been in 2nd or 3rd place in the conferene. Maybe they will put up a good show in the conference tournament.