Got this reminder this afternoon: Guilford County High School baseball season starts one week from today…

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2011 at 2:26 pm under High School | 33 Comments to Read

That is the reminder and here it is one more time for those that may have missed it at the top of the ledger:

Guilford County High School baseball season starts 1 week from today…..

Practice will begin one week from today and there are a lot of fans out there that can’t wait to get started…..Once practice starts, they will be conducting scirmmages at the end of the first full week and games will be cranking up in less than 2 weeks from February 14…..

Teams that will be major contenders include Southwest Guilford, Northeast Guilford Southeast Guilford and Northwest Guilford and there others that you may want to throw out there….High Point Andrews has a new coach in former Page assistant, Nat Norris…..Dudley Panther Brandon Burkes is swinging the bat again and throwing the ball hard, but he still hasn’t received his full release from his doctor and they hope to get that in order, in the next week….Burkes is the young man that broke his neck in Dudley football practice back in August of 2010….He is on schedule to return to the Panthers baseball lineup this spring….

With those four teams we mentioned earlier you have to note SWG’s Matt Orth, Austin Cole and several others, plus NEG’s Luis Paula, Joisel Colon, the McCann brothers Jacob and Caleb, Jaylin Davis, Johnny Brown and other Rams…..SEG has Josh Tobias back for his senior year plus Shutt, Keene, Bain, Reece, Frazier, Newton, Callahan, Flinchum and many others…NWG with Schmucker, Everett, Kuxhausen, Haack and more Vikings and all of that is just getting us started….

Ragsdale lost Anderson, Fultz, Sparks and Stone, all to graduation and I’m not sure who all they have coming back…..

Our man Deion is out there somewhere and he ought to have a pretty good idea overall about who, what, when and where it is going on……

Give us your top teams as they head to the top of the order and they start to put out the fire, in the hot stove, and get ready to head back outside for the spring….Other notable players that we are missing……

  • wondering said,

    what happened to Northern who almost won it all last year?

  • Metro 4A said,

    Metro 4A is going to be an extremely tough baseball conference this year. Southeast, Southern Alamance and Dudley are returning solid veteran teams. Page made some noise early last year. Grimsley appears to be finally healthy. Western Guilford graduated a lot of talent and had some transfers but you can’t count them out because of their feeder program.

    Let the sun shine, the grass grow and the games begin.

  • Andy said,

    NG had quite a few players to move on, but veteran pitcher Jeremy Campbell is still there and Dudley in addition to Brandon Burkes, still has Corey Kimber among others…..Dudley also had two very big catchers and there names escape me right now….

    Wetern Guilford still has Nin and Nino Marrero and Brandon Ahrens it is….I think it is Brandon……

  • Dudley alum said,

    You hit the nail on the head Metro 4A

  • Andy said,

    One of those big Dudley catchers was Zaney Seagraves…..And Keith Robertson is another player for Dudley that can bring it from the outfield….Rick Powell is that other big Dudley catcher and you would think that Seagraves or Powell could play at first base when they are not catching…..

  • Mike said,

    SE,NE, SW will dominate this area!

  • Dudley alum said,

    Northeast is loaded
    They have the best team man for man in this entire area they just have to prove it on the field. Should be great baseball season for them.

  • fan said,

    the metro 4a may be good but the piedmont triad 4a will still wipe the floor with them when they match up with the exception of SE

  • Metro 4a fan said,

    The metro 4a has lost a lost of talent. Last years champions, Western guilford, is only returning 2 starters and the runner up southeast is only returning 4. It ought to be an interesting year.

  • justafan said,

    Southeast is always strong and Southern Alamance is very tough but after those two the Metro is a toss up.

    Everyone knows Northeast is headed for a state championship, do they play Southwest? Id love to see Orth pitch against them, he might be the only pitcher that could shut NE down.

  • Andy said,

    One of those pitchers that Ragsdale has back is Tyler Southcott and they also have another Sparks, in Duncan Sparks….

  • Patience said,

    Ragsdale will be led on the mound by srs. Zack Hodges and Southcott as well as jr. Carstens . Sr. Trey Swaim has worked hard to become a good defensive catcher. Morrison swings it well, Sparks will have to contribute and possibly a freshman will be called on. Rebuilding year.

    SWG and NEG look very strong. SWG has the pitching and NEG can swing it.

  • Wesleyan said,

    Best team in the area is probably Wesleyan. Coach Davis has done a great job with that program. He simply reloads each year. How many teams meet at 6am for batting practice at the coach’s house? They won’t be out-worked. Led by Anderson, Hixson, Corn, Brandon, Blackwood, Wilson, Ferrante, Olszak and 3-4 more. No holes, lots of depth.

  • SEbasball said,

    Metro idk where you got your facts but they’re wrong! Southeast has a strong team possibly the strongest around! They have six returning starters, Shutt, Tobias, Keene, Flinchum, Barker, Butler! Then you have Newton, Jacobelli, and Bain that could have pitched and been succesful on varsity last year! This will be the year for the Falcons!

  • Wes said,

    Northern lost George Carter, D.C. Arenda and Trip Dunn to Forsyth Country Day. The lost Sean Mas and Rory Atwell to Oak Ridge. Also they have 2 or 3 players that are not ctrying out. Why did this happen? Nrthern would be really strong had these people stayed. I think it is because Justin Smith is not there anymore

  • EG Alum said,

    Eastern Guilford should be much improved over the last couple of seasons. very strong junior class, a few of which were on varsity last year and several more coming up from jv. jv team had excellent season last year, so keep on eye of the wildcats. plus, new head coach in gibsonville. could be fun to watch.

  • Dudley alum said,

    The Dudley Panthers could be a surprise lost about 6 Seniors but several kids have worked hard in the off season . They did well in colt season could be a sleeper.
    Do not count them out.

  • BB fan said,

    NE has pitching and hitting, should be the best team in the state. SW has Orth and maybe one or two others but that’s it. Wesleyan may not be as good as they think, but of course they should win their private school league. NW has a couple of pitchers and maybe some help from their JV team, they lost 9 or 10 from last years team. Glenn and East Forsyth should be good this year also. Should be interesting this year.

  • sefan said,

    I agree this “should” be the year of the Falcon. Coach Beasley will have the talent. He has 6 starters from last year and a very strong Junior class this year.

  • no dis-respect said,

    well the season is about to start can’t you tell? out of all these schools how many have home grown talent? just look around ,there are at least 2 schools named where half of their players are not from within.if you can recruit the best talent in the county you should be good. don’t you think? give a coach those kids and wow you should be good every year.

  • EG Alum said,

    no dis-respect: as for EG, all their players are and have always been gibsonville & mcleansville natives. all of them came thru the middle school, and several are second generation wildcats. we may have a hard time keeping our basketball players, and in the past we have lost several good football players, but the baseball guys tend to stay home.

  • OldTimer said,

    What ever happen to baseball at Southern Guilford??? they used to be one of the best baseball programs around. I remember back in the day when i played Coach Siler was the coach then Coach Gamble had a lot of good teams and won a lot of conference titles and seemed to always be in the playoffs. Seems that Southern has been down past couple of years. I saw them play Eastern last year and they didnt look good at all.

  • Dudley alum said,

    No Dis respect well no dis respect but what the H—- are you talking about

  • no dis-respect said,

    dudley alum no one is talking or refering to dudley. there coach over there is a hell of a coach great guy knows baseball and my kid can play for him any day any time. if you think about what was said in previous post about certain teams you would know as well as i do on who i am talking about. its no big secret and the people in the triad knows who has home grown kids and the ones that have everybody else kids. good luck to dudley this year and i hope mr. burke gets back in to the swing of things and ready to go at practice next week.

  • Wesleyan Senior said,

    Let’s not forget about the upcoming ORMA and Wesleyan season opener…I am really looking forward to February 25th….I hear that Coach A has assembled a solid group of players without any superstars and hear they might be the best overall team in the area if you look at the lineup from the top to the bottom. They are 2-deep at every position. Battling for starting positions will drive this team to be really good. And all for all of you ORMA haters, I hear that Coach A’s players are all local and non are post-grads. I think that the ORMA versus Wesleyan game might be the first game in the county and it should be really interesting.

  • Metro 4A Surprise said,

    It will be interesting to see how the Whirlies perform this year. On paper, this is the most talented group to hit the field in 3 years with Sawyer Highfill, DJ Reader, Ryan Stoneman, Corey Shumate and Quito Carrig. They have 3 quality starting pitchers, a solid in-field and some nice punch from the top 6 batters. If they can find some offensive production in the bottom of the order and get some solid play in the outfield, they could be looking at a return to the state play-offs after missing last year.

  • sefan said,

    no dis-respect, I know you are not talking about SEHS. Not one of these boys came from anywhere but SE Guilford County. It is bounded by Buck Bain’s Store, Pleasant Garden and south. The school board doesn’t know where that is but we sure as h*** do.

    We did loose in the other direction however in that we lost one senior this year who was a starting junior last year at SEHS to ORMA (now back to a junior at ORMA) but it is all good! He is a great kid and we wish him and ORMA nothing but love and the best. I’m sure he will be burning up the bat with those guys this spring.

  • In the Know said,

    Old Timer,

    As for SG baseball –kids transferring to places like Wesleyan & Westchester have hurt the program. SG struggled last year,(lost several close games) however, there are several younger kids in place that have the potential to be pretty good if they stay together. SG has been in the state playoffs two of the past four years. And just for the record –SG has beaten EG at least once each year the last two seasons.

  • ad4deacs said,

    Good luck Sawyer Highfill and Go Whirlies. Bring on Spring!……………please!

  • KC said,

    Sports seasons are long and competitive. Is there any way to seperate polls and conversations when it comes to public/private? You cannot compare apples to oranges, so way try. Rules are different thus competition is different. I trully don’t care about comparing the two. Good coaches can become great coaches in the eyes of people when they have players.

  • topfin29 said,

    KC I’ve read your post 10 times now and still can’t quite get a grip on exactly what your point is. Can you help me out?

  • In the Know said,


    I think he is saying that private schools can recruit, public schools can’t. Public schools can’t use 5th year seniors –private schools can. A coach is great if he has great players and they win, however, a coach who plays with the hand that he is dealt(does not win as often) is often labeled a “bad coach” by some when in fact he may truly be the better coach because he is doing more with less. The comparison of private vs public or coach vs coach is weighted with a lot of variables that tend to skew the results greatly. Point –why bother with the comparison>>>???

  • KC said,

    posted by In the Know

    Great job explaining! I can’t stand all this private/public comparing of sports teams.