Middle Schools looking to work their basketball magic today….

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2011 at 11:27 am under Amateur | 4 Comments to Read

Aycock with one loss is at Kiser tonight. Kiser has dropped two games. Aycock lost to Mendenhall and Kiser lost to Mendenhall and Aycock…. So, this game will be huge for both teams.

Mendenhall, with two losses (Kiser and Northern), plays at Jackson tonight.

Aycock visits Mendenhall Wednesday for he last game of the season.

Also today/tonight, we have Kernodle at Northwest Guilford with a very big girls game coming up at 4:45 and the boys to follow at 6pm…..

  • stangfan said,

    If Mendenhall wins tonight, the Aycock game is huge. Good luck to both Aycock and Kiser tonight… there’s alot on the line

  • family feud - Northwest vs Kernodle said,

    The family feud ends tonight. Finally families and friends live in peace once again until next season when it all starts over with a new crop of young feuding households.

    Well, at least for about 3 hours tonight that will all be true. Most of these girls actually hang out together in their free time and/or play together or against each other in AAU play.

    This is one of the best middle school match ups of the year with two of the best coaches in the area from Northwest and Kernodle.

  • ReMatch said,

    Northwest wins by 10 in the re-match. A blood bath, very rough game … 26-16. That puts those 2 teams tied for the conference title.

  • stangfan said,

    Mendenhall took care of business