HS Hoops Tonight Finals for 2/8/11

Posted by Andy Durham on February 8, 2011 at 10:07 pm under High School | 42 Comments to Read

Boys Finals:

Grimsley 61
Dudley 38

Scoring leaders from Grimsley: Montrell Goldsten with 21 points….Jake Mulvey and Nevada Anderson 10 each…Burrell Brown with 9 pts…Travon Woods with 7 and Kevin Walton and Mark Simmons had two each…
Dudley leaders:Brandon Clyburn with 14 points and 7 rebounds…Sam Hunt had 9 pts…Daris Workman with 5, Jamar Weather with 4, Reggie Dillard with 3, Blair Houston had 2 and Alvah Phillips 1 pt…

Page 89
Southeast Guilford 68


Northeast Guilford …..76
Asheboro …………………51

Bryce Benjamin 18….Abdul Tijani 12….Jesse(AJ) Simpson 9….Parris Scales 8….Jalen Hairston …….7

Southwest Guilford 73
High Point Central 58

Westchester Country Day 73
Greensboro Day School 52

Wesleyan 81
Mount Zion 52

Northern Guilford 63
Western Alamance 48

Courtesy of Chris Jones at NG…..

Eastern Guilford – 76
McMichael – 74

Brandon Hairston scored his career 1000th point

High Point Christian Academy over Cary Academy….

Girls final:
Southern Guilford 43
Southwestern Randolph 32

SG(11-10/6-2) Kamille Horne led the SG Storm in scoring tonight…..

Northwest Guilford 42
East Forsyth 34

from Brian Hall WFMY

Southwest Guilford 73
High Point Central 58

Northern Guilford 62
Western Alamace 31

Courtesy Chris Jones at NG….

  • CJones said,

    Northern Guilford 62
    Western Alamace 31


    Northern Guilford 63
    Western Alamance 48


  • EGFan said,

    EG – 76
    McMichael – 74

    Brandon Hairston scored his career 1000th point

  • page said,

    Page boys 89 SEG 68

  • Hm said,

    High Point Christian won tonight against Cary. Not sure of final.

  • CoachKnow said,

    Northeast Guilford …..76
    Ashboro …………………51

    Jalen Hairston …….7
    Parris Scales………..8
    Jesse(AJ) Simpso…..9
    Abdul Tijani……….12
    Bryce Benjamin…..18

  • bball fan said,

    back to back beatdowns handed to dudley..can someone tell us what happened last night?

  • Step it up said,

    Has Dudley thrown in the towel? What going on over there? Are they playing as a team or is it street ball? they got plenty good ballers so i dont know what problem is.

  • Tom said,

    The Panthers normally are well represented on this site. Where are they now? What is going on over there? It is unheard of to see Dudley lose two in a row, but even more surprising to be blown out.

  • Step it up said,

    Surprised to GDS get blown away like they did. Definitely a setback since they had been playing so well. Anybody at the game can give us a recap?

  • Dale Fulton Jr. said,

    This lose was not Coach Johnson fault. The players just played horrible. Jordan Roberts was out and he has been the leading scorer for the past 5 games. Only problem with coaching was they should have played zone in second half. Westchester feeds off man to man. The players are one on one players, so that should have been tighten up. But all the players played horrible. The guards turned the ball over and miss shots…Defense was lazy…..The bigs mishandled the ball alot or got dunked on. Back in the day when I was playin…We played with pride. They maybe would of gotten one dunk but to just step aside and be scared to be dunked on is crazy. They would have to take them out to see the trainer. Nobody wrapped them up or hard foul them to get them to think twice about coming down the middle. The coaches must be soft not to tell them that. GDS looked bad….Makes other teams think they can beat them. Go Bengals!!!!

  • Dudley Parent said,

    Our Panthers are just setting things up to make a run at the CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT TITLE and STATE TITLE! When you have Reggie “The Real Deal” and Sam “I AM” Hunt leading the charge, great things are in stored!

  • Delvon said,

    Dudley’s lack of Defensive preparation over the years is now starting to show with the dropoff of there offensive output. 2 decent players cannot beat a team working within a set gameplan as 2 lossses to Grimsley and 1 to Page & Smith have shown. If Reggie has to play defense all night and Sam has to make offensive decisions .. Game over … This is not the Dudley of Old.

  • stop drinking the kool aid said,

    Stop drinking the koolaid “dale fulton jr” and “dudley parent”.

    GDS plain and simple cannot beat any of the high quality teams. They have been beat by 20 plus points every game this year against the high quality teams such as Christ School, Westchester (1 main man down), etc.. When they play Oak Hill on 2/18 it will be another 30-40 point beat down at their house. The GDS style of play breaks down against teams with real skill players and coaches that allow those skilled players to break the defense down 1 on 1. GDS is a system and is not for the highly skilled kids.

    I am not surprised to see Dudley losing 2 in a row and you have got to be crazy if you think 2 blowout loses is a sign of a team preparing to make a run in the tournament for conference or states. Dudley is finished playing bball this year with the next 2 weeks – period. They only 1 “real” D1 player with Reggie and the other guys are very good role players or potential D2 players.

    Good lucky to both GDS and Dudley in the playoffs but if either you are in the gym after your first playoff game it will be in the stands not on the court. See you next year – out !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Think Not said,

    Its funny how when GDS wins there is a huge headline for it but when they lose its just its barely even noticed.. Coincidence ?

  • Dale Fulton III said,

    @Dale Fulton Jr.
    I don’t know if you can blame the players for this because the coaches taught them to play that way. Like you said, when they plaid zone in the first half, it was a five point game but when they switched it to man.. well you know what happened. Coaching. There stagnant offense could not compete with Westchester’s fast explosive offense. Coaching. So can you really blame the players? Just a thought..

  • C'Mon said,

    It was a Dunkfest out there, Bello had 29, with at least 7 dunks. The cameras will love this…

  • Paper Favorites said,

    I think not

    I agree! It seems like the New-Records have it favorite schools when it comes to reporting or not reporting. Many times it also influences how they go about choosing players to represent when it comes to voting times.

  • Pager said,

    Page take home the Metro 4A Conference title last night!

    Football and Basketball Conference Champs!

  • bball fan said,

    For the record, all of the best players are not at Dudley; that goes for both boys and gurls. Secondly, GDS will never beat any team with skilled players running the Flex/Princeton offense..What is your strategy when you get behind running the Princeton offense? How do you catch up if you don’t ever attack the other team?…I saw it at the games on MLK day…They were getting run out of the gym, and they never did anything different..

  • Dudley alum said,

    To be honest after watching my panthers one time this year I was not impressed.
    Their defense was terrible and yes you are right it was to much like street ball.
    I love my panthers dearly but this was not the basketball I am use to seeing.
    The PA announcer has got to stop talking so much and let the fans enjoy the game he is terrible. We have if not the best one of the best facilities for high school basketball in the state but our announcer takes away from that. Something has to change in pantherville.

  • justafan said,

    All the things that are being said about GDS now, I said the same on this board in early December and their fans told me I was a hater.


    Reggie “THE REAL DEAL” is still by far the Conference Player of the Year!

  • WhatYaThink? said,

    Eastern Guilford’s Huffman or Hairston should get Conference Player of The Year!

    What you think Andy?

    Constantly putting up numbers, and leading a young small team atop the conference!

    I’d give it to Huffman, simply because he runs the offense and is the vocal leader!

    Hairston hands down next year!

  • Andy said,

    Miranda Jenkins from Eastern has it right now in my opinion for the girls, and for the boys, it was Reggie Dillard until the last couple of games…..Now the for the boys, you could see Huffman or Hairston, depending on how EG finishes, and you also have to watch for either Leach or Hanner at SWG, depending on the Cowboys finish and Benjamin or Scales at NEG should also be under consideration….

  • The Real Deal said,

    To Pager:

    There is a correction, Page wins the conference championship for basketball but they finished 2nd in the conference in football behind Smith.

  • The Real Deal said,

    In my opinion for the Metro 4A player of the year i thinks its between three

    Reggie Dillard (Dudley)
    Tracy Gathings (Smith)
    Jackson Kent (Page)

    In no specific order


    I been watching basketball at Dudley for about 12-13 years now, both Boys & Girls. And what I been seeing in the last 2 games { Page & Grimsley } was a HUGE DROPOFF OF DEFENSIVE EFFORT BY THE GUYS. I mean NONE !!! They arn’t the Dudley of old and I really think this team will get kick out of the playoffs by the 2nd round this year. Just PLAIN & SIMPLE, 2 GUYS can’t carry the load against teams that have 4-6 guys scoring. They just don’t have it this year.

    When I see Dudley’s Girls play, I see a look of a Champion. They WANT IT, It’s in their EYEZ & WALK. The boys don’t have that look at all )-:

  • Andy said,

    The Dudley boys are going to have to find it or get it back….The Eye of the Panther has got to be in there somewhere and they have just over a week to bring it back home for the tournament….

    Metro Girls POY:Desiree Drayton or is there another candidate?????

    Page boys have been playing real tough and Grimsley seems to have found their way again at just the right time….Smith without Gathings and Williams can not find they way to the finals…..Smith girls with Greer and Garris on the mark can be a real sleeper and the Page girls just knocked off #2 SEG last night…..

  • co- champions said,

    the real deal you are mistaken they were co-champions smith did not win it out right. can you say tie ? they both lost 1 game page lost to smith and smith lost southern alamance. 1 game doesnt out weigh the other. plus smith lost in the 1st round . do you remember? also page little four champions , co- champions in football , and now metro 4a champions in basketball. can you say sweep almost?

  • HS hoops fan said,

    Not sure if some who are commenting on last night’s game were actually there. GDS didn’t play as well as they can, but some of these comments on last night (and the entire season, for that matter) are nowhere near accurate. First of all, I haven’t seen GDS run the Flex or Princeton in 2 or 3 years. As for defense last night, they may have played 3 minutes of zone and Westchester was able to shoot well from the perimeter in that stretch, so GDS switched back to man. Also, as someone mentioned, without Robertson it becomes more difficult for GDS. It was their 4th game in 5 days, that’s always tough. Got to give Westchester credit, they won the game. However, let’s not exaggerate what this means for GDS, they will be fine.

  • WhatYaThink? said,

    Hairston and Huffman are in a difference conference than Southwest and Northeast, so do you think one of them will get the POY for the conference?

  • Andy said,

    Very good shot for both within their own conference and maybe an edge to Huffman, since he is a senior and I believe Hairston is junior….Has anyone else been dominant in that conference???? The nights that Butch put up back-to-back 26 point nights should help his cause and if EG ended up taking the entire conference(regular season and tournament), who’s to say that they couldn’t be Co-Players-of-the-Year?????

    They may do regular season and tournament seperate, not sure, some vary…..

  • ballfan said,


    Agree with you on this one.

    Metro 4-A Girls Player of the year: Desiree Drayton (Dudley). Well deserved no doubt.

  • No Way said,

    No way Dillard is even in the conversation for Metro 4A Conference player of the year. A POY candidate does not drop 7 points at home vs Page (mostly at the end of game in trash time) while your team gets embarassed by 40. Then score 3 points against Grimsley as your team is stomped by 23. And these are only two recent examples.

    POY candidates step up….not lie down.

  • Andy said,

    I spoke to Reggie outside after the game last night and he will be back….Opponents are sticking him with their top defensive players and it is working….Got to find some way to get open and get a clean look or a clear route to the basket and he will…..It is tough to keep a Dillard down…….

    If there is a will, they Will get it done next week in Metro…..

  • High point said,

    Gds has not run the flex or a slow down all season or last season it is obvious you have never seen them play
    Over the past few years.

    Dudley does have the best player in guilford county and the most athletic public school player in guilford
    County public school ball In dj Alston.

    Grimsley winning 2 against Dudley shows the parity in the metro 4 a

    Who is metro all conference and player of the year?

  • Pager said,

    The Real Deal:

    That’s not what the conference champion trophy in Rusty Lee’s office says…

  • Hoops said,

    I thought page wrapped up the metro already

  • pirate said,

    Page has wrapped up the Metro regular season. Page should have the player of the year. POY should go to someone who got their team a championship not someone from the fourth place team.

  • Andy said,

    That might be Jackson Kent from Page….Either he or Frank Eaves would be very deserving recipiants and maybe others from Page too, but it looks like Kent and Eaves are up there at the top of the sheet the most and if you sort it all out, Frankie had to mess a few games with his knee and I don’t think Kent has missed one game this season….Maybe it is Kent……

  • GDS player said,

    WE DONT RUN FLEX !! and we just didn’t play as hard as we could of. Nobody wanted to get dunked on which is why they scored as easily as they did and that’s that. We played 4 games in 5 days and our heads were a little out of it.

  • Pager said,

    I was talking about the Football Metro 4A Conference Championship trophy in Rusty Lee’s office.

    He said Page are not Co-Champs in football, and they are. Smith lost to Southern Alamance.