Cliff-hanger at Mendenhall Middle: Aycock Lions corral Mustangs in OT, 63-60…..

Posted by Andy Durham on February 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm under Amateur | 20 Comments to Read

Aycock Middle School boys 63
Mendenhall Middle 60
*****Another Middle School game in the Top Ten finishes of the week, with Aycock on top 57-54, with just five seconds remaining and Mendenhall has the ball and has to go the length of the court and they do and just inside halfcourt, just before the horn sounds, Ty Graves lets go with a bomb from the right sideline with his opposite hand, his left hand, since the right hand has been broken and it is his first game back after the injury, and guess what????? The shot goes in from about thirty feet out and we are going into overtime…..

One heck of a game again, and the Aycock Lions are persistant and they fight hard and then pull out a very tough game on the road at Mendenhall in OT, with the Lions taking the HUGE Victory, 63-60……This makes Aycock and Kiser Co-Champs for the season and the season series’ were wild an crazy….Aycock won at Kiser and Kiser won at Aycock, and on it went….

For today, for Aycock, the MVP would have to be #15 Cedric Morgan…..He had 23 points and probably 12-15 rebounds…..Breyon Cuthrell had another outstanding game for the Lions, as he finished with 17 big points…..Tyler Thompson added 11 for the Lions and almost all of his scoring came from the foul line…..JP Moorman chipped in 10 points and little #3 Ty, had himself a very solid game at point guard and he will be the future of small PG’s in this city……If he doesn’t grow any more, Muggsy Bouges may take him to the Big Times….

For Mendenhall, it was Graves, Eaves, Paraldo and Edwards…..Graves knocked down 18 points, including the shot that sent the game in OT, Anthony Eaves had a very impressive 16 points, Chandler Paraldo pumped in 11 points and Tobias Edwards added 9 for the Mustangs…..*****

Scoring totals coming in from the Aycock Lions scorebook……

Game rewind:1st Q:MMS 16, AMS 11….Halftime:MMS 27, AMS 26….3rd Q:MMS 40, AMS 36….End of Regulation:MMS 57, AMS 57…..

Girls game today also at Mendenhall Middle School:
Mendenhall 36
Aycock 24

  • Georgia P. Mcdowell said,

    Outstanding game by both teams!

  • bballfan said,

    The game was very exciting. Both teams played very well and fought to the end!! I will have to say that I am appalled at the way #3 for Mendenhall presents himself on the court. His conduct at the Kiser/Mendenhall game was very disturbing and upsetting and tonight he was acting the same way as in that game. I think we as parents,coaches, and administrators need to put winning a basketball game on the back-burner and focus on making athletes with strong character, integrity, humility, and good sportmanship. Players should not run the show and players should have consquences for their actions. This player does not reflect well on his middle school.
    All of the teams in this conference played excellent basketball all season!!! It came down to the very end to decide the conference champs!!! Congrats to all the teams on a great 2011 season!!!

  • Aycock BB said,

    #3 play at GDS last year. His “tood” was much worse last year. He was Teed up plenty last year. Could be reason he aint there this year.

  • Desirea morgan said,

    it was an very exciting game both teams played well and #15 cedric morgan did an oustanding job on getting rebounds and keeping the team focused. ( got to make those Freethrows)

  • bballfan said,

    @Aycock BB….why do coaches and administrators put up with this kind of behavior??! just to win middle school basketball game?? Go figure!!

  • JTown said,

    Andy you never came out to see the Jamestown Boys Team? They won their conference and had some very talented players. Since you seem to stay on that side of town, maybe you should have had M Ellis come out!

  • Andy said,

    In the end you have to remember that these are just kids and they are still growing up….If you see a need you feel is a need, then you need to talk straight to the coach of the team you feel needs to be aware of a certain situation….

    Most of these kids are just out there hustling and still using aggressiveness to make for any weaknesses that might have in their games…..

    All good kids and from I have seen in the past few weeks, we have some real good ones out there on the Middle School level…..Let’s highlight their successes without going overboard and let their attitude development take care of itself….I think you’ll see these kids maturing more each year as they move up the ladder in school ball and if they don’t adjust when they get to Page and Grimsley, then they won’t play….And that’s where most of the kids that we have seen lately will be headed…..

    Sorry for not making it to Jamestown, but I never really got a concrete schedule when they would be playing and you have a good idea, we do need to get Mr. Mike Ellis on their games next year…..

    Good job by all the teams this season and this is our wrap up post on the Middle School hoops for this year…..

    Let’s keep on hitting on the positives from this season and let the coaches take of any of the negatives when the get the new players next season…..We can’t do that here, it is not fair to the players of their families….

    Let’s focus on the great seasons and the fun these kids had this year and if you get a chance, help some of these kids when you see them at the basketball courts……

  • Tankfarm said,

    Wow what a heck of a game! When I walked in the gym at 5:15p.m. and had a hard time getting a seat, I knew it was a big game. But once things got going I really enjoyed myself. It was like a old school middle weight fight, a lot of punches and speed!
    Both teams did a heck of a job down to the very end….For the kids who didn’t play a lot but felt like they should had. Basketball is one sports you can’t cheat! Put the work in and your turn will come.
    FYI…..No bashing middle school kids!!!!

  • josh adams said,

    great job lions bt my mp had breyon because they were sending all the pressure at him and 4 him to end up with 17 tht was awsome and cedric them 2 togther is the best duo in middle school basketball those kids are 2 beast but 4 a guard to do that to ty like breyon did he’s mvp

  • Tankfarm said,

    Josh adams are you serious!!!! Were you even at the game……Yes dude had 17 pts on 15 shots(ok)! But how many turnovers and assist???? Scoring isn’t everything Josh.

  • The Real Deal said,

    That was a really great game. I dont go to a lot of middle school basketball games but that one was one for the books. I was really impressed with alot of the young players and recognize that mens basketball in Greensboro is gonna be in good hands going forward for the next few years. #2 and #15 for Aycock are gonna be great players as they get older and young Eaves and #30 for Mendenhall are gonna be real special as well, but I think last night I witnessed one of the best exhibitions of skill in basketball ball that I have seen at any level. As I was watching the game i was trying to identify who the players were and #23 for Mendenhall Ty Graves was pointed out to me by a fellow spectator and i have read alot of the middle school basketball posts on here and recognize the name as a pretty special player. Also I was aware that he had a wrist injury weeks ago and that yesterday was his first game back. As the game was going I realized that the soft wrap was on his wright wrist… which is normal but I also overheard his father telling another parent that he wouldnt be shooting any because his wrist was still week because he just got his cast off of his shooting wrist (his right hand). So as the game proceeds this kid shoots 2/2 from the behind the arc with his left hand!!!!!! His non shooting hand!!!!!! One of those was a stepback buzzer beater to send the game in to over time and shot about 60% from the free throw line all doing this with his left hand. This kid is gonna be special on another level. In my opinion this kid can play on alot of the varsity highschool teams right now!!!! Watching that display of courage and skill was a treat. I here a lot of people on this blog talk about how much his father pushes him and there are mixed opinions about that. Well if that is the result of it he should keep pushing him. It was clear to me that last night that kid was one of the most skilled basketball players within a 5 mile radius of Mendenhall middle school and I think Page high school is only about 2 miles away from there!!! Keep doing what your doing Kid!!!

  • Reginald A. Garris said,

    My Name is Reginald A Garris and I’m one of the Coaches with the NBA Youth Basketball Program for the Charlotte Bobcats. The Game last night at Mendenhall was and is one reason why Middle School Sports is needed in our kids everyday living, for one it keeps them in there books to be able to play sports it also helps them in getting ready to inter into High School were there will be a hold lot more students and troble there waiting for them to either stay way from or get into. As far as the students last night that played in the game that is somthing that they will never forget. We had outstanding players on both teams Graves, Eaves, Paraldo And Edwards Of Mendenhall and C. Morgan,B. Cuthrell And T. Thompson. Just by watching these guys play on the court should be a good example to the people who want to removed sports from the Middle School as the reason why we should not. We have Two Web Address they are And or you can email or 704-688-8967.

  • In the know said,

    It’s a shame that grown ups make snap judgements about kids after spending an hour or two watching them on a
    on a basketball court. These are 12,13, and 14 year olds! They deal with normal adolescent pressures and then the pressures to perform in a packed gym full of screaming students and grown folk. Some kids feel the pressure from peers, parents, and coaches.
    Appreciate their efforts and understand that they are young people finding their way in life. Hopefully, their
    maturity grows as they do. Some adults at these games are certainly not serving as role models for
    these kids. I have seen several examples of how NOT to act at middle school sports events by grown folk.
    Every player I’ve dealt with this year has matured and become better players and, more importantly, better
    people. Trashing parents for spending time with their kids, doing something together that they enjoy is
    ridiculous. Praise fathers and mothers who make the effort. Don’t hate. Hats off to all the players in middle
    School basketball this year. What would they be doing with their time if they weren’t out there.

  • stangfan said,

    well said. folks need to know that these kids are giving their school all they have to give on the court. sure, a couple of them could and should control their emotions better and I am sure they will learn to do so as they mature in life and the game. As Andy said, if they don’t, they won’t play at the next level. So, let’s respect these KIDS who leave it all on the floor every night for their school.

  • Andy said,

    We really want to see these kids move up to the next level in high school and then some on to college and we might even get a few through to the pros….

    The most important thing will be seeing these guys and girls too, still playing the game 30 years from now and loving and respecting it like they did back when they were at the younger levels….

    Thirty years down the road will be the key…Fall in love with the sports, make them lifetime sports and you will have a lifetime of enjoyment playing ball….

  • Mustang Family said,

    I don’t think these people realized Real Deal that they were watching something they may never see again in history! I am not from Greensboro or even North Carolina, and I have never in my entire life, and I have lived over 45 years, seen a 7th Grader play with their off hand and do what Ty Graves did to Aycock…. Hate to see what’s gonna happen next year, That was Crazy

  • stangfan said,

    I dont “hate” to see what happens next with Ty, I can’t wait! Here’s the deal with Ty… not only is he very good on his own, he makes his teammates better distributing the ball. Rewind… Ty drives and dishes to Chandler two times. Chandler rims out two three balls. Ty trusts his teammates and feeds Chandler again. Chandler makes the next two threes. That’s the mark of a great player… most kids would have become selfish with the ball after the misses.

  • Smokey Grave From Chapel Hill said,

    How many of these post were made by parents (i,e, Kevin Graves–Ty Graves father)? He is good but he is nothing special. He still has alot of growing to do. Don’t let anonymous post fool you. If he was special you would be hearing about him. **crickets***

  • JR williams said,

    I truly hate the way none of you people on this website considered any of the backup up players are credited for mendenhall

  • Yea buuddy said,

    Jp moorman was overlooked taking charges making big shots big block from the bottom to the top making true crucial shot a deep 3 and the game winning two check him out next year him and ty goin back to back