Oak Ridge Lady Cadets top highly-ranked Oak Hill Warriors

Posted by Andy Durham on February 9, 2011 at 11:45 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Oak Hill 51

1 2 3 4 Total
Oak Ridge Cadets 17 6 15 17 55
Oak Hill Warriors 10 19 6 16 51

Oak Ridge scoring…Jannina Koivun 14 points 2 assist 10 rebounds, Cedrica
Gibson 13 points.12 assist 4 rebounds, Jatzmin Johnson 8 points, 9
rebounds, Jazmin Parker 7 points 1 assist 3 rebounds, Nyeye Dieng 6 points 2
rebounds, Jameelah Pickard 5 points 4 rebounds, Kristina king 2 points,

  • Great Games said,

    Both of the games last night at ORMA were great games. The coaching staff of both teams made excellent adjustments at halftime and showed that great coaching is just as important as having good/great players. The style of play that ORMA uses for both girls and boys is a fun style to watch. If GDS were smart, then they should have been at the game to see how to get top notch players to consider GDS. GDS has all the resources but they lack the ability to adjust their play style. I wish I had known more about what was happening out at ORMA before last nights game. I hope Stan can get past his financial issues because if ORMA can continue to produce what I saw on the floor last night, then ORMA will be the “Oak Hill of NC” within the next 2 years. Great job ORMA – I am pulling for you !

  • WildManStan said,

    “Financial issues”?


    No, it’s beyond that.

    These are now legal issues in federal court with significant civil penalties at stake. A mark like that against him, should he end up being found liable, might shrink the potential client base just a wee bit, one would think. So much for the generous monetary contributions to ORMA after that, probably.

    These aren’t the penny ante proceedings of suing for a state title or threatening the NW AD with a defamation of character lawsuit, ironic as the latter might sound.

  • where are rankings said,

    Does anyone know where (if any where) the ORMA boys and/or girls are ranked nationally ? I have heard that the boys were ranked #18 nationally but I am not sure who I should be looking at for ranking information such as espn or what. Also, I would think that the ORMA girls should at least be ranked in the top 50 on someones list. I heard that the Oak Hill girls were a ranked team but again I am not sure where to look.

  • best set of games said,

    The ORMA games last night were some of the best set of games that I have seen in this area over the past 3 or 4 years. The Word of God vs Dudley boys game at Dudley 2 years ago with PJ, Richmond, Reggie for Dudley and Leslie, John Wall and other was outstanding. The Oak Hill and United Faith game at the coliseum back in January was great. The ORMA girls vs Providence Day (from Charlotte) was also a great game.

    We could potentially have local “great” games if specific schools would play each other. Imagine the standing room only crowds and energy that could be produced with these matchups:
    Boys – Dudley vs ORMA, Dudley vs GDS, Dudley vs Westchester (before Ike/Deuse leave), ORMA vs GDS, ORMA vs Westchester.
    Girls – ORMA vs Dudley, ORMA vs Page, ORMA vs GDS.

    We have some exceptional basketball being played in the area but personal disputes, misguided beliefs and false borders are keeping us from what could be one of the great basketball centers of the southeast. DC, Atlanta, and Charlotte are seen has hot beds of schools from football to basketball. I think we have the passion and players in this area to create the same view of our area on a national basis if our community could simply stop fighting each other over old mistakes and consider the future that could be. The kids and the community will net the benefits.

  • Dudleyinsider said,

    Richmond was not atDudley for the Word of God game – it was Brandon Pennix and Brennan Wyatt that helped
    get the win for Dudley. As a matter of fact Pennix ended the game with 22 points playing against 6’10 players.
    and Wyatt only had 1 turnover with 6 assist against one of the best point guards in high school at that time. You obviously did not attend the game! But I agree our area is blessed with great talent.

  • best set of games said,

    “To Dudleyinsider” – I appreciate the general correction that you gave about Richmond not playing when Word of God was at Dudley 2 years ago and yes I clearly remember Brennan Wyatt at the point. But for GOD’s sake do not end your message with “you obviously did not attend the game”. Dudleyinsider – you are clearly an idoit with nothing to do but throw rocks when people are not looking. I saw every single minute of that game – I was even beside the Kentucky coach beliefly during the game as he was trying to secure John Wall. I remember thinking during the entire game just how much faster John was than anyone else on the floor. John and Leslie hooked up for multiple dunks off of Wall assist. I even remember that the split the pot was almost $140 that night because a friend of my was running it that night. The bottomline is that it makes no sense to try and say that someone was not at the game when they are clearing saying that they were there. Why would that make a difference to you. I enjoy and love 99% of what I see and hear at and about Dudley but you are the 1% of Dudley that I hate with a passion.

  • Dudleyinsider said,

    This is what I mean about not being at the game – you must be the idiot since you saw the game and included
    Richmond who was not even at Dudley at the time. Your calling me an idiot because I corrected your information makes you look very insecure and in no way did my comment require such a ignorant response. We clearly know that John Wall is a phenom
    and Cj Leslie , Bishop, Desmond Wells are all incredible players but in the end Dudley won. I love all the games and teams
    In the area and my only reason for mentioning the kids on the team is because it takes a team to win and so many
    times the efforts of all the kids get overlooked. I merely wanted to acknowledge the work and accomplishments of all the key players on that team because they were key. Another great player on Dudley that year was Chris Whitsett who also did some monstrous dusk
    and key free throw. It is not about your ego or my ego but the kids who are on the floor giving it there all.
    I end this by saying we are blessed in this area by some great players – unfortunately some get overlooked like Chris and Brandon
    Pennix neither were not blessed enough to continue on to the next level so acknowledging their huge
    contributions for basketball means a lot to me. That was my only intent because they too were the unsung
    heroes of the game. For me it is not about the school , it is about the kid and for that you hate me – get a life,,,,

  • Dudley Parent said,

    Does all the best girls players play for ORMA just because they are private and play nationally? I beg to differ because I know for a fact that there are many girls around here that play on local teams that play AAU basketball nationally and have beat them many times. Plus they have beat Nationally ranked AAU teams as well.

    Playing Nationally does not always mean that a teams players are better!

  • In my opinion said,

    To Dudley Parent:
    You are correct that there are a lot of girls not at ORMA, GDS, Westchester, etc.. that are good/great players and amongst the best in the area. I think the bulk of the “great” players are chasing after 2 major categories: #1 – programs and a tradition of winning against competition, and #2 – following great coaches.

    #1 – If you have a tradition of winning against good competition and you have a focus on the players within your general program (in other words its a point of marketing and focus by the school), then it will draw players in or at least keep the players that you already have in house (ie Dudley is the perfect example).

    #2 – If you have a coach that truely knows the game, is player friendly, primarily focuses on basketball vs some of sport, active in the sport or with the kids after the regular season, then this will draw kids and parents toward your program (ie Delaney at ORMA and Robert at GDS are perfect examples).

    Unfortunately Guilford Co and the state organizations that run the public school systems have made it incredibly impossible for the public school coaches to build any sense of a relationship with kids or families. The schools also have their hands cuffed with too many rules and regulations. The public schools (via some parent group) need to hire outside agencies, groups, sports site or anything that has the public attention to blow their horn. Sometimes kids and parents just need to be reminded about the specifics that a school can offer a student.