Breaking news from the MLK McDonalds: PJ Hairston(Hargrave Military/Dudley HS) named to McDonald’s All-American team

Posted by Andy Durham on February 10, 2011 at 10:51 pm under College, High School | 15 Comments to Read

As I am sitting here in the McDonalds on Martin Luther King Blvd. and typing up tonight’s posts, we have news that former Dudley Panther, PJ Hairston, has been named to the McDonald’s All-American HS Basketball team….

Funny too, that I broke the story on PJ leaving Dudley and heading to Hargrave, when I saw him in a McDonalds on Summit Avenue last May…..

I guess we all are on the McDonalds All-Americans team in one way or another….

Got the story from PJ last May on his decision to head to Hargrave and just about every site across the country picked up on it, after Inside had one of their readers see the move first noted here, at…

Now PJ Hairston is moving on to the McDonald’s All-American game and Jason Wolf from the News and Record has the full details when you CLICK HERE……

Congrats are in order to PJ Hairston from Greensboro, N.C………

  • Great Job PJ said,

    Great Job PJ !! Clearly he was going to be named to this squad when you consider how he has performed game in and game out against the competition. PJ is a good kid and that will hopefully be playing basketball as a career for the next decade. It is good to continue to have kids coming from our general community that can make it to the big time. PJ should serve well as a “role model” of how to set a goal and achieve it. He was willing to leave his friends and team at Dudley to ensure that he was able to take the next step without missing a step. That takes gutts, leadership and good support from your family.

  • n. rogers said,

    Congratulations young man! Just think how good Smith could have been…….

  • now u wanna b an ass said,

    Congrats PJ, much continued success in the future; n. rogers get a life and a football program next year . . .how about that ! Leave success alone and create something at your school and stop “be-itchin”

  • Paws4thecause said,

    Well-deserved honour for PJ! Make us proud sir!

  • PJ fan said,

    I have watched him play a couple times last year and this kid has the athletic ability to definitely get to the next level and be a star. But where will he fit in at UNC with Barnes and Bullock and Strickland playing the 2 & 3 positions? Kendal Marshal will be PG for neext 3 seasons. Nobody gonna start over Barnes, so that leaves Bullock and Strickland. Strick is already starting and will be a senior next year. Can he beat Bullock out? Can he play lock down D and win a starting job as a soph or junior? I would hate to see him be a bench player like Will Graves and only come in to give them some O when needed and maybe not start until senior year. Any thoughts on PJ playing for the Heels?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Since he’s at Hargrave, he could do the 5th year senior thing. That way he would go right in at UNC as a starter.

  • justafan said,

    No 5th year senior thing for this young man, my tarheels need him now. Sure could have used his outside jumpshot wednesday night.

  • Wondering said,

    Did Seth Curry start on Wednesday night?

  • yankeeclipper15 said,

    TO PJ fan: So you honestly think Barnes will come back for his Sophomore season. Might just be a spot opening up there if he is a one and done.

  • Andy said,

    Didn’t Tyler Thornton start and Curry came in off of the bench?????

  • Get Real about PJ said,

    Folk let’s get real about PJ. I have seen PJ play for the past 3 years both at Dudley and during AAU tournaments. PJ does not have to play 2nd to anybody. PJ is not a selfish player and will fit into the Roy system with perfection. The UNC system plays 9-10 players with good time and it focuses on the hot hand (much like the Duke system). When PJ is hot – Roy will ride it out. Obviously PJ will need to make sure his defense is up to standards but I am sure that he has worked on that part of his game this year over at Hargrave. PJ plays like a man against boys at 6’6″. He has more power than your average great player with Reggie Miller type of shooting range. The bottomline is that he has a range of talents (ie power, shooting range, and timing) that few players at any level have. If PJ does not make the freshmen all ACC 1st team, then I would be surprised.

  • Heels fan said,

    “TO PJ fan: So you honestly think Barnes will come back for his Sophomore season. Might just be a spot opening up there if he is a one and done.”

    I’d be shocked if he didnt come back. Personally, I think he has a long way to go to make it in NBA. Havent seen his draft projections but I’m guessing he is not a close to being a lottery pick, much less a 1st rounder. So yes, PJ will have to contend with HB for at least 1 maybe 2 more years in addition to Bullock.

    He has the athletic ability at next level to be a star but that is usually the case for most high profile recruits coming to UNC. But you have to be realistic about where you are going to fit in with all the other superstars there. I hope he is going to be the MAN and is going to be a NBA lottery pick when he decides to leave UNC!

  • Wondering said,

    Exactly Andy. PJ will contribute whether he is starting or coming off the bench. He is that good…and has shown that he wants to get better. People get so caught up in starting vs. contributing. PJ will contribute whether he starts or comes off the bench.

  • Bobby B's momma said,

    PJ, you can do it!

  • smh said,

    So how many guys got jobbed by the third Plumlee making the McD’s team over them? That is a joke. He makes Zoubek look nimble.