HS hoops tonight for 2/11/11

Posted by Andy Durham on February 11, 2011 at 10:45 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

Should be Senior Night, at just about all of the home sites this evening and we will have our Game Day radio and internet crew over at the Greensboro Day School on Lawndale Drive for the High Point Christian Cougars at the GDS Bengals…..

This might just be the first time the HPCA Cougars have been on the radio and I know for a fact, that they have never been on one of our games on AM950 or at www.wpetam950.com

Big night with Mitch Oates, Jordan Weethee, Aaron Scales, Jonathan Bethea and many more Cougars at the DAC(Dillard Athletic Center) tonight….Again, pre-game on radio and on the AM950 web site is set for 6:30pm, with a tip-off due at 7pm…

I’m sure that Jordan Robertson, Andrew Magod and the other GDS seniors will be honored this evening, at some point of the game/games…..

Also tonight we have the backyard battle with Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford and the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference wraps up their regular season games this evening….Otherwise, maybe a little bit quieter than usual, as in the calm before the storm, with the Conference Tournaments all cranking up next week, with most of them getting under way, on Monday…..Another key game tonight for the boys and the girls, is Northeast at Southern Guilford…..

Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford
Ragsdale at High Point Central
Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford
Glenn at East Forsyth
Southwest Guilford at WS Parkland
High Point Christian at Greensboro Day School
Forsyth Country Day at Wesleyan
High Point Andrews at Wheatmore

Do we know of others?????

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Forsyth Country Day at Wesleyan Christian

    HP Andrews at Wheatmore

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Greensboro Day 54
    HP Christian 40 (Men)

    Greensboro Day 50
    HP Christian 25 (Women)

    HP Central 66
    Ragsdale 20 (Women)

    Forsyth Country Day 61
    Wesleyan Christian 49 (Women)

    HP Andrews 55
    Wheatmore 51 (Women)

    S. Guilford 68
    NE Guilford 21 (Women)

  • Bengal fan said,

    HP Christian got run pretty bad at GDS. They could not of hit broadside of barn if it was 3 feet away. When Oates and Weethee arent scoring, HPCA is basically gonna go scoreless against a school that plays solid D like GDS. Congrats to Bengals.

  • poor job by ref's said,

    I am a Bengal fan but I must admit that the ref’s were terrible tonight. They favored GDS 8 out of 10 times. The game got out of hand on a missed tech that should have been given to a GDS player after dunking over the HPC player and getting in his face to basically pump his chest. The HPC coach complained about the non call and got “t’d” up. There were a series of poor calls or non calls in favor of GDS that really took the HPC players out of the game. GDS would have won regardless but the ref’s made sure the coach got 801 tonight.

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Forsyth Country Day 63
    Wesleyan Christian 59 (Men)

    NE Guilford 81
    Southern Guilford 33 (Men)

    W. Guilford 65
    NW Guilford 55 (Men)

  • Hm said,

    What a strange game. If you never saw the score you would think GDS won by 80. HPC defended them well, just could not make a shot. 12-55 or something crazy like that is what I heard. Clifford should know he isnt going to go over to Freddys house and come away with the better side of the officiating. It was awful, but anybody that plays there will tell you its always awful. Truth be told, HPC ,akes a few shots they couldve won as bad as it loked. Strange, strange game. GDS is just a tough team to play for some I guess.

  • go appy said,

    Not sure why all the HP Christian fans are complaining about the officiating. Did you see those guys in the second half just shoving the bigs in the back everytime down the court. Or how about Weethie taking a cheap shot at Chapman. None of which were called. It was terribly officiated. No question about that. But they were definitely not biased. As far as the game, GDS was just too deep. Too many bodies and too many guys that could score. Hard to score around the basket when Roberts is in the game. RObertson had another solid game. PG’s were still shaky. I think that is going to be the downfall of this team in the state tourney. But all in all a good showing for the Bengals. I think that wrapped up the conference championship. And how many people thought they would be undefeated in the conference with one game to play?

  • neighbor said,

    I went to GDS HPCA gm as a fan, knew no one on either team, just bored, and no one there could honestly say the game was fair. The refs blantantly cheated for GDS, after the game was out of hand they started calling all fouls on gds to even it up. Every call, foul went GDS way, not having a dog in the fight it was comical to me. The white ref was constantly in black guards face for HPCA to control his emotions, but when GDS players got emotional, the ref crew ignored it.

    The white ref wanted to be the show tonite, GDS coach owes him a dinner, and whoever runs the refs should fire that guy

  • 3 Ball said,

    The refs were horrible! First play of game, HPCA big makes clean block on Robertson but foul called. There was an obvious goal tending call missed as well a few minutes later. Oates was getting hacked a lot but no calls. HPCA got very few calls in the first half. BUt, Weethee and Oates only have themselves to blame as they shot very, very poorly! Only a few 3’s between them. How many airball 3s did Weethee have? Oates at least hit the rim on his 3’s. Many of these looks were wide open shots. HPCA started getting some calls in 4th qtr when game was over and out of hand. Bengals are going to have to step it up a notch if they want to make a run in States.

  • Hm said,

    To be honest with you, if I was getting jobbed all night, I would start taking cheap shots too. Expecting kids to control there emotions when it is blatantly obvious that they are getting screwed is unrealistic. The truth is HPCA guarded well enough to win, and they just couldnt make a shots. Even uncontested ones around the rim, so it wasn’t just Roberts. HPC didnt do their part on the floor, but if you didn’t think the refs were incredibly one-sided you are just incredibly biased I guess. That was absolutely terrible. The coach’s technical is all you need to see. A player can openly taunt and scream in someone’s face but it is ok. Coach asks why it is not a technical and gets t’d up for it.summed it all up.

  • Lone Ranger said,

    Does anyone know what the girls scores were when Northwest Guilford played Western Guilford last night?

  • Andy said,

    We have been looking and I hope someone can help us…..Checked N&R, WS Journal etc….No dice so far….

  • go appy said,

    I am not normally as controversial as Dale Fulton, but you people whining about the officiating need to get over it. The officials had nothing to do with HP Christian losing that game. GDS dominated the game. HPC couldn’t score. GDS was prepared and took them out of everything. GDS scored 4-5 fg’s on inbounds plays. HPC got nothing. That in itself shows how much more prepared and ready the Bengals were. Face it guys GDS has the better team this year. No disrespect to HPC. They have several very good players, but no way they can match the depth or size of GDS.

  • come on said,

    go appy is obviously very biased… hpca got good looks throughout the game but just couldn’t buy a shot, even the bigs had a terrible night from the field. Gds didn’t shut them down with their “amazing” defense, hpca just couldn’t hit from the field. The inbounds plays were nothing more than mental breakdowns on hpc’s part… not some genius move by the gds coaching staff. And the refs were absolutely horrible… there’s no other way about it. They let gds play as physical as they wanted and called every little thing on hpc… the no call on the taunting after the dunk was just horrible… as was the no call on goaltending… it was just unbelievable all night

  • go appy said,

    I am actually in total agreement on the non technical taunting call. Lucas kid obviously got caught up in the moment. But other than that you are the one that is biased. They had those smaller kids trying to guard the GDS big kids in the second half. They leaned on and pushed and hacked every trip down the court. That was the only way they could guard them. I am not saying the officiating was good. It wasn’t. What i am saying is get a clue and watch the game from a unbiased standpoint. Refs were terrible both ways. Maybe there was a goaltending in the first half, but they gave it back to you when they called him for offensive goaltending when it wasn’t. Just accept that GDS outplayed them that particular night. Stop making excuses.

  • Hm said,

    Nobody has said GDS didnt outplay them, they won the game. HPC didnt make any shots. You are arguing something that isnt there. The arguments has been the fact that the refs were incredibly onesided. It was to the point where it was blatant. I sat at the game with a friend who is a former hs coach for 20 years in georgia, and he said he has never seen a team get homered so bad. Did HPC play well? No, no one has said they did, but the refs were terrible. It was obvious by how they started calling it late to try to even it up.