High School Baseball and Softball practice begins today: A Great Day to get started…..

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2011 at 12:31 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Right after school it will be time to hit the fields and practice will get going at around 4 or 4:30 today and in almost all cases, you won’t have to share the field/gym…..

Boys have their fields and the girls have theirs……It doesn’t get dark these days until 6:24, at least that is the time I took it in from the basketball court on Sunday and the daylight should be there for a good run this afternoon…..

Baseball we spoke on it some last week with:
SEG and NWG looking good in the early polls and in softball, we look for:

SEG and
NG to be tough as usual…..NG does not begin practice until Tuesday and they ought to have Heather Baker and Natalie Clemmons back this year and SEG is looking at young talent in kids like Kara Shutt and the young Webb kid to boost their chances in the Metro 4-A…..Others in the Metro, I don’t see a ton of competition for SEG, unless Southern Alamance can bring some action to the table…..As for NWG, they have always been tough and you have to wonder if East Forsyth and Glenn get in going in softball like they do in baseball…..

East Forsyth and Glenn are going to give the Piedmont Triad teams fits again this year in baseball…..EF in the State Finals just one year ago and Glenn wasn’t far behind……Matt Orth may be the Player of the Year in the state this season, we just have wait and see how that develops….

Josh Tobais(SEG) also has to be a Player of the Year candidate…..Luis Paula and Joisel Colon(NEG) are in that same ballpark a kid like Sanders Kuxhausen(NWG) can give that honor a smack if his bat gets popping…..

Johnny Brown and Jaylin Davis might be wild card kids, that catch us all off guard, with the numbers that they put up this year, at NEG…..

Corey Kimber at Dudley could become a Radar Ranger this season and he might be the glue along with a healthy Brandon Burkes, that allows Dudley to still contend in the Metro…..If you have a two-man pitching rotation of Kimber and Burkes, then you might be able to make a run and DJ Reader, Ryan Stoneman and Corey Shumate at Grimsley might be set to chase the Metro banner too….

There is a lot of private school talent warming up with Bethea(HPCA), Olzack(Wesleyan), Carter(FCD), Miller, Brown and Williamson(ORMA) Bankhead(GDS), and I want to see more of Jemelle Lewis at GDS this year and see how his game improves…..

  • Softball Fan said,

    SEG head coach Shannon Cowart should have a good year. With only one returning senior ( Aryn Laws ) the Lady Falcons are going to be young. Juniors – Brittany Vaughn, Blair Bauer, Ashley Smith, Amari McNeil, Jessica Willard and Meagan Stanley will be called on alot this year. Sophomores – Brianna Webb, Celeste Sheppard, Victoria Neese and Hailey Phillips will handle some of the duties also. Several incoming freshman like Hannah Vaughn, Kara Shutt, Allison Mathews and Katie Brown could have an impact as well. Southern Alamance will be tough as always, Page is coming around, Western has a new coach I hear, they could be tough too. Grimsley and Dudley will be fair, not for sure what they have coming back. Should be a fun year in the Metro 4-a, I hope everyone will come out and support softball in our area.

  • CJones said,

    Don’t forget.. Golf starts today too>>>

  • Let's be honest said,

    Northeast Guilford has more than enough fire power to compete with most area college teams much less running them out there versus High School teams. It’s state championship or bust! If they don’t make a deep run and win the 3A then you have to wonder what type of coaching is going on because they are loaded.

  • EG Parent said,

    Andy, dont forget about Will Oakes from Eastern Guilford I was waiting to pick up my son from practice tonight and they were take batting practice on the field and i wittnessed him hit 3 Homeruns out deep to left on his last three swings of practice. So i would personally throw his name into the mix with all the players above.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    You all don’t mind putting a little pressure on your coaches do you? High expectations leave a lot of room for disappointment.

  • Tom said,

    Blaming the coaches before the season even starts! That’s a new one. It isn’t always the coaches fault.

  • baller1 said,

    Agreed! Anything can happen in the playoffs. Just ask Ragsdale from a few years ago and last year NEG got pushed to the brink in the 1st round by Burlington Williams. Anything can happen in a one and done!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Who blamed the coaches? I must have missed that somewhere.