The All-Time Best Player in ACC Basketball History?????

Posted by Andy Durham on February 15, 2011 at 2:54 pm under College | 20 Comments to Read

Who is it and you may want to rank your All-Time Top Five or even list your Best Ten in order…….

Here are some of the key offenders/choices…..

David Thompson(N.C. State)*****He is the All-Time Best when we are talking college talk, ACC College Basketball talk…..*****

Christian Laettner(Duke)*****He did more in college than most will ever be able to do….His college accomplishments are among the best-ever, but he does not stack up there with Thompson…DT is in a class of his own….Laettner, with back-to-back titles was tough, but no Thompson…..The Kentucky game made Laettner’s lore….*****

Len Bias(Maryland)*****We’ll never know what he could have done in the pros, but he went into the Dean Dome and he beat the Heels, when nobody else could get it done…..And when players had the pump-fake, or maybe even a double pump-fake, Bias had a triple pump-fake, that would take the opponent’s back out of socket…..*****

Michael Jordan(North Carolina)*****He made the shot right before the ball was thrown away to Worthy, by Georgetown’s Fred Brown and Jordan was much better in the NBA than he was in college, but he still might rank as the top freshman, to play the college game….*****

Tim Duncan(Wake Forest)*****He stayed for all four years and he was better for it and Wake Forest would have no ACC Men’s Basketball titles if there was no Tim Duncan……*****

Ralph Sampson*****The kid who played high school ball for the Blue Demons at Harrisonburg High, had some great college numbers, but no NCAA Titles and you ought to be flashing some numbers if you are 7’4…..*****

Mark Price(Georgia Tech)*****He is one of the best-ever Yellow Jackets, but you might have someone else in mind for his spot…..Salley, Anderson, others??? I’ll still take Price*****

Larry Nance(Clemson)*****There may have been others that had more of an impact, Wayne “Tree” Rollins, Horace Grant, Eldin Campbell etc….I still like what Nance did and he is the pick for the Tigers…..*****

John Roche(South Carolina)*****Best pure player and hard-nose warrior, to ever suit up for the Gamecocks…..They were in our league at one time and Roche goes down as the best they ever put on the court…..*****

Sam Cassell(Florida State)*****Some will say Dave Cowens, but he was with the ‘Noles before their ACC days and others might lean toward Bobby Sura, but I’ll still stick with Sam…..*****

There’s your picks and make them stick….

Who is your All-Time Best Player in ACC Basketball History?????

  • Duke Blue said,

    I will still take Laettner and Duke. Two NCAA trupmps just one every time.

    Go Duke!

  • smh said,

    Mark Price, John Roche, and Sam Cassell over Phil Ford? Are you out of your mind? Larry Nance, but not Tyler Hansbrough, a 4 time All-American? Really?
    You never fail to show how anti-Carolina you are.

  • smh said,

    One more point about Hansbrough – How do you leave him off of your top 10 list when he is the ONLY PLAYER IN ACC HISTORY to be 1st team All-American and 1st team All-ACC all four years? And you think Price, Nance, Roche, and Cassell were better college players? Surely you just forgot about him, right?

  • KG said,

    Going to go with David Thompson and that is enough said. NC State champions 1974 best team ever too.

    Thompson is the best ever and the others don’t even come close. I agree with Woody.

  • Andy said,

    This is not a list…..We are looking for the Best All-Time Player from the ACC….

    To make it fair to each school, I only listed one player from each school, their BEST PLAYER….

    You can rank them 1-10 or 1-5 if you like, but I am looking for who you think is the best All-Time Player…..

    The choices are your best ones from each school….No mention of Va. Tech, Miami or BC since they are so new to the league….Floriday State and Ga. Tech have been around a while and South Carolina is major part of our history…..

    You can post your list as per say the way you want, but the main objective is name the league’s All-Time Best Player…..We have the top players listed for you to choose from and who is your TOP PLAYER ALL TIME?????

    Hansbrough, some of the more current Duke guys and others can’t even approach the names that I have listed….Maybe one day we will talk about them in this group, but I am talking about in the history of the ACC and you see who I have listed and this is a very valid list……

    I have been called Mr. ACC and I guess Woody too, but I go by Andy….The man with the ACC Candy……Let’s all take it this list and make something of it since I just took all this time to explain it to you….Sometimes that is why they call it a Test, because you have to figure out some of the parts on your own and that makes it a true TEST….

    Now on to THE BEST PLAYER and again, if you feel so inclined, rank you Top Five or Ten…..

  • smh said,

    Okay. Thompson is the best ever.
    But. . . . “Hansbrough and some of the more current Duke guys can’t approach” Sam Cassell? Sam Cassell? That is laughable.

  • wolfman said,

    The one and only David Thompson…there have been many great players…and nothing from Jordan, but he was a better pro than college player…
    Top five : David Thompson, Michael Jordan, Christian Latner, Phil Ford, and Childers from Wake.

  • bbfan said,

    Hansbrough would be a backup to Gene Banks, Banks was the best foward in ACC history.

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    David Thompson

  • sefan said,

    DT no question.

    As you state Jordan was not as good in college as in the PROs. If this was a PRO pole I would have to say Jordan. How’s that for some consulation to the Tar Hole Fans?

    In my heart of heart I think the hair of any point guard in the 70s or 80s for Carolina should be in the top 10. Those pretty boy quaffs could not be matched.

  • skywalker said,

    DT, not even close. Based on the topic, “Best ACC basketball Player in History”.

    Best player ever overall is MJ. Only person to shut down MJ was Dean Smith.

    I would have probably had Childress on there over Cassell. Cassell was better in the pros.

  • Mike Smith said,

    David Thompson. This is not even debatable.

  • bball fan said,

    where is Charlie Scott and Charlie Davis? Billy Cunnigham; Bob McAdoo, even though he only played one year…John Lucas…What about James Worthy, and Walter Davis…

    Charlie Scott averaged 22.1 points, including a league-high 27.1 points as a senior, during that period and helped lead the Tar Heels to two straight ACC championships and Final Four berths in 1968 and 1969. His list of accomplishments include being a two-time first-team All-American and three-time All-ACC selection during his three-year career from 1967-1970. He also captured a gold medal as a member of the United States team at the 1968 Olympics.

  • Andy said,

    Very good topic, do we have Jordan over Ford if we are looking at North Carolina’s Best All-Time College Player????? Should Phil Ford be North Carolina’s rep?????? Who are Florida State reps out over Sam Cassell, would it be Charlie Ward?????/

    Top Five ACC?

    #1 Thompson
    #2 Laettner
    #3 Jordan
    #4 Bias
    #5 Sampson or Duncan?????

    Does Lucas supplant Bias at Maryland?????

    There are a lot of things to look at and we should continue this one……

  • Mike said,

    ACC man? LMAO,

  • Andy said,

    ACC Man here and I too will stick with David Thompson and should Ford take Jordan’s spot on the list and how about John Lucas to replace Bias?????

    Not trying to show any Bias but, we want to make this a People’s Choice/Fan’s Choice Award……

    More from the fan base on your Top Five……Does Duncan lock down a Top Five spot since he decided to stay in school for his senior year?

  • Grey said,

    G – Billy Langloh – UVA
    G – Tate Armstrong – Duke
    W – Jerry Schellenberg – Wake (for Ad)
    F – Pete Budko – UNC
    F – Exree Hipp – MD

  • Mike Smith said,

    David Thompson played in an era when freshmen could not play varsity basketball. On his freshman team Thompson once scored 100 points in a game. True story. Best player ever in the history of ACC basketball.

  • Mike said,

    How about a top five names? This should be interesting!

  • BeefyDoc said,

    The question should really be:Who is the 2nd best player in the ACC? Anyone who grew up watching ACC games and has an appreciation for the conference knows that know one (so far) comes close to DT. He changed the college game in the way we thought of athletic forwards that can jump out of the gym. It is no coincidence that the dunk was reinstituted in college basketball in 1976 because of the influence of Thompson on the college game. Jordan himself has said that besides being his childhood hero , Thompson is the best ever in the ACC. The best of the rest:

    2) Lenny Bias – have NEVER seen a single player take over a game the way he did against UNC in 1986

    3)Christian Laettner-The best to ever pull on a Dukie uniform, and that is saying something

    4)Ralph Sampson-Most dominating big man in the college game since Lew Alcinder, should have had a much better pro career

    5)Phil Ford- In a league with an incredible string of PG’s Ford stands above them all

    Apologies to James Worthy, Tim Duncan, Walter Davis, and Tyler Hansrough

    Also best overall coach: Mike Krzyzewski (sorry Tarheels), best coach if I had to win just one game and my life depended on it: Jim Valvano