Big games Tonight and which way are you leaning?

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2011 at 1:54 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

None bigger locally than what we will see TONIGHT, with Page at Dudley and Eastern Guilford at the Northern Guilford boys……

And which way are you leaning?????

Those that look in on games such as these say you have to take the home teams, since they have the home-court advantage, but if you look at the “Favorite’s Role”, based on the most recent meetings with these teams, then you have to take Page and EG…..

Page won at Dudley by 45 points just two weeks ago and EG stopped Northern by around 9-10 points at Eastern, within that same time frame…..

Page and EG hold the edge going in, can the home teams of Dudley and Northern re-gain/take advantage of their homecourt advantages TONIGHT???

This is the reason that they play THE GAMES…..Nights like these are what kids dream of and what some coaches live for/ die for……..

  • EG said,

    Go Wildcats!

    I am looking forward to a good basketball game tonight! I am pulling for EG all the way! I know they have it in them to pull it off. It’s not about what teams have done in the past…it’s about what they bring to the court tonight. I really hope the EG fans come out to support the players. Looking forward to BH x 2…Brandon Hairston and Butch Huffman. Love to watch them play.

  • Wakefan said,

    The game between Page and Dudley should be a good one. Price will need to make a few adjustments such as possibly moving Hunt to the 2 – Dillard to the 3 – starting the Weathers kid or Houston at the point. Also, the big man did not give much at all in Page’s running game or too many other games. I have seen Weathers and Phillips get more rebounds than him and they are much more effective. The center isn’t jumping and not aggressive at all on the boards. The rebounds that he gets are the ones that come directly to him. I would play a much quicker line-up starting and coming off the bench. Also, if Alston isn’t 100% well, limit his playing time. He hustles his butt off even with one good arm. Dudley has the talent, but they need to understand that a slight change will make a BIG difference. Hopefully, the coaching staff realizes that they must change defense to keep Page off balance. Mainly, play team ball, not Reggie and Sam ball!

    1 – Weathers/Houston
    2 – Hunt
    3 – Dillard
    4 – Phillips/Alston
    5 – Workman

  • Andy said,

    I had both of these games pegged with Page and Eastern having the advantage/edge going in and I was right on the money….

    Something about getting that most recent win, which Page and EG had done, no matter where the game was played and that most recent win tells you that you can do it again the next time you meet, again no matter where you face off….