Boy’s numbers on Tonight’s games

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2011 at 10:08 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

In the 75-60 win by Page over Dudley we have:
Page scoring…..Jackson Kent 20 points….Frankie Eaves 19 points….James Summers 16 points/11 rebounds….Bryson Fonville 15 points/6 assists…….Brian Spain 2 pts…..Ryan Johnson 2 pts…Justin Conner 1 pt…

Dudley scoring…..Sam Hunt 27 points….Reggie Dillard 19 points….Brandon Clyburn 6 pts….DJ Alston 4 pts/7 rebounds….Shaq Hargrove 4 pts….

Page-Dudley boys rewind:1st Q:Page 20, Dudley 15….Halftime:Dudley 33, Page 30….3rd Q:Page 53, Dudley 52….Final:Page 75, Dudley 60……

Page was 8-18 from three-point range for 44.4% and Dudley was 9-22 for the game from three-point land, good for 40.9%….For Dudley Sam Hunt was 5-9 and Reggie Dillard was 4-9, while on the Page Pirate side of things from behind the arc, both Jackson Kent and Frankie Eaves were 3-5 and Bryson Fonville was 2-3 from three-point range…..

Page was 11-15 from the free throw line for 73.3% and Dudley goes 7-8 at the foul line for 87.5%……For Page, James Summers was 4-4, Jackson Kent 3-3 and Bryson Fonville 3-4 at the charity stripe….For Dudley Reggie Dillard was 5-6 at the line and Sam Hunt was a perfect 2-2 and no other Panthers went to the line…..

From the floor Page was 28-50 for 56% and Dudley went 22-57 for 38.6%…Dudley out-rebounded Page 31-25…..

The biggest overall difference seems to be the field goal % with Page at 56 and Dudley at 38.6%……

This should put Page at (18-7) on the season now and Dudley would be at (16-7)….

Next up for Page would be the Grimsley-Smith winner on Friday night for the Metro Boys Championship and for Dudley, the sectionals, with probably a Round One road game early next week….

  • ron said,

    We suuuuuuk!

  • The Coach said,

    Ron if u look at Dudleys record this year compared to last years record, the worst they can finish is ONE game worst than they did last year. For Dudley to lose four seniors and three guys to tranfering this team still has accomplished a lot. So don’t be on here bad mouthing this program and not know what this program have endured. You have one kid on that roster that has been there for 3 years. Instead of saying “we suck” (and spelling it wrong) commend these KIDS on what they have done.

  • Andy said,

    Dudley’s Reggie Dillard got hurt late in the game and had to helped off the court, basically carried off of the court by teammates….

    We hope Reggie is OK….One of many great kids in our county…

  • ron said,

    Must you be so sensitive? Don’t even go there with me about Dudley’s record. I bleed blue and gold bro. Have been a part of the program on many fronts. I don’t want to hear all the chatter about seniors and transfers…blah blah bah. That’s equivalent to saying a freshman, junor or soph can’t come in and con tribute in college. We no longer can use that excuse. You play and coach what you have. And yes we do suuuukkk this year compared to what we have been accustomed to. By the way i meant to spell suk that way. And the word is transferring not tranfering since you want to be the spelling Nazi. Dudley is too soft to win. They will be one and done. They were soft in football and now they are soft in basketball. Where is coach Hankins when you need him.

  • People People said,

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but to me, people at Dudley are spoiled. When the football or basketball teams are winning, no one has nothing to say, but once they lose a game the Dudley fans have all the anwsers. I sit back and listen to people talk about Coach Davis and Price like they are dogs!! How many championships has Hankins won, not saying that he wasn’t a good coach because in his own right he was. How many championships were won in football before Davis took over as head football coach. Three out of 4 teams that played for state titles this year in football and Dudley only lost to one Hillside, and nobody in the state this year would have beat them. All I’m saying is don’t jump on these coaches or players when they are not winning championships. No matter how much you complain or how soft you may think they are or even how much they may suck, at the end of the day you are still paying your$6 to watch them play. So that means they are doing something right. Oh and side note Dudley fans are the biggest hipocrits.


    @ People People – Why do you say “PEOPLE AT DUDLEY ARE SPOILED”. Why because they want to win and expect their teams {Football or Basketball} hustle and give it their all by showing a little emotion. Let me ask this question. Would you consider DUKE or CAROLINA fans “SPOILED” because they set a standard ? Would you consider the fans in Reidsville or Mt. Tabor “SPOILED” because they expect to be at a certain level each and every year. You said Dudley people are “Hipocrits” ….Why is that ??? I have read more statements downing DUDLEY’S Sports program because some people saids they DRAFTS PLAYERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS. EVEN THOUGH DUDLEY HAS A HIGH SCHOOL MAGNET PROGRAM. THE FUNNY THING ABOUT THOSE STUPID STATEMENTS. WHEN I LOOK ON GUILFORD CO. SCHOOL WEBSITES UNDER MAGNETS SCHOOLS, THERE ARE OTHER SCHOOLS THAT HAVE THE SAME TYPES OF MAGNET PROGRAMS AS WELL.

    But yes it is a SHOCK to see them finish up their regular season in this way…….But I would BET that other sports fans like from STEELERS, YANKEES, LAKERS, BLUEDEVILS, TAR HEELS, U CONN & TENN {WOMEN} would be the same way about their teams if they were not winning the way people are use to them winning.

    And before you or somebody saids it, I know they are HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. Life will go on. I worry more about them being OUTSTANDING MEN AND WOMEN THAT EXCELL WITH SCORING A HIGH GPA vs. HOW MANY PTS THEY SCORE ON A COURT OR FIELD. But a lot of those fans have been supporting DUDLEY’S PROGRAM for years, seating in the same spot, even after their Kids have graduated fom DUDLEY. They are passionate about their school.

  • wilbur rhodes said,

    That tradition you refer to is great, but maybe they don’t have anything else to do on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Hm said,

    Dudley is just finally getting a taste of what every other school has been going through and that they were putting them through. Its callled “when your players leave.” It happened to everyone else for years, some because of private schools, but a large part toe “the academy” at Dudley. The tide gets reversed a little bit and all of a sudden they have to do a little coaching, and look what happens. Welcome to reality Panthers. Funny thing is, they should still be good.

  • Wes said,

    Private schools are getting better athletes every year. Just look at the private schools around here. In 10 years Guiulford County Schools athletics will continue to get worse because of transfers. The question is why. I do not have the answer but the trend is headed that way. Having open enrollment like Forsyth County Schools I think would help.

  • Tom said,

    I agree with hm. Dudley is losing players to other schools. In the past, they were getting players. They will still have plenty of great teams, but it will be harder to be as consistent as they have been in the past. Year in and year out, Dudley has been the best in the county. Now that they are not the number one option anymore, they may have an average year or two. The private schools are now the number one option.

  • dale fulton said,

    As a supporter of the private school system and free choice in education, the trends we are seeing will only increase. On the other hand, anyone who says that Dudley did not benefit from the Academy and the lack of enforcement/oversight over transfers is just not being realistic. I think NGHS was punished because of personalities, but at least the public schools were reined in as a result. It just forced the better athletes (not all) to go in a different direction for keener competition.

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr. said,

    dropping basketball games to the likes of Page and Grimsley will put you on the OUTS with the Dudley Community…………and on the coaching hotseat……………nuff said………

  • Pager said,


    Page is very young (only 2 seniors) and talented. For Dudley to lose against the Pirates isn’t a bad thing.. Grimsley on the other hand.. they aren’t that great.

    Page will return basically everyone from this years teams. They could run the table next year. Heck, they got a shot this year too.

  • Pirate fan said,

    James Summers being such a gifted athelete and tough as nails has really sparked the Pirates imho. Bryson Fonville is another player who has stepped his game up as the season comes to a close. He’s a better score than I thought and an excellent ball handler as well a good on ball defender. Kent and Eaves are great scorers who can bomb from anywhere. Very proud of the way they have all come togehter and glad they will be back next year.

  • bball fan said,

    I agreewith you to a certain extent..Even though it is not the Dudley of old, they are much bigger than both Page and Grimsley, and on paper, they should have handled both of them with ease (that’s why we play on Tues and Fri)….I think part of the problem with Dudley is kids playing out of position…Reggie Dillard is not a 2 guard…Sam is not a point guard..Sam is a 6-1 two guard, he needs to get up shots…Reggie Dillard is a 3, who can do a lot of damage around the basket., he needs to put his hard hat on and do work in the paint all day long….He would easily be a double/double guy…No one can defend him in the post…Trying to showcase them for the future makes you come up short in the win column..

    This season in the metro has been a little hard to figure out anyway…Dudley loses by close to 50 to Page…Grimsley beats Dudley twice and their tallest man is 6-2…In the end, it was a great season, one that will be talked about for quite a while…

    Best wishes to all of the seniors in their future endeavors…To the underclassman, the offseason is the time to work on your game, not rest on your laurels…I have enjoyed watching all of you guys grow up right in front of me….

  • The Coach said,

    Looking at the state brackets, it might be a blessing in descise for Dudley going in as the 4th seed. They will open up the playoffs at Butler.

  • bball fan said,

    Butler is averaging close to 80 pts per game, with a pair of division 1 going to College of Charleston (Anthony Stitt – 16 ppg) and the other one going to Wagner (Marcus Burton 18 ppg)..They also have a freshman who is averaging 15 ppg as well..According to my sources, they are much like Page, a football player for a center, with 4 guards…they run and press and go about 9 deep…doesnt seem like much of a blessing in disguise to me ! ! !

  • WakeFan said,

    Hopefully, the coaching staff at Dudley will understand that fans such as myself and other faithful Panther fans are also frustrated at how these kids are positioned. There are entirely too many athletes on that team for the Panthers to have had some really big losses this year. Take Hunt off the point, move Reeggie to the 3, Alston 4, and Workman 5. Sorry, Clyburn isn’t giving the team what they need on the boards and really needs to get stronger. He has a bad attitude and too cocky. Get a legitimate point guard, from off the bench, and Dudley may not be one and done!

  • paha said,

    if dudley is so “good” on paper how come they got smacked twice by the apparent smallest team in the area, grimsley? they are all overrated and they are nothing without pj.

  • WakeFan said,

    @PAHA… Dudley does have some good players on their team. This is not about PJ. He is doing well in VA.

  • Speakthetruth said,

    I was wondering when someone was going to use the PJ excuse. As great as a player as PJ is he was not the
    only reason Dudley won last year. I agree that the kids are playing out of position this year and last year everyone
    was allowed to do what they do best. They won against all the teams they are losing to last year without PJ because he was out with injury.
    Reggie is a very good player but he cant be pont, shooting guard, and defensive stopper – even PJ who is extremely talented
    would have failed in those circumstances. Rhett still have very good players – just not playing the right position. So let’s not Pj a god because Dudley can and has survived without him.