Eastern and Northeast Guilford boys join the Winner’s Circle tonight..

Posted by Andy Durham on February 16, 2011 at 10:57 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Boys Finals:

Eastern Guilford 67
Northern Guilford 65

EG – Huffman 26 pts, Hairston 21 pts…..Downing and Chandler 19 each for NG….

Northeast Guilford 72
Ledford 44

Bryce Benjamin….27 pts
Jalen Hairston……10 pts

  • stats. said,

    EG – Huffman 26, Hairston 21

  • ??? said,

    Where was Huffman’s right hand man tonight Gunn?? Why didn’t he play??

  • stats. said,

    Adam Gunn was out with a concussion. He’ll be ready for state playoffs!

  • fan said,

    pride and boasting never win,way to go wildcats,see ya friday!!!! keep fighting,
    please don’t hate on our boys they’re playing good basketball

  • Wildcat said,

    Gunn suffered a concussion during their game w/ Rockingham on Monday night…he was out Wednesday and may be out Friday’s game as well…he could see limited time in the lineup Friday pending evaluation. He was missed last night at Northern but provided a lot of moral support on the bench. He and Huffman compliment each other well … sort of like Fire and Ice…tough combo to handle when both are on their game! The rest of the ‘Cats picked it up in his absence last night as any good team would do. Keep up the good work Wildcats!

  • Andy said,

    I think Adam Gunn was also helping out his mom and dad on the Eastern girl’s bench last night….Well-rounded kid, that could make a good coach one day….

    Both Cats’ teams in the Championship Game and no other teams have done that yet, although SWG has a chance and so does Page and maybe HPA, but the Cats are in there and that makes for a Good Friday….