Some Big numbers on some Tough Men

Posted by Andy Durham on February 18, 2011 at 1:40 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

Was very impressed looking over some of those high school wrestlers’ numbers in today’s N&R and who wouldn’t be impressed when you see how these kids have done….Tough young men in a very tough sport and here’s another look at few of them….(List based on at least 15 wins and not more than 5 losses…..)

Ridge White(NEG) 171 lb. class[39-0]
Joey Taset(Page) 130 lb. class[35-0]
Luke Gregory(Grimsley) 160 lb. class[33-1]
Cole Wyrick(NEG) 189 lb. class[29-2]
David Woody(Ragsdale) 285 lb. class[22-2]
Curtis Mask(HPA) 160 lb. class[22-2]
Glenn Boyles(Grimsley) 171 lb. class[16-2]
Matt Millaway(NEG) 135 lb. class[39-3]
Adam Couch(SEG) 145 lb. class[39-3]
Ben Dyer(NWG) 112 lb. class[35-3]
Phillip Sharp(SEG) 215 lb. class[33-3]
David Lee(NWG) 285 lb. class[28-3]
Chris Vasilik(Eastern Guilford) 130 lb. class[24-3]
Elias Bracamontes(Dudley) 189 lb. class[28-4]
Robert McCauley(HP Central) 189 lb. class[26-4]
Tyler Miles(HPA) 125 lb. class[22-4]
Andre Nie(Dudley) 119 lb. class[31-5]
Ferdinand Goke(Page) 112 lb. class[28-5)
Myles Walker(EG) 215 lb. class[28-5]
Chris Johnson(Ragsdale) 145 lb. class[28-5]
James Ryan(Ragsdale) 140 lb. class[27-5)
Damien Conner(Dudley) 171 lb. class[26-5]

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