Girls All Guilford County Conference Tournament Team

Posted by Andy Durham on February 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

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1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: averaged 28.7 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 5.3 apg, 3.3
spg, 1.3 bpg. Scored a career high 37 points in Championship game in a
double-overtime win against Nortthern Guilford and was named the Conference
Tournament Most Valuable Player.

2. Desiree Drayton; Dudley: averaged 15 ppg and nearly 10 rebounds. Scored a
season high of 18 points in the Championship game win over Page and was named the Conference Tournament Most Valuable Player.

3. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford: averaged: 12.5 ppg and 3 assts during the
Tournament and help to lead Southwest to the Championship win over Northwest
Guilford. She was named the Most Valuable Player.

4. Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: averaged 17 ppg and 7 rebounds and scored 22 points in the Championship game in a double overtime loss to Eastern
Guilford. She was named to the All Tournament Team

5. Shannon Buchannon: Southwest Guilford: Scored her tournament high of 15
points in the championship game win over Northwest Guilford and pulled down 12 rebounds in the process. She was named to the All Tournament Team.

Second Team

1. Tonya Jackson: Dudley: Sored 21 points in two games and scored 13 points in
the Championship win against Page. Averaged 10.5 ppg during the Tournament. Her defensive pressure and rebounding help Dudley to claim the Conference Tournament Championship game.

2. Erica Olerich: Eastern Guilford: scored 16 points, 8 rebounds in the first
round win against Morehead and grabbed 6 rebounds, 4 assts, 3 steals and 2
blocks in the Championship win against Northern Guilford. She was named to the
Conference All Tournament Team.

3. Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: Northern Guilford: Had an outstanding
tounrament by averaging 14.7 ppg and nearly 9 rebounds and 2 blocks per game.
Scored 22 points in the opening round and a strong 17 points in the Championship game against Eastern Guilford in the loss. Named to the Conference All Tournament Team.

4. Alyssa Munson: Northwest Guilford: Scored 12 points in the championship game against Southwest Guilford and was the catalyst for helping Northwest Guilford reached the Championship round. Named to the Conference All Tounrament Team.

5. Paris Kea: Page: averaged 14 ppg during the Tournament with a high of 16 in
the opening round. Her stella play was one of the main factors as to why Page
reached the championship game. Named to the All Conference Tournament Team.

  • Cowgirl Parent said,

    Way to go ladies!!! Great job Shannon & Zena

  • ballfan said,

    Congratz to 2011 Conference MVP’s and the tournament team. Way to represent.
    Guilford County stands PROUD! Continued luck in the play-offs.

  • Doing it right! said,

    Congratulations to MVP’s and All Conference Team members.
    Greensboro Galaxy AAU representing 2011.

    * Desiree Drayton/MVP
    * Maranda Jenkins/MVP
    * Tonya (Chelle) Jackson/All Conference
    * Zena Lovette/MVP

  • didn't see said,

    Andy is this just your selections? did I miss something??Metro conference did not do all tournament or mvps like the other conferences. They didn’t even present a trophy to winning teams. However be it for the conference championship Desiree and Chell were Outstanding along with the rest of the contibuting teammates

  • Smith Eagle Fan said,


    The quote from “Didn’t see it” was right. Where is the Championship Trophy for Metro?
    Andy will you find out and let us know? Championship Trophy presentation is well deserved
    and should have been presented following the game. What’s up with Metro?

  • Andy said,

    As far as the missing trophy goes, you got me on that one….Not sure about the presentations, maybe at a later time if the trophies were not ready….

    On our post-game radio show we had Tracy Gathings, Drew Williams, Adiran Wimbush, Cameron Woods and Coach Brian Jones from Smith, so we did our best to get the Golden Eagles so good pub and to honor them on the victory,….It was a trophy, but it made for a good post-game Championship Ceremony…..

  • refsuck said,

    You should have interviewd that ref who ignored Page’s time out call late in the game and allowed Smith to get an easy lay up at the other end. Everyone in the gym saw and knew they were calling time out except the three officials.

  • Reggie Perkins said,

    is that why smith got that open layup? couldnt figure out why no one was back and jones was all alone under the basket ! ! If that’s the case, the ref’s really blew that one ! !