High School Sectionals – Monday Night Hoops – 02/21/11

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Southwest Guilford 62
RJ Reynolds 49

Eastern Guilford – 54
Orange – 42
EG’s Miranda Jenkins scored 38 in the winning effort.

Northern Guilford – 70
Oxford Webb – 42
(courtesy Chris Herndon by way of Chris Jones)

Northern Guilford – 43
Southern Vance – 41

Orange 71
Eastern Guilford 59
Devonte Jones with 38 points for Orange Panthers in the victory….Brandon Hairston with 23 points to pace EG Wildcats….

Union Pines 61
Southern Guilford 40

Courtesy of Brian Hall WFMY NEWS 2 Sports:

NE Guilford 83
Overhills 56 (Men)

N. Guilford 43
Southern Vance 41 (Men) N.Guilford vs. NE Guilford (Wed. Night)

Southwest Guilford Cowgirls 73
Davie County 45

Page 76
Glenn 69 (Men)

WS Reynolds girls 60
HP Central 34

Boys ……………………………1st……..2nd…..3rd……Final
Northeast Guilford ……17……..38…….66…….83 Overhills………………….4……..27…….37…….56
Parris Scales 17 points…. Abdul Tijani 13 points…. Cameron Smith 11 points Tyrone Hammer 9 points….

Eastern Guilford girls rewnd:1st Q:EG 16, Orange 6….Halftime:EG 26, Orange 12…3rd Q:EG 41, Orange 28…Final:54, Orange 42….

EG girls scoring:Miranda Jenkins 38 points….Kiera Poteate 5 pts….Whitney Parks 4 pts….Erica Olerich 3 pts….Courtney Torraine 2 pts….

EG boys rewind:1st Q:EG 18, Orange 16…Halftime EG 35, Orange 30….Final:Orange 71, EG 59….

EG boys scoring:Brandon Hairston 23 points….Adam Gunn 14 points…Butch Huffman 12 points….Kieran Chavis 4 pts….Jeremy Gaddy 4 pts….Quan Moss 2 pts…..

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    Page 76
    Glenn 69 (Men)

  • Cowgirl Parent said,

    Cowgirls 73 Davie 45

  • Brian (WFMY) said,

    NE Guilford 83
    Overhills 56 (Men)

    N. Guilford 43
    Southern Vance 41 (Men) N.Guilford vs. NE Guilford (Wed. Night)

  • Coach Know said,


    Northeast Guilford ……17……..38…….66…….83

    Parris Scales………17 points
    Abdul Tijani………13 points
    Cameron Smith…..11 points
    Tyrone Hammer…..9 points

  • SWISSICK said,

    SW 62 RJ Reynolds 47

  • any score for NW girls said,

    Any score for the NW girls game yet ?

  • good ole JR said,

    Whirlies win a slobber knocker in Charlotte 56 – 51 over Myers Park

  • Wildcatter said,

    What happen to EG boys? Somebody at game give us account of what happen? Was other team better? or get outcoach? or playas forget how to play?

    Give it up someone

  • robin hughes said,

    to wildcatter—
    based on the comments all year, it had to be the refs or the coach, don’t you think? i think two days ago, the biggest promoter of this very average team, was even predicting a deep run into the playoffs. Hmmm!!!!

  • EG Supporter said,

    I was at the Eastern game and the wildcates were up 55 – 51 when a string of very controversial calls occurred. My question is…who supervises these guys? There wan one of the officials in particular that seemed to want everyone in the gym know he was there and “he was in charge”! I think Orange would have won the game anyway, but my gosh, the officials should really be supervised more than what it seems.

  • EG Alum said,

    was at the Eastern game as well. were there some calls that could of went the other way? sure, but is that not the case in every close game? the two technicals hurt the most, and both of those were deserved. the jones kid from orange was on fire. he misses a couple of shots in the 4th quarter EG still wins. but he did not miss. and EG coaching staff tried everything to stop him. still, great season by the Wildcats, a lot to be proud of! the crazies were out in full force last night. it’s funny, everytime we needed a run the PA man, who does a great job, asks the crazies to get loud, and 30 seconds later there is an administrator telling them to sit down and shut up. been told they are not supposed to chant “airball”, even if the opponent shots an airball. how stupid is that?

  • Andy said,

    The Orange team had a kid #5 that just stepped up and carried his club much in the same way that Miranda Jenkins has carried the Eastern girls…He hit for right at 38 points and I believe h is name was Devonte Jones and he is the main reason that Orange won the game….The charge call on Eastern hurt when they could have had a three-point play going, but you still have to find a way to win these tight games….

    EG was the conference champ and Smith won the conference title and it is kind of crazy that they both got knocked out in the first round of the sectionals…..Grimsley and Page still in and others out….

    Northern at Northeast Guilford boys will be a rematch of the Pizza Hut Tournament Round One from the Coliseum when #7 NG topped #2 NEG back in December…..

    The Wildcats and Eagles and others had great runs this year, but now we must suit it up and move on to Round Two….

    Girls we have:


  • EG Supporter said,

    EG Alum,

    I agree with you where the students and administrators are concerned…they act like they dont want the kids saying a word…they come in and show some school spirit and they do every thing they can to sqash it. It’s really pathetic how they have not only destroyed the kid’s school spirit, but also the faculty’s. You should get a teacher to talk to you on the side about all the lies and coverups that go on around there. A kid can cuss a teacher out, but it’s the teacher’s fault…they are told that they provoke it. A kid can threaten to cut a faculty member…and is back in school the next day. They can sexually harass a teacher, but if not heard by another teacher or administrator, the child is not punished because it is the teacher’s word against the student’s with no witnesses…My how times have changed!

    As for the game… I dont think slapping the floor should be a technical. Especially if the player didnt say anything to the official (and he didnt). I suppose Duke should be given a technical every time they slap the floor on defense…

  • EG Supporter said,

    One more thing about the “Crazies” and the administrators…Did you see what the administrators did after the game…they lined up on the floor in front of the kids as if they were going to storm the floor and hurt someone. I personally know the majority of those kids that were sitting there and if any of them were to do something like that would shock the crap out of me! Those kids are the ones you never have any trouble of and grade wise are in the top 20% of their classes. Wonder who was provoking who last night?

  • EG Alum said,

    EG Supporter: glad someone agrees about the situation with the “crazies”. like you said, those are some of the best students in the entire school, but yet when they come out to support their teams and show some school pride, they are treated like infants. no wonder they prefer road games, they can enjoy themselves more without the threat of being tossed from the gym. as for slapping the floor, i was told there was something said. if he did indeed do nothing but slap the floor, i agree, very bad call!
    oh well, we got baseball to look forward to!

  • T him up said,

    Both techs were both awful calls!!! If you are hanging from the rim and someone is under you, you dont come down because someone will get hurt! So the ref calls a tech at the end of a very close game! TERRIBLE!!!! And the gunn kid did nothing wrong either, but number 5 was a one man wrecking crew he had a awesome game, and carry the team he did! Maybe next time they will T him up for cussing the entire game!!! Maybe next year wildcats!

  • EG said,

    Its safe to say that the “best player” for orange was the EG administration!

  • EG Alum said,

    the crowd can be your 6th man if they are allowed to be such. how many times have we seen Coach Gunn plead with the crowd to get loud going during an important stretch in a girl’s game? notice how many students went to the western alamance game on a cold tuesday night? notice how many were at the conference tournament? yet late in the season there were almost no students in attendance at home games. wonder why? when the students show up, and there is electricity in the air, and the teams are competitive – which ours are – and parents will also have a reason to come out. what does that translate into? Money, both at the gate and in the concession stand. here we are in an economic crisis, the county has no money, and our administrators seem to do everything in their power to LIMIT revenue at home basketball games. Bottom line, our kids should not cross the line between being supportive and out of hand. the problem is our administration has NO CLUE where that line is.