Looking back at the HS Baseball Scrimmages from this weekend

Posted by Andy Durham on February 21, 2011 at 12:08 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

A look back at some of the High School baseball scrimmages from this weekend at Page HS….Here is the word, with thoughts and an overview from one of our coaches in the know……

On Page and Northeast. Northeast looked very good as Johnny Brown hit a home run to right field against the Page Pirates.

HP Andrews lost 2-1 to Eden Morehead and it was around 8-5 to Grimsley, with the Whirlies the winners. Andrews was missing their starting shortstop Cameron Brooks and that was a big blow to the Red Raiders…. If Brooks was there things would have been different. He is their ace and starting shortstop . Brooks has a big bat and that would have given Andrews a chance to post more runs.

Page had a couple pitchers that threw well, in Benton Reynolds and Nick Scoffield…. Page should be in good shape in their Metro 4-A conference.(Solid pitching for the Pirates)

Graham has a another solid team they looked good from what we saw and they will be tough .

Grimsley looked good….Shumate is the real deal, the kid can go. I think when DJ Reader is able to play, that will boost them up several notches .

Morehead played well against High Point Andrews and Grimsley, but the way things looked, Grimsley beat them.

It was a good scrimmage for everyone and over all what everyone expected out of their teams, and they got a little feel for their games and the this or that, that they need to work on….

Overall our scout/coach loved the way the kids played…..

  • Chuck Tanner Jr. said,

    The Pirates will a tough team to beat this year in the Metro Conference. Ya’ll are talking about Grimsley, Southeast, Dudley, Western and even Southern Alamance but you are leaving out Page Pirates in that talk. They will be a tough out; just wait and see. Good pitching and remember what our guys Jim Bibby, Goose Gossage, Al Holland, Doc Medich, Kent Tekulve and others did. Pitching can take you a long ways. Pirates will there in the hunt. I heard Al Oliver and Ed Ott were living somewhere near or around Ham’s over off of East Cone. Bet they will be at some of the Pirates games. Looking forward to a good high school baseball season in the Metro and the Southeast Falcons are going down. They have been flying high too long if you ask me and aren’t they still the pick to take the league? We will see on Saturday!

    Chuck T

  • Steve Blass said,

    Chuck if thats really you I want to see this. The Pirates haven’t had a winning season in over 25 years and sounds like they might be pretty decent this year. I never did like the Birds either.

    No Falcons or Orioles for me.

  • justafan said,

    The best the Pirates can hope for is third place. SE and SA will always be at the top of the Metro. By the way the pitching was ok nothing special.

  • Bob Prince said,

    I don’t beleive this. Chuck Tanner didn’t even have a son did he? I was always partial to the Pirates.

  • slugger 23 said,

    Is that u ? Chuck a nice name change for u

  • slugger 23 said,

    Is that u hardin ? Chuck a nice name change for u

  • here we go again said,

    slugger 23 who are you refering to? what are you talking about?

  • Andy said,

    Let’s just say coaches from way back when and we are not going back there…We are moving forward and looking to get some positive pop in our bats…….Play on/Read on….

  • Billy Way said,

    I don’t care for the Birds or Orioles but the birds we want to beat and will are the Southeast Falcons. Southern Alamance to win it all in the Metro 4-A.

    Southern Alamance Patriots Fan

  • Billy Way said,

    I don;t care for the Birds or the Orioles but the birds we want to get and will are the Southeast Falcons. Southern Alamance to win it all in the Metro 4-A again this year.

    Southern Alamance Patriots Fan

  • Andy said,

    I think Chuck might have been Old Charlie and he is no longer around the game…He was a good old man but now he is no longer with us.