Finally something that we can wrap our arms around: The ACC Hall of Champions is almost here!

Posted by Andy Durham on February 22, 2011 at 3:27 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

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That is the word in today’s News and Record and it couldn’t come soon enough….We need this for the ACC Tournament and now all we need is a “Legends Day” with David Thompson, Charlie Scott, Phil Ford, Mike Giminski, Rodney Rogers, Gil McGregor, Charlie Davis, Walter Davis, Rusty Clark, Tommy Burleson, Bobby Hurley, Jay Bilas, Jay Williams, Vann Williford and many more on hand, to meet the fans on Special Days, at the tournament…..

Bring them all back and this is what the fans want to see….They want the Hall of Champions and they want to honor in person, the men that built this building….Bring in Coach Smith if he can make it, Coach Bubas is out there somewhere, Dave Odom can give us a talk/speech, Les Robinson can do a stand-up…..Bring them back and let’s honor the “True Champions: at The ACC Hall of Champions……

Line up Lucas, Elmore, McMillan, Lefty Drisell, Mo Howard, and watch for the turnout….There will be no fallout….Fans will pay a $100.00 shot to see these guys up close and personal….But it has to be genuine….That fans want to reach out to their heroes and they don’t need or have to worry about parking….You put Dean Smith, Phil Ford, Walter Davis, Rusty Clark, Larry Miller, Dick Grubar, Bill Bunting, Bobby Jones, Kenny Smith and others from all the teams out there and the fans are going to be in the house…..(They’d walk a mile for a Camel and ten miles for an old Tar Heel or Blue Devil.)Got to have some LIVE bodies though….Public appearances will be the key….

The is the best idea that they have come up with in years, but it must be marketed properly….Let me run this show with my ideas and we can make a mint….I have contacts where I can get David Thompson and Bobby Jones in here in the next 30 minutes and all I need is 10-minute warning…..

Are you ready?????

  • Mick said,

    But But parking and $10 and $5 and PARKING.

  • Andy said,

    Parking? There will be people walking in there to see the ACC Legends if you bring them in and promote them properly….

    Take the shuttle up from the Shereton or from the other Koury hotel….Out-of-towners, you are welcome, so come on in….This is not really that much for the locals, this is more for the crowd that will be traveling in here for the tournament….

    Bring extra dollars and spend, spend, spend…..

    I think the locals have become burned out on the Coliseum and they must go after the new visitors…..

  • Mick said,

    The constant nattering of some local naybod nellies might have something to do with the perceived negativity of our neighbors toward the CVM campus.

    You are arguing with the wrong guy. In this case I was just trying to beat some folks to the punch. Usually, at some other blogs, you will get parking nightmare and “dump” stories and other negative comments about a “white elephant” or “money pit” or some such being added to the thread within 2 minutes of submit! Wonder why not here?

    Personally I am going this weekend with my son to the Bass and Boat Expo. Skipping practice and making 1/2 a day of it with a visit to Biff Burger to boot!

    Might even check out the new Natatorium white elephant money pit dump and see how that construction is going.

    Cant wait.

    As far as not being for locals… then why does it have regulat business hours?

  • Andy said,

    Good points….Maybe we can get John Hammer in there to sign autograph copies of the Rhino Times and then with Coach K in the photos maybe John and his crew will jump on board….

    Some of our locals have gone loco!!!!!

    We need new blood, like the Alan Handleman Show broadcastig LIVE on tournament Friday from that building….He had Wink Martindale on his show yesterday and maybe he could David Thompson, Michael Jordan, Charlie Scott, Phil Ford, Mike Giminski, Rusty Larue, Tommy Burleson, Tim Stoddard, Monte Towe, Muggsy Bouges and others to visit when the tournament in in town….

    We need tp get some names out there to give this building a boost…I bet they would show up for FREE the first time, say when the tourney is going on……

    Bill Knight and Scott Yost just will not take us to the top…..We need to bring back Sam Crenshaw for the opening and team him up with the Alan Handleman Show…..The Brad and Britt Show is just too early and too silly to make this event work…..Handleman is the key….He has the Drive Time locked up in the afternoons…..

  • Sam T. said,

    We need this and can we meet with some of the legends that have called the games over the years on radio and TV. Bob Harris, Woody Durham, Johnny Holliday from Maryland, Mac McDonald-Virginia, Billy Packer, Steve Martin, Tim Brando, Dan Bonner, Mike Hogewood, Ed Baker, Jim Foxx, Paul Cameron, Lew Diglehoff and more?

    We need to honor these legends before they are gone and I would pay a good dollar to see them all. When it comes to parking, why can’t we use the UNCG lots for free, most of their students are usually over at the Blind Tiger lot anyhows. Part of our state and local taxes went to building the UNCG parking lots and I for one want use of my space at least once or twice a year.

    Dr. Brady can you help us? The Coliseum gave you a place to play, now you need to give us a place to park.

  • Mick said,

    Sam T,
    How are you going to get from The G to The ACC HOF?

    I think a grand opening with celebs, etc is a great idea. But it will never work because of the parking andf the $10 and the $5 and it’s not downtown and the neighborhood and the parking and someone called it a dump back in the 80’s or 90’s and stuff.

  • Sam T. said,

    I just want to park in the UNCG lot across the street and walk over to the Coliseum. It is only across the road and the lots are safe now. They say the UNCG and Coliseum lots are a great place to start a family.