Iowa HS wrestler does not want to face girl

Posted by Andy Durham on February 23, 2011 at 12:27 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Joel Northrup, a promising male high school wrestler from Iowa, chose to forfeit his match at the State Tournament, rather than face a girl…..Northrup gives the reasons for backing off when you CLICK HERE……

  • and I'm a woman so I can say this said,

    I say good for this guy. I’m getting kinda tired of seeing women force their way into everything that is male dominated. Some places it’s fine – the job market for example. But some things need to be left to the men.
    I don’t like listening to a woman call a men’s basketball game on tv or seeing women refereeing men’s games, either. ( I have been waiting for a comment anywhere about one female referee who was huddled with the other male refs during a college game on tv and she patted the one guy on the rear end. If this had been reversed, one can only imagine the brouhaha that would have resulted.)

  • You've got to be kidding me said,

    WHAT???? So, what do you think when you see a male coaching a women’s team? What do you think when a male officiates a women’s basketball game? They do not offer wrestling because of the lack of interest – just like cheerleading is dominated by women but men can cheer if they like. It works both ways.

  • Corporal Klinger said,

    I never have liked those male cheerleaders. I just can’t stand those guys. They ought to make the guy wear a dress and then wrestle.

  • Yo....kidding said,

    Just because we can do all we want….doesn’t mean we should. One sex coaching another is not even close to one sex giving another a cross face or pulling arms through crotches.

    I support the kid’s decision to pass on this situation. Sexes are different and its good to respect and honor those differences not to ignore them for PC purposes.

  • Respect All said,

    I didn’t say I didn’t respect the young man’s decision – my comment was addressed to I’m a woman on her double standards or maybe she didn’t enjoy UCONN run for the record and Coach Geno’s comments after he tied the record.

  • Respect said,

    Ah…… you don’t respect a woman’s right to her own opinion. Got it!!

  • Mike said,

    A woman can hold any position on any topic she wishes, but she shouldn’t have any position except “observer” when it comes to wrestling holds to/from teen boys. Bears, maybe. Boys, maybe, but on their own in private encounters, not with boys in public, sanctioned high-school matches.

  • ric flair said,

    i dont see nothing wrong with it i wrestle women all the time i usually let them win