Head ’em up, load ’em up and move ’em out: Dudley bus headed to Matthews Butler Friday for Panthers(26-1) vs. Bulldogs(29-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 24, 2011 at 12:59 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

There will be a bus going to Matthews Butler tomorrow(Friday). First come first serve. Seats are $20.00 per person. Bus will be leaving from behind Dudley Gym at 3:00pm.

  • NWGfan said,


    Isn’t Butler the school that has a player with the crimnal record?
    Is she allowed to play with an arrest record?

    http://www.matthewsminthillweekly.com/…/butler-athlete-charged-in-basketball- brawl/ – Cached

  • Andy said,

    Butler had some football players that got into some trouble and they all ended up leaving the school earlier in the year….Coaches school officials have to make those calls and deal with those issues every day unfortunately…..

  • Andy said,

    There was a 10-day school suspension according to WFAE 90.7FM and it came back in late January….

  • ballfan said,

    Isn’t that a NCHSAA violation?

  • Andy said,

    Butler got it all cleared up and the player is in there avg. 15.2 pts. per game…..Player was involved in an altercation at East Meck-Butler game and served the 10-day school suspension…You know NCHSSA has been all over this and they have it straight….

    We are just talking about kids and you do want to beat Butler when they are at their best any way…

    Butler has not got where they are at (29-0) and winners of something like 44-straight games without their share of trials…

    Their coach from last year, Coach Butler, she led them to the title last season and then she was forced to step down from her role at the end of the year, because they said she was talking to players from other schools about coming to Butler, but it was all about Summer AAU ball, but she still got black-balled and had to step down as head coach and could not teach at Butler this year….

    There will always be trials along the way, but the good teams keep on trucking and it will be a very BIG GAME on Friday night with Dudley at Butler…..Good Luck to the Panthers…..We hope that they can knock off Butler and bring the Sectional Title back to Greensboro from down in the Charlotte area….