High School Baseball Bulletin Board for 2/24/11

Posted by Andy Durham on February 24, 2011 at 2:01 pm under High School | 24 Comments to Read

Any news on what happened on Wednesday and will NWG-NEG play today?????

Scrimmage for Thursday:
Northwest Guilford at Northeast Guilford 6pm

Scrimmage for Friday:
Southwest Guilford at Davie County
Southern Guilford-Randleman

Regular season game for Friday:
Oak Ridge Military Academy at Wesleyan

Scrimmages for Saturday:
High Point Andrews vs. Dudley and Reidsville at DUDLEY 9:45am
McMichael at Northwest Guilford 12 Noon

  • THE 411 said,

    I am well aware that most people are oblivious to the fact that baseball exist on the Eastern side of the county but EG and WG squared off on Tuesday. Also, EG will be hosting a round robin scrimmage that involves Southern Guilford and Cedar Ridge on Saturday. The Eastern Western matchup really showed youth in both the programs. Western looks to rebound from graduation but will rely heavily on rare 5 tool player in Marrero. They really showed their youth in all facets of the scrimmage but can never be counted out with Causey at the helms. Eastern more of the same sophmore junior heavy team that seems to have their work cut out for them.

  • Andy said,

    Thanks for the update….I was down that way Tuesday and didn’t see anything going on, they must have been warming up, because it was very cool….

    Did see a softball game going on with what looked like EG and WG….

    Keep us up to date and thanks again for the info….

  • Grey said,

    NE / NW scrimmage cancelled…

  • Danny Shutt said,

    SEG has a scrimmage today against Jordan Mathews at 5:00 at SEG if
    the weather permits. They take on Northern Guilford next Thursday.

  • Grand Slam said,

    Southern Guilford vs Randleman (Baseball & Softball) Scrimmage – Postponed until 2/25

  • Andy said,

    Is the SEG scrimmage still on for today? Anybody got the word…..

  • Danny Shutt said,

    Still on – start time is 5:30 now.

  • james said,

    any info on the Ragsdale vs Northern Guilford game

  • youth said,

    Northern was young but had some good young arms. They knew the game and looked sound. They will do nothing but get better and I can see them being very good in a year or so. Lot of good young talent. A little off at the plate but it’s early. They looked to be prepared.

    Ragsdale also pretty young. Not much depth. Mix of old and young pitchers who all threw strikes last night. they’ll have their ups and downs. Hitting was Ok. Playing a few freshmen that show talent.

  • Andy said,

    Hope we can get a report on that SEG too…

  • EGparent said,

    Was at the EG vs WG scrimmage. If that had been a real game it would have ended in 5 with EG on top to say the least. I dont know if WG has any wrestlers or basketball players out but that is the worst I have seen them….ever

  • Danny Shutt said,

    9-0 SEG over JM
    0-0 through four innings, SEG broke it open in the 6th.
    JM has a very good starting pitcher.

  • james said,

    what was the score of the Ragsdale game

  • Wes said,

    Northern would have gone deep in the playoffs this year if 6 of their players had not jumped ship and went elsewhere. When that many leave at one time there is a problem. I have heard that they have hired a daddy to coach the jvs

  • 77 Hornet said,


  • Why said,

    Why did 6 players leave NG? I thought they had a god program there.

  • Andy said,

    As Neil Young once said, There Comes a Time…..Somtimes you play together in the Summer and then you want to play for the same coach or with the same teammates the following Spring and some can do that and they do……

  • NG said,

    James, it was a scrimmage between NG and Ragsdale. No one was worried about the score. ragsdale came out on top if you were just looking at runs but NG played sound and fundamental. They’ll be fine. I would like to see how any team would do after losing Carter, Arendas, Dunn, Mas and a couple more. They would have been very good if they had stayed. Just think, NG would have had a good shot at a baseball state title to go with their football title. The team will be fine. Cheer for the boys that are there, not the ones who aren’t.

    As to why the other boys left, it’s their business. Go ask them. I have a feeling you know who they are. Ask them yourself.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Pretty sure Carter spent 3 years in high school at different schools chasing coaches Ash (Grimsley),Smith (NG) etc etc. Who knows where he should have gone? Where did he go to middle school?

  • Wes said,

    George went to Grimsley 1 year and Northern 2 years and now attending Forsyth Country Day. I really think all those guys left Northern because Justin was not there. At least that is what one of the dads told me. Justins dad basically built that ball field and saved Guilford County Scchools thousands of dollars. Since they are both gone now lets see what happens. By the way, does anyone know why Justins
    ‘s dad left. I thought he was out there last week.

  • james said,

    I wasn’t starting an argument I was just curious about the score, I’m sure NG will be competitive come playoff time.

  • Grey said,

    Great comment NG regarding the kids leaving…it’s their reasons, and I am guessing all the reasons are not the same. It does open up opportunities for some really good younger players, who I am sure will take advantage of it.

  • Wes said,

    James, What do you think of the baseball program at Northern? Do you have an opinion?

  • Jimmy said,

    Northern has some very good players in Devyn Harrington, Andrew Strubinger and Austin Hardin. Also they have some very good freshmen and sophmores. In that conference they should finish in the top 3. I hear that they have excceptional hitting .