HS Basketball’s Best for 2010/2011

Posted by Andy Durham on February 24, 2011 at 2:38 pm under High School | 25 Comments to Read

Send your Top Ten girls and boys teams in to us, with #1 being your Greensborosports.com Player of the Year and your Top Five being your first team and the next five, your second team All-Greensborosports.com….

On the private school side of things, send us your Top Five boys and Top Five girls with #1 being your Greensborosports.com Player of the Year…..

Send your picks/selections to andy@greensborosports.com…….We will not be counting names left in the comment box, just the ones E-mailed to us become official in the voting process….We will roll with the voting over the next few weeks and name a winner right near the end of March……

A very nice plaque for the winners from Crown Trophy…..

Again that E-mail address is andy@greensborosports.com and you can vote once per your E-Mail address, but you can get as many people as you know to vote, as long as they have an E-mail address and they can send us the E-Mail vote to:


We will have updates on the site over the next couple of weeks…..Let the voting begin….Who is your Top Ten and let’s bring alive that Top Five….

Is it Gathings, Benjamin, Dillard, Kent, Eaves, Hunt, D.Williams, Hylton, Roberts, Huffman, Hairston, Scales, Showers, Rogers, B.Brown, Goldsten, Mulvey, Summers, Wise, Tijani, Willamson, McBeth, Downing, Chandler, Adams, Parker…..

Or is it Jenkins, Coffer, Drayton, Lovette, Pone, Buchanan, Munson, Harper, Goins, McIvor, Grinage, Robinson, Drew, Kea, Greer, Garris, Henshaw, McNeil, Clency, Horne, Jackson, Stanley, Johnson, Hailey……..

Who knows….Let us know at andy@greensborosports.com

  • swgg said,

    what about jordan hanner from southwest

  • Andy said,

    Jordan Hanner and Terrell Leach(SWG) ought to be strong possibilties…..Vote them in at andy@greensborosports.com

  • dhs2011 said,

    boys: gathings, wimbush, eaves, kent, fonville, dillard, summers, woods

    girls: drayton, drew, goins, mcivor, lovette, kea,

  • Tom said,

    Girls: Drayton, Jenkins, S Coffer, Lovette,Kea

  • swgg said,

    dhs2011 just asking what guard on your list has better stats then Jordan Hanner or Terrell Leach

  • swgg said,

    and they led their team to a conference championship with a 20 win season lets just be real they both need to be considered for player of the year

  • Fan said,

    On the private school girls side, Cedrica Gibson should be player of the Year.

  • Well deserved said,

    Girls: Drayton, Jenkins, S Coffer, Lovette, Drew

    Boys: gathings, wimbush, eaves, kent, fonville, dillard, summers, woods, hunt

  • bball fan said,

    Kent, Eaves, Fonville, Wimbush, Hunt, Dillard, Huffman

    Girls: Drayton, S. Coffer, Lovette, Jenkins, T. Bowden (Grimsley) & Drew, goins



    Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford
    Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford
    Zena Lovett: Southwest Guilford
    Paris Kea: Page
    Ayshia Mcneil: Southeast Guilford


    Reggie Dillard: Dudley
    Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford
    Jackson Kent: Page
    Bryce Benjamin: Northeast Guilford
    Terrell Leach: Southwest Guilford

    These are the folks that actually carried an awesome responsibilty and delivered consistently over a long period of time through out the season. Plus their teams depended on them more.

  • swg parent said,

    I was wondering how folks keep putting Dudley’s center Desiree Drayton over Our Southwest Guilford center Shannon Buchanan who is averaging nearly 10 pts and 10 rebs just like Desiree. I understand and can truly go along with Jenkins, Coffer, our own Lovette because their numbers truly speak for themselves and yes their teams win as well. But , I know for a fact that their are many centers around here whom have very impressive numbers. I also notice that some folks are just putting names up because that is whom they like. That is totally wrong.

  • come on son said,

    @SWG Supporter I grad from SW and let me just say I see you have T. Leach but no J hanner first were you at any games after Hanner broke his hand????? I was and the team avg 80 pts with him without him they may get 65 he’s not the team but he drops buckets and he has the leadership skills just a thought

  • SWG Mom said,

    To all the SWG fans thank you so much for supporting my son and his team they ALL played great this year. This was a great year for Guilford County period we are blessed with alot of talent in this area. I for one applaud every single player that can go out in front of so many people 2 or 3 times a week and play this game.I would like to just remind everyone who posts on this site be mindful of what you say and how you say it because truth be told……… you have no idea the work that these kids put into this sport. I look forward to AAU season and wish all the young men and woman a happy and healthy summer. BTW To the ladies of SWG Gametime…….. pray before you play, have fun and EAT
    Go Cowgirls

  • F. Huffman said,

    Check out the kid who led the whole region in points right @ 22ppg @ 5’10 and led a team from the middle of the pack in the conference last year to conference champions this year! I know EG boys is a blackhole for the media, but give Butch Huffman some love! By the way, he got conference tournament MVP too..

  • come on son said,

    @F. Huffman why didn’t the coach at eastern enter the stats for Butch @Maxpreps

  • EG Wildcat Fan said,

    Butch is a good player and deserves recognition for a good year but he did not lead the region in scoring. We are all very proud of what the boys accomplished this year though. They did a great job and Butch was a major reason for their success. That whole team deserves a lot of credit for doing as well as they did, especially after losing an important part of their team (Darius Dawkins) right before the season started.

    Hopefully we get a chance to see Butch and a lot of other GCS kids playing at the next level.

  • F. Huffman said,

    Who led the region in scoring in public schools? Just curious.

  • bballObserver said,

    SWG parent

    Drayton isn’t a center. But since you asked it’s clear that Drayton/Dudley is a better
    all around player period (rebounds, steals, assist and more). Buchanon is a good player
    but not quick on her feet, and not versatile. She is also extremely foul prown.
    Buchannon is proably at best a D-2, D-3 player. Why does it matter now? Drayton got a
    full D-1 scholarship.

    Good luck at the next level to both young ladies.

    Note: Lots of D-1’s interested in Lovette

  • Deserved said,


    Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford
    Zena Lovett: Southwest Guilford
    Desiree Drayton/Dudley
    Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford

    Reggie Dillard: Dudley
    Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford
    Jackson Kent: Page
    Bryce Benjamin: Northeast Guilford
    Terrell Leach: Southwest Guilford

  • Agree with bballObserver said,

    SWG parent:

    Without calling out names I tend to agree with bballObserver on this one.

    By the way who did Shannon Buchannon sign with?

  • i know ball said,

    i agree with SW… what position does drayton play for dudley? ….Center…And you folks think she’s gonna play guard in college??? when has she ever played guard for dudley or aau?

  • bball fan said,

    i really enjoyed watching this season…wanted to give a couple of shout outs to 2 players who really stepped their games up this season…Jordan Hanner and Diante Baldwin..I have known both of these young men since they were young, and both have worked hard to get to where they are…

    While there will be some names left off, let’s not forgot the amount of hard work and dedication that these players and coaches put in..It is very easy to point fingers or cast blame, when things dont happen our way, but we must understand that these kids love the game of basketball, like most of us did when we played…

    It’s not the coaches fault because we fail to prepare for the task at hand…No coach is trying to lose a game..He’s making a decision that he feels is best for the team; so when your child is taken out, take it as a grain of salt..Encourage your child; dont make excuses; don’t compare them to someone else..

    Sports is like the real world..If you work hard, you might get what you deserve; but if you don’t work hard, you will always get less than what you deserve..

  • End debate just vote said,

    I know ball:

    It’s amazing the lengths people go to put down other players (kids). Interesting though I find
    it’s not the players that hate on each other … it’s the darn PARENTS and GROWN A_ _
    ADULT WANNA BE COACHES. Many of you travel from school to school belittling kid after
    kid. Your time has passed… old heads. Stop bulling the kids! Enough said!

    Andy simply asked for a vote nothing more!

  • Observer said,

    The Kid Perkins and Baldwin are both good players for Western Guilford , could they not be in the top 10? or maybe even top 5 for perkins. He is a very skilled kid , him and baldwin both had good games when i saw them play in the christmas tournament

  • The Real Deal said,

    Well Just observing from what i have seen from this season and from the last summer. Considering I dont really have a dog in this fight on the Buchannon vs Drayton debate. I think Shannon Buchannon is a great player and probably will sign with a school that is D2 maybe even small D1(MEAC) if she finds the right system. Also she does alot for the SW Guilford girls basketball program but….. I dont think she has the same impact for her team as Desiree Drayton does. Drayton on a nightly basis can lead the team in points rebounds steals and blocks! There is no measure to her worth for that Dudley team. The only reason why she dosen’t lead them in scoring most nights is because she dosen’t have to. The scoring is pretty balanced on that team. Also to clear up one thing. Neither Drayton or Buchannon are (Centers)!!!! They are both Hybrid Forwards and both project to be Small Forwards in college. Again I think both of theese young ladies are excellent players and athletes but for the sake of this debate I think Desiree Drayton is more than deserving to be on that first team hands down. There is just so much she brings to that team in to many categories. From things that show up on the stat sheet and things that dont!