High School Baseball Bulletin Board for 2/27/11

Posted by Andy Durham on February 27, 2011 at 4:39 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

High School Basebal Bulletin Board:

Scrimmages from Saturday…..

Dudley 4
Western Alamance 4

(5 innings)

Scrimmage at Dudley with the new Ray Crawford Field Scoreboard in place and looking real good and I saw Ray Crawford Jr. at the game and he said he is playing some for UNCG and they had him DH’ing in their game on Saturday…

Dudley played the Western Alamance Warriors tight on Saturday and the game ended in a 4-4 tie, after the last out with Dudley at the plate in the bottom of the fifth inning….Dudley had multiple base runners throughout the 5th inning and had men on, when that last out occurred….(Dudley had fought back to tie the game up in the fifth….)They had two or three games going on at Dudley on Saturday with High Point Andrews and Reidsville, also there for the scrimmages…

Dudley has Corey Williamson, Corey Kimber, Rick Powell, Zanie Seagraves and a few others returning this season and Brandon Burkes has returned to practice, but he has not yet been cleared by his doctors to play in the games for the Panthers….

Corey Kimber will be the Panthers’ top pitcher and he could well be their top overall player and we will have to see how they do when the regular season games get rollling this week….If Kimber has some defense backing him up and if he can pitch twice per week, then Dudley can still be a threat to the other teams in the Metro 4-A Conference…..Getting Burkes back will be a big boost and the inside is Burkes will be back…..He has the will inside to play, he is just waiting on the doctors to turn him loose…..

A good day for baseball on Saturday at Dudley on the Ray Crawford Field…..More coming in soon from Coach Randy “Nat” Norris over at High Point Andrews…….

  • Big Burkes Fan said,

    I sure hate Brandon Burkes will not start the season with the panthers ,I have watch this young man grow into something special at Dudley, he did not get much attention last year because everything was about Ray Crawford Jr., and no I am not taking anything away from Ray, but that game when Brandon hit that homerun at Grasshopper Staduim and then they immediatly took him out of the game because they wanted to give some else the opportunity to hit one and it did not happen. That was a beautiful hit and I just LOVE to see him play.
    Brandon if you happen to read this just remember you have a lot of fans who are praying for you and for your big return to the panthers lineup where you belong,
    ( I am the gentleman who got your autograph at the doctors office and I told you then you are going to make history and I wanted to be the FIRST get your autograph)

    Keep your head up, and remember your are a TRUE athlete, with the heart of Gold

  • True Burkes Fan #12 said,

    Yes Sir Brandon keep your head up man and keep working hard like I did to get where I am. You always been amazing to watch ..even being with you on the feild ..playing with you on the feild ..just stay humble man ..and do not let the negativity from the critics on this site get in your head because there will be plenty of people talkin whodont have a clue about sports ..and that was a nice hit at grasshopper stadium boss It reminded it me of the one I hit my sophmore year or maybe my junior year lol …I dont even need your autograph man because you know Im going to be around you a long time …see you at the next level …Love ya Man

  • True Smith Fan #1 said,

    How come Smith wasn’t invited to play? well it;s okay they will have their time to shine soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro said,

    I had the honor of meeting Coach Randy “Nat” Norris, great man, awesome coach.

  • Wes said,

    What does NW have this year in baseball. Coach Gann does a good job over there and I have not heard much about NW.

  • Nighthawk said,

    I believe that over 2/3 of the Northern baseball team (JV & Var) are Freshmen or Sophomores so I would guess it’s about playing time now or in the future??? Just a guess but most of the players are use to playing for their travel teams and don’t like to sit.

    Also think the new schedule that has JV playing at the opposite site makes it impossible to play both. Anyone know the rules between JV and Varsity, can you play for both or do you have an inning rule like the quarters played rule in football?

  • Andy said,

    Northwest Guilford will have Ben Schmucker, Duncan Everett, Sanders Kuxhausen, Keaton Haack and possibly Reid Baxter and there will be others ready to step up….NWG always puts strong teams on the field and this year should be no different….Northern is rebuilding and we need to let them rebuild….Can’t bring back what is gone, but you can work hard with what you have and that is what you have to do…….

  • baller1 said,

    I believe the rule is as follows. Any player can play 3 total games per (4 if its a Saturday or Holiday) and not play over 24 total games.

  • baller 1 said,

    Excuse me. I gramatically challenged. 3 games per week.

  • sefan said,

    I believe that you can play up but you cannot play down? In other words a varsity player cannot play on JV. A JV player can be moved up however at any time. I am not 100% on this but I think this is the case. I don’t know as a sophmore on Varsity if you can play JV. I doubt it.

    Maybe Andy can straighten this out for us.

    By the way we play Northern tomorrow so we can let you know how they are and how we are on Wednesday. Our JV is young and pretty inexperienced by our Varsity should be pretty good this year. As you say above they JVs and Vs are playing at the same time at separate schools so Northern can’t cheat (just threw that in for the oversensitive out there).

  • NWBaseballFan said,

    Come on now. The only reason Coach Gann is at Northwest is because his daddy’s name is on the field . To have had the talent he has had and he has chased away, it is unbelievable that NW hasn’t won some state titles recently. Everyone knows about the politics that are always in play at Northwest . It seems like politics are most prevelent in Baseball. The one sure thing. The best way to keep NW baseball down is to keep Coach Gann there. Andy I like most of what you write however, to call Gann a good coach is nonsense.

    NW Baseball

  • JV vs. Varsity said,

    sefan, a varsity player can play JV at any time and a JV player can play varsity at any time. The rule has more to do with total number of games and 3 games per week, excluding tourneys. I can name many kids that have moved back and forth during the year. Lots of coaches send varsity pitchers down to JV to get some work when they are not getting many innings at varsity.

  • Andy said,

    Coach Sandy Gann, John Hughes, Tom Waynick….NWG has had some good coaches out there over the years, and I’m not even sure who had the team before Coach Sandy Gann….What was it, 1998 State 4-A Champs over Raleigh Athens Drive and Josh Hamilton??? Sonny coaches many of these kids during the Summer too with the Squirrels and I don’t think he can coach them in the fall because of the guidelines…I’ll back the Ganns and the NWG program and the people that I have met out there over the years are first-class too…..The Swim family, the Schmuckers, Everetts, Kuxhausens, McKinneys, Neese’s and many more….Good program and the the corner out in right field behind the fence is a good spot to watch a game….

    I beleive even Randy Tuggle now at Greensboro College with the highly-ranked women’s basketball team, he was out there in the baseball program years ago and so was Bobby Joyner, who went to play some at Elon….Thinking about former NWG Viking baseball players, Jamie Hemmingway might have been one of the best….He was on that ’98 team and then went on to play some in the minor leagues after UNCW, I think it was….Hemmingway was with the Braves if the names fit together and he(Jamie H) was also a very talented basketball player as a guard….

    Very much history surrounding Northwest Guilford baseball and more to come……A lot of hard work, time and effort has been put at NWG over the years and it will continue to show…Mike Everett, one of their current assistant coaches in baseball, had a great career at High Point University and before that he was at Western Guilford….Everett is a baseball man with a baseball plan and so is Gann…..

  • nwbball said,

    Reid Baxter does not play baseball anymore at NW, I think he is trying out for lacrosse. The nw jv team has more talent than the varsity, so you may want to watch them in the future.