HS Baseball Tonight for 3/14/11

Posted by Andy Durham on March 14, 2011 at 9:35 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

Glenn 1
Southwest Guilford 0

WP:Noah Pearl
LP:Matt Orth….Orth had 7 K’s….SWG(2-1)….This conference is going to be very tough again…..

East Davidson 5
Southern Guilford 1


Grimsley 3
Page 2


Grimsley 6
Page 5

WP:Ryan Stoneman
LP:Nick Schofield

Grimsley grabbed an early 1-0 lead, but then the Page Pirates erupted for two runs in the second inning, 1 in the third and then 2 more runs in the 4th inning to go up 5-1 over Grimsley….The Whirlies pushed across 5 runs in the 5th inning to move ahead to stay, 6-5….

For Grimsley it was like this at the plate….
Kory Shumate:3-3, two-run single/2 RBI’s and one run scored…
Aaron Jones:1-3 and one run scored…
Sawyer Highfill: 1-1 with two BB’s and one run scored…
DJ Reader:1-3 with a two-run single/2 RBI’s….
Ryan Stoneman:0-2, with a walk and one run scored…
Seth O’Fallon:1-3 with a double and one run scored…

Page hitting:
Brendan Nail:1-4….
Tyler Sandlin:1-4….
Nick Schofield:1-4 with a single and one run scored….
Benton Reynolds:2-4 with with a double and a single and one run scored…
Alec Kornblum:1-4 with a run scored….
Will Syndor:1-4….
Trey Dobson:2-3 with an RBI….
Carter Stanley:1-3 with a run scored an RBI and a SAC bunt…
Jordan Putnam:One run scored after reaching on a fielder’s choice….

Grimsley:Ryan Stoneman had 11 K’s over his 7-inning complete game effort….Stoneman gave up 10 hits and walked none to earn his first victory of the season….

Page:Nick Schofield looked strong until the 5th inning and ended up giving up the runs on eight hits with 7 K’s and 3 walks on the night, through 4 and two-thirds innings…..Benton Reynolds came on to strike out four Whirlies and he gave up no runs during his inning and a third of relief effort for the Pirates….

  • simmonsfan said,

    Jason Simmons has to be the cutest coach in the county. He looks so good in his baseball pants. What a good looking guy.

  • Btownhero said,

    IMO he needs to hit the P90X!!! Looks like he’s starting to pack it on the older he gets!!! Simmons is a great coach and a better person…keep up the good work!

  • Bring It said,

    with base loaded in 5th, 1 out, and Reynolds in relief, score 5-3 PHS, Reader at plate, he hits a hard grounder right under glove of 1bman. i know it was scored a hit, but that pretty gracious. DP ball if i ever see one.

    Page still has chance to tie or go ahead in top 6th w/ runners on 2nd & 3rd and only 1 out w/ top lineup at bat and on deck. Chopper to 3rd and runner tries to score and cut at plate. next batter flies out to end threat.

    Good game. Stoneman got better as game went on. Zac pitched well as did Reynolds

  • homerswin said,

    Congrats to Coach Simmons and the Whirlies. Coach Simmons does a great job. Look out for Grimsley with Reader back in the lineup. He must have packed some pounds on because he used to have to wear three shirt under his jersey just to fill it out. 🙂

  • Billy said,

    What about the SW Guilford vs Glenn Game?

  • Andy said,

    Glenn over SWG, 1-0….Glenn gets the win 1-0….

  • billy said,

    SW Guilford has no hitting what so ever. This was a poor coached game on the SWG side. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs and no Suicide Squeeze? Try it with at least with one out. Runner at third should of thought about taking off home with no outs. You get three chances and cant score?????????????????????? They just cant hit , they have not had but one good hitter over the past four years and he got the job done every time. Even when the kid got hit by a pich he wanted to hit instead of taking 1st Base. The coach at SWG should just hang it up.

  • coaching said,

    Reid Holmes is a proven coach. he is a good coach. Baseball is a strange game. Kid hits a ground ball in the infield and they get a run in. maybe the kid was not strong at bunting. Coaches make calls, when they work out they are a genius. When they don’t, they get rediculed. You may not like his call but Reid knows a little about baseball. SWG has some very, very good hitters. Maybe it just didn’t happen last night. maybe it had to do with the pitcher Pearl doing a good job. Sometimes the other guy wins. Doesn’t mean they can’t hit.

    To the game, huge win for Glenn, especially with Orth on the mound. Glenn has very good coaches. They spend half their time out scouting everyone. And they show up in full orange gear. No mistaking who they are. But nothing uglier than that orange gear.

  • chucknorriswho? said,

    I heard that Jason Simmons and Chuck Norris once played home run derby, and Jason Simmons won.

  • Andy said,

    Noah Pearl had a lot to do with that Glenn win last night….He is one of the toughest pitchers around and he is all business when it come to his baseball and he takes it real serioulsy……Orth and the Cowboys faced a very tough opponent last night and that coference is going to hard to win this year, there is so much competition out there and in the end as always, it will come down to pitching…..Glenn at NWG could be a good indicator tonight….

  • billy said,

    Dont look like they have very, very good hitters too me. Ive been around Baseball for along time. Youre right, he knows a little about Baseball. Alittle. You also dont run yourself out of an inning also. If you cant produce the run rty something different for a change. Same things have happened over the years at Glenn. They have not won here in 15 years. Ive seen games in the past when he has his best hitter bunting ( over .450 avg ) trying to move a runner to second base with one out and the hitter behind him cant hit hiself out of a wet paper sack, You go figure this one out. He also does not need someone else in the dugout telling him what he should do. I think we all know who this is.

  • Keith Orth said,

    Hello. My name is Keith Orth. My son Matt plays baseball for Coach Holmes at SWG High School. I felt compelled to write a response to all the negative comments that Billy has written. First, it is a shame that someone would use this site as a bashing ground towards any coach or player. Second if you feel the need to do so, tell us your whole name. Don’t hide behind some made up first name. Coach Holmes along with all the other high school coaches in this area work very hard to make their baseball programs the best that they can be. I see this first hand with Coach Holmes. He is one of the most caring and integrity driven persons I know. He has built a very very good baseball program at SWG. Coach Holmes is fair and always has the players best interest at heart. We have outstanding parent support as well. This support is driven by our respect for Coach Holmes. And yes, Coach Holmes knows his baseball. What a ridiculous thing to say about a man that has poured his heart and soul into something and asks for nothing in return but to see these young men succeed in life.

    After all “Billy”, isn’t the game of life far more important?

  • John Bazela said,

    All parents should stay off this website. ALL. Sounds like both of you are trying to.live through your kids .Most likely neither one.of you played any ball.let the coaches coach and.the kids play.

  • beenaroundtoo said,

    “Billy” most likely got cut in middle school. seems to be some lingering hostility in his case. and yes, sometimes, especially in the high school game, you just might have your best hitter attempt to move a runner over if the situation called for such. then he demands a suicide squeeze while down one run, while earlier talking about running yourself out of an inning. let the batter pop up the bunt and your’re looking at a possible double play with NO runs scored. he makes little to no sense. typical overbearing parent.

  • Andy said,

    The SWG community is lucky to have a coach like Reid Holmes and he has been a big part of the baseball programs in that area for many years…..Reid Holmes, Jim Holmes and even Michael Holmes have been baseball leaders at many different levels for many years and they are to be commended for their efforts…..Reid Holmes is genuine in his efforts and he has helped a lot of kids over the years and his formula seems to always have been, give the credit to the kids when they win and he’ll take the blame when they lose…..Holmes has been good for Guilford County and for Southwest Guilford baseball…..He was good too, back in his days as a player with Western Guilford…..He’s always treated us right and he does right by the kids too…..

  • coaching said,

    Keith, you don’t need to defend Coach Holmes. he is a good coach and a better man. he knows it, we know it. See you guys in a few weeks. good luck to Matt.

  • Swcowboys said,

    So “Billy” if Southwest Guilford has only had one good hitter in the past 4 years, what did he do after high school???????????? Pretty sure the person im thinking of did not go anywhere. Your completely wrong on everything that you have said. Coach Holmes is a very good coach and puts everything he has into that baseball team at Southwest. Southwest has also had several good hitters that have gone through that school and southwest has several good hitters this year as well. Dont post on here if you have no idea what you are talking about.