Looking back at Grimsley’s Willie Harris

Posted by Andy Durham on March 15, 2011 at 9:46 am under High School | Read the First Comment

A solid comment that came in yesterday, looking back on a piece we did a while back on key players in the Page-Grimsley football rivalry from over the years……

The only player in the history of playing against Coach Marion Kirby that he feared on the football field was hardly mentioned in any paragraphs. #11 Willie Harris of Grimsley High School. If you all were not aware of the fact that this young lead the team in receptions throughout the two years he started at the school. There has been alot of mention of other players that were on the team that could not carry his helmet out to practice. The ’87 season was carried by the three horsemen of Greg Franklin, Shawn Brown, and Willie Harris who never get the respect they so deserve. Go back watch all the film you need to watch and see that those three made the offense. 87 receptions are alot when you have a running back that averages 13 yards per carry. So let keep it real and not go off on the name of players that went to big time colleges. ENOUGH………. THE FUTURE

  • Grimsley Fan said,

    Wow! It’s about time that those who made Grimsley football what it is known for today are finally recognized. Kudos to you guys for printing this and giving credit to these guys for all the hard work they put in. I’ve seen some of the highlights mentioned and the film says it all! Better yet, I’m sure if you go the source, Coach J. Smouse can really tell you all you need to know. Again, thanks to you guys for putting this out there. I didn’t know this site existed but it’s good to know we have good local sports reporting that still exists.