More HS Baseball Tonight scores for 3/22/11 with NEG over Asheboro in 9/Southern Alamance gets past Grimsley 7-1…

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Northeast Guilford 7
Asheboro 6
(Final 9)
WP:Harrison Phillips

NEG hitting: clutch hitting by Josiel Colon; scored the winning run and Jaylin Davis with the walk off hit…..

Next up….NEG @ Rockingham County 7pm

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Southern Alamance tops Grimsley 7-1

Southern Alamance snapped Grimsley’s 3 game winning streak with a 7-1 road win.
Patriot RF Cody Moize wasted no time in the first inning when he drove a 1-2 pitch
over the right field fence giving Southern Alamance a 1-0 lead. Grimsley would
respond in the bottom of the first frame when Whirlie SS Kory Shumate got a lead-off
single and was driven in by CF Aaron Jones who hit a double to the fence tying the
score at 1-1.

Grimsley RHP Ryan Stoneman pitched well over five full innings of work, striking out
five Patriots and giving up only one earned run. The Grimsley defense faltered in
the third inning allowing 2 runs on no Patriot hits while committing 2 costly

Southern Alamance held the 3-1 lead until a Whirlie pitching change lead to a
scoring barrage in the critical seventh inning. Patriot CF Eddie Sappelt lead off
the seventh inning with a double, followed by an RBI single by 1B Brandon Cranford,
followed by another single by 3B Tony Marshall. The big blow then came from Patriot
starting pitcher AJ Edwards who crushed a 3-1 fastball to deep center field for a 2
run homer making the score 7-1. Tommy Marshall made a pitching appearance in the
seventh inning for the Patriots and secured the win.

WP – AJ Edwards
LP – Ryan Stoneman
Hold – Tommy Marshall

S. Alamance 7 7 0
Grimsley 1 5 4

Key Performers
Southern Alamance
Eddie Sappelt 1-2 (2B)
Tommy Marshall 1-3 (RBI)
Chase Massey 1-3 (2B)
AJ Edwards 1-4 (HR, 2RBI)
Cody Moize 1-4 (HR)
Brandon Cranford 1-4 (RBI)

Sawyer Highfill 2-3
Aaron Jones 1-3 (RBI, 2B)
DJ Reader 1-3
Kory Shumate 1-4

  • lester said,

    Where is the dunn report on the Forsyth Country Day game?

  • WHAT? said,

    Who cares how the reports are written be glad we have a site to check scores and see a little press on our kids in guilford county, no matter who they play for. If you don’t like whats written on here read the the news and record. You can get the score there and maybe a write up once or twice a month. The longer reports come from Andy and the game he attends I would would think, I don’t even know who Andy is but I do Appreciate him keeping us updated. Just because he is not talking about your kid in the post doesn’t mean your kid isn’t great. Thats the problem with all high school sports anyway most of us parents only care about what our kid does not the team. Allen 2 years ago when he left Grimsley had the best quote I have ever seen by a coach in the News and Record, ” Todays high school player would rather be a all star on a losing team than be a role player for a state champion”. The truth is all the stock we put in this game and all the money we all spend as parents to support our kids wanting them to be succussful at the game of baseball will all be forgotten in a few years anyway. Then maybe we can find another message board to complain about who someone is writing about!!

  • Chris said,

    Great post right there ^

  • EG said,

    WHAT? makes some good points. if andy is at the game and anybody from either team, star or not, has a good game or does something noteworthy, they get mentioned. the problem is when the coach or scorekeeper sends in the score and gives his highlights. some players get mentioned everytime, while others can contribute just as much if not more than one of the “stars” and hardly get a mention. at some of these schools it is just insane how some will get a mention for one hit when the other 3 times they failed to get the ball out of the infield, in they hit it at all. others can have a 2-hit game or score a couple or runs or steal a couple of bases and not get a mention. either be fair with the name dropping or do not do it at all. just send in the score and leave it at that. this does nothing positive for team morale, many players do check out this site daily.

  • Chris said,

    Anyone can post here. Post up and let’s give these local kids some exposure.

  • What? said,

    EG your post sum up everything I just said was wrong with HS baseball. Who cares what someone writes. Who cares who gets the credit reread the Allen quote on my first post for review. If your son or your team is doing what they are supposed to then they should care less what is posted here on the board in the paper. Do it on the field thats the bottom line. You win some you lose some and thats baseball. Every night brings something different.

  • REALLY? said,

    WHAT? That was the best quote you have ever read by a high school coach in the paper??? How are all of the role players doing at ORMA? Most were all-stars on GOOD teams. If the kids would stick with their local schools (in all sports) most GCS teams would be more competitive…period. Please don’t give me the better coaching, better exposure, excuses either. I know several coaches who do a very good job of getting their players exposure–provided the ability to play on the next level is actually there. Very little coaching is actually taking place when you assemble a team of all-stars and throw them on the field or court–but to the public “John Coach” is wonderful, great, all knowing, fantastic coach–give me a break. Regardless of the school(public or private)/coach/sport VERY FEW of the entire population is going to have an education that is paid for by athletics in ANY dollar amouint. However, that Kool-Aid is sold way too often…as long as the check clears –you have potential.

  • NE Fan said,

    The Northeast vs Asheboro game was an extremely good game last night. The Rams really pulled it together about the 5th or 6th inning, with the score being 6 -2 (in favor of Asheboro). About the bottom of the 6th or top of the seventh NE racked up 4 points (2 RBI’s a piece from that Davis and Colon kid) making the score 6 – 6. Finally after going 9 innings NE pulled it off, as always. The last couple of innings had everyone on the edge of their seats. 9th inning Davis gained another RBI when Colon came in and pulled the Rams ahead 7 – 6 to finally close out the game about 10(pm) something. WAY TO GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kid Harrison did a good job closing. Let’s keep it going guys!!!!!!

  • Chris said,

    NE has a talent laden team top to bottom, no doubt. I remember Jaylin Davis hitting bombs on the big field at PG years ago. I also remember Luis and Harrison when they were 11 and 12 when Miguel coached. Good times.

    It’s good to see these kids playing at such a high level. It will be fun to watch this team the rest of the way.

  • Parents said,

    My post that stirred this debate seems to be gone. It’s great to read about the games and the kids, Andy does a great job for one man. My point was when it’s parents sending in long reports on games as if they are “just giving us the scoop”……..when in reality they can’t help but talk about their kid……it’s gone too far.

    It’s not hard to tell the difference between Andy or a guy giving his take……….and the parent trying to pimp his kid in what they present as a game summary.