4Kay Run at the NCAA Women’s Tournament honors Kay Yow(N.C. State)

Posted by Andy Durham on April 3, 2011 at 7:49 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

Kay Yow(Gibsonville), the former women’s basketball coach at N.C. State University was helping people when she died from breast cancer and with her name, she is still helping people today, with the continual research to try and find the cure for breast cancer….Kay Yow was a people-person and the people are better off, for what she did while she was living and for what she is still doing today, after here passing……Be sure to link in below to get the good news, on the research and work that is being done in her memory……

CLICK HERE to check out the Kay Yow Run from Saturday morning….

CLICK HERE to check out how the Kay Yow Run continues to help in Cancer Research…

The grants have been coming in to help with the Cancer Reseach that Kay Yow wanted to see done, in an effort to help find a cure for Breast Cancer…..CLICK HERE to see more and learn more….

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