Dan Patrick is back on radio in the area(AM 620 The Buzz)

Posted by Andy Durham on April 11, 2011 at 10:55 am under College, Professional | Comments are off for this article

620 The Buzz has dropped Tim Hall and Chris Morris with the “The Sports Experience”, from 9am-12 NOON and they have picked up The Dan Patrick Show and put DP in that spot/slot…..

Dan has been missing from the area airwaves since the format change at 790AM, formerly The Ball, so now instead of the The Ball, we have The Buzz and you should be able to get this station AM620, out of Durham, in your car or truck, or on your moped/scooter or bicycle…….

I used to listen to Tim Hall and Chris Morris every day, on the drive into town and now the local show is gone, but at least the replacement series is a good one, with Dan Patrick and his crew….I beleive it was Fritzie, Frankie, The Sand Man and others on the DP Show……

One loss in all this, is the fact that you won’t get to hear Jimmi Hendrix and his song that used to be the lead in for Tim and Chris and “The Sports Experience Show”, and that was the Hendrix tune, “Are You Experienced”…..That would always get the day going to hear Jimmi Hendrix say, “But first, Are You Experienced?”…………..

Well, on with the show thay will go……

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