Atlanta Braves still on TWC as Peachtree moves to FOX…..

Posted by Andy Durham on April 12, 2011 at 10:54 am under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

The Atlanta Braves games will still be aired this season on Time Warner Cable…..The Braves’ Peachtree Network has moved over to FOX Sports and you can catch the Braves’ games on FOX Sports cable channel 51 and or, FOX Sports South on cable channel 67…..

All the Braves games should be on the air and you’ll just need to check your local listings, to see which of the two FOX Sports outlets is carrying the games and if there is a problem, contact your local Time Warner Cable office and they will be glad to help you…..Worst case scenario, you may have to go over to the Time Warner Cable office, on Spring Garden Street to watch the game if your cable is out, but that should not happen very often….And there is always the route of hooking up with the one of the Dish Networks, they should have all of your FOX outlets, maybe even the old FOX in the henhouse, always a favorite with the young kids, that like the older cartoons…..

Dish Network, Direct TV or TWC, take your pick and you can stick, with the Atlanta Braves in 2011….Closest radio outlet this season is in Fayetteville, N.C., or you can go the satellite radio routine with Sirius/XM, they have all those major league packages, that you can get on your car or home radio….

Just some direct info that started coming our way, yesterday(Monday) afternoon…..

  • ad4deacs said,

    Thanks Andy. I’ve read the MLB site and the blackout rules and according to it we are in the Orioles/Nationals blackout market so hopefully we’ll be all set.

  • Reds Fan said,

    Is this why they are not showing some of the Cincinnati Reds games on FSS this year? I would rather watch the Reds myself.

  • Andy said,

    Local Braves fan Don Tilley said on Monday, that the Atlanta Braves are back on the warpath and that means the other NL teams better look out and his grandma is taking the Braves to beat the Phillies in the East this year……..Tilley is no fan of the Philly(Phillies)…….

    Edwin Rodriguez said the Marlins are the the team to beat, but what does he know????? Wait a minute, he’s the manager and he has inside information……Ed said the Fish will get their wish and be celebrating the Title around the dish in September…..

    Ed, Red, Don, Ron, Stan, Dan, Frank, Tank, Bill, Jill, everybody has a pick even Rick, and they are not going to be the same, but I can remember a day when the Reds were the team to watch around here…..WXII TV 12 used to carry their games and their was a time when WFMY TV 2 used to carry the Braves’ games…..I think there was one year back in the day when TV 45 even carried Orioles games and I know TV 48 used to carry a load of Orioles games back in the 80’s…..For just a few days or games, FOX 8, back when they were ABC 8, they were an affiliate of the San Diego Padres or the San Diego Chicken, it was one of those groups……

    Dave Goren would know, he was around back when Abe Lincoln was playing for the Springfield Railsplitters and he used to cut logs and carve out his own bats….That was Abe that made the bats and not Dave Goren….