The WWE will not hedge, Edge is forced to retire due to neck injury: This really caught some fans off-guard…..

Posted by Andy Durham on April 12, 2011 at 5:55 pm under Professional | Comments are off for this article


Professional wrestler Adam Copeland, who played the character Edge for Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment, announced his retirement on the Monday Night Raw program, on the USA Network….

Edge/Copeland, was forced to retire due to an neck injury and the word I am getting today from various sources, is that this really caught some fans off-guard….The fans were aware that Copeland had issues with injuries in the past, but the severity of those injurious conditions were not totally clear, but now they are….

Copeland has completed his career and he is done with days working in the entertaiment industry, as it pertains to professional wrestling…..It was a known fact that Edge/Copeland had suffered from neck problems in the past, but most thought that he would still be able to go another two-three years, before retiring to his home in Asheville, up in the mountains of North Carolina….

The deal is done and Edge can not bring it back…..He has retired and it’s probably a good thing, before he ended up in some sort of ladder match and then incured permanent paralysis………

The fans will have to say goodbye now to Adam Copeland, also known as Edge, during his time spent in World Wrestling Entertaiment……

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