Looking back at Duke Senior Night in 1979: Blue Devils led Tar Heels 7-0 at halftime on the night of “The Original Airball”…

Posted by Andy Durham on April 21, 2011 at 1:51 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

Jim Thacker and what sounds like Bones McKinney on the call and when Bones said the shot by Rich Yonaker hit nothing but air, that might have been the birth of the term Airball and the Duke students sure went to work on that term,(The Duke students began their Airball chant on that day, at that game.) letting the Heels have it and the North Carolina Tar Heels wouldn’t let the Duke Blue Devils have it, the ball that is……

North Carolina held the ball for something like 15 minutes and 53 seconds, in the first half according to Jim Thacker, a man we were always taught to trust and believe, since he was the “Voice of ACC Basketball” on TV and C.D. Chesley employed and with it’s infrequent shot opportunities, Duke made the most of them and the Blue Devils led the Tar Heels, 7-0, that’s right, it was 7-0 Duke over North Carolina at the half…..

Giminski, Yonaker, Spanarkle, Budko, Banks, Bradley…..Check them all out and listen for Bones’ call of the Original Airball when you CLICK HERE….

Kind of obscure video, but to me the fun part is hearing Jim Thacker and Bones McKinney on the call and hearing all those names from the past, to see the old signs inside Cameron Indoor Stadium and to see the students of the 70’s, going wild at the home basketball game…..

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