QB Russell Wilson won’t be coming back to N.C. State, but he still might play football this fall(If I come back in 2011 it will be as a blocking back)

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Russell Wilson’s football career is officially over at N.C. State University….He was granted his release today and he can pursue a football career at another college, in the fall of 2011, if he so desires….His football time at N.C. State is over and he is now busy playing baseball for the Colorado Rockies Class A Asheville Tourists, in the South Atlantic League…..(Wilson also took home academic honors this past week, for his 4.0 GPA and for his success in the classroom, much like the work I was doing, when I made my way on to the scholastic and collegiate honor road back in the 70’s……)

CLICK HERE to read all from the News and Record….This is not really new news, this has been the buzz all week long…..The fact is, N.C. State must move on with a new quarterback and they can’t sit around waiting to see if Wilson would keep on coming back in the fall, after his baseball is over….Mike Glennon is the man now at QB, in Raleigh and James Summers(Page HS) will be there, in Raleigh, in the fall of 2012….CLICK HERE for more on Wilson leaving…
CLICK HERE for Wilson leaving at WRALSportsFan.com….

I’m not certain yet if any schools are interested in picking me up as blocking back, but that is one position that I have been studying on my morning runs this Spring….The other night just after practice, while I was in a big game at around 2am, I was blocking and I stood up Ed “Too Tall” Jones, and after I observed and researched that mental photo with my photographic memory, I knew I could handle the job…..Jones is/was tough, but he was no match for my superior blocking skills and strength…..When I stood up “Too Tall” with that block, you have to just imagine how he had to be towering over me, but you must also create a visual image of Jones, as hit the ground with a thud, after I laid the former Dallas Cowboy out…….I’ve got a real handle on this job and I expect to be hearing from a few teams, in the not so distant future……Anybody need any game tickets? My old saying always was and has been, “Somebody’s gonna get hurt and it ‘aint gonna be me”……

If I get in the bed early enough tonight, I might be in the NFL Hall of Fame, by some time tomorrow morning…….I can take these football characters and it won’t be pretty….

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