Metro 4-A All-Conference Teams announced with Tobias, Shutt and Farrer taking Baseball top honors….

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Name Position School
Josh Tobias SE Guilford
Dylan Shutt SE Guilford
Dillon Barker SE Guilford
Blake Butler SE Guilford
Colby Keene SE Guilford
Brandon Crawford S Alamance
AJ Edwards S Alamance
Tommy Marshall S Alamance
Eddie Sappelt S Alamance
Corey Kimber Dudley
Keith Robinson Dudley
Cory Williamson Dudley
Nin Marrero W Guilford
Nino Marrero W Guilford
Sawyer Highfill Grimsley
DJ Reader Grimsley
Kory Shumate Grimsley
Alec Kornblum Page
Benton Reynolds Page
Tyler Sandlin Page

Josh Tobias SE Guilford PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Dylan Shutt SE Guilford PITCHER OF THE YEAR
Larry Farrer Dudley COACH OF THE YEAR


Name Position School
Aryn Laws SE Guilford
Celeste Sheppard SE Guilford
Kara Shutt SE Guilford
Ashley Smith SE Guilford
Brittany Vaughan SE Guilford
Brianna Webb SE Guilford
Macy Moon Southern Alamance
Jackie Nicholson Southern Alamance
Amber Palmer Southern Alamance
Christa Reitzel Southern Alamance
Katrina Bartlett Dudley
Maci Black Dudley
Latasha Harriston Dudley
Melissa Addington Page
Cynthia Long Page
Chrissy Tickle Page
Brooke Pegram Western Guilford
Akera Mc Phaul Smith
Maura Hartzman Grimsley
Kayla Taylor Grimsley

Brittany Vaughan SE Guilford PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Celeste Sheppard SE Guilford PITCHER OF THE YEAR
Shannon Cowart SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR


Candice Forbes Southeast Guilford
Logan Hurley Southeast Guilford
Amanda Hogan Southeast Guilford
Taylor Apple Southeast Guilford
Meredith Dunker Southeast Guilford
Molly Uffman Southeast Guilford
Rachel Baylor Southeast Guilford
Caitlin Annear Grimsley
Kelsey Benson Grimsley
Rachel Cox Grimsley
Kelly Winborn Grimsley
Patrice Sandridge Grimsley
Alex Hill Grimsley
Kelsey Butler Western Guilford
Anna Choiniere Western Guilford
Caroline Gautreau Western Guilford
Emma Peterson Western Guilford
Kaki Kleisch Page
Grace D’Englere Page
Kate Chamblee Page
Melissa Balbach Southern Alamance
Vicki Hamby Southern Alamance
Celena Alford Dudley
Aerial Williamson Smith

Isaac Welker SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR


Jake Barry Page
Warren Bryan Page
Dillon Kenny Page
Landon Kinsey Page
Kemper Mahanes Page
Kotaro Yoshizaki Page
David Kimbrough Grimsley
Mitchell Lewis Grimsley
Ben Stern Grimsley
Jacob Faircloth Southern Alamance
John Guthrie Southern Alamance
Jack Bermes Western Guilford
Matt Bouton Western Guilford

Landon Kinsey Page PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Jason Allen Page COACH OF THE YEAR


Ryan Parrish Grimsley
Mahoney, Matt SE
Matt Mahoney SE Guilford
Brandon Cox SE Guilford
Gerrick Polinsky Grimsley
Logan Ellis SE Guilford
Caleb Windsor SE Guilford
Bryan Griffin Grimsley
Jeremy Kilgore SE Guilford
Zach Pulliam Grimsley
Jake Williams Grimsley
Ben Freundt Page
Mitch Ellis Page
Clay Mills Page

Ryan Parrish Grimsley PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Mark White SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR


Kiera Allen SE Guilford
Janelle Billingsley SE Guilford
Brittany Casterlow SE Guilford
Daijia Ervin SE Guilford
Kenya Hailey SE Guilford
Gabrielle Pierce SE Guilford
Asia Smith SE Guilford
Kaitlyn Barnes Western Guilford
Courtney Crawford Western Guilford
Kira Hairston Western Guilford
Dejah Hayes Western Guilford
Audrey Russell Western Guilford
Bre’anna Warren Western Guilford
Lauren Clance Page HS
Alexis Hall Page HS
Maggie Harahan Page HS
Carson Lamb Page HS
Marie Lamore Page HS
Anna Robinson Page HS
Austin Vass Page HS
Imani Abraham Dudley HS
Achsah Brice Dudley HS
Tyler Brockington Dudley HS
Lekasha Ejinou Dudley HS
Jessica Walker Dudley HS
Mariah Walker Dudley HS
Dasja White Dudley HS
Tori Churchill Grimsley HS
Tajanel McNeil Grimsley HS
Brianna Tate Grimsley HS
Arriana Covington Smith HS
Shermell Wilkins Smith HS

Bre’anna Warren Western Guilford MOST OUTSTANDING IN FIELD EVENTS
Alton Tyre SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR


Donta Allen SE Guilford
Chris Beale SE Guilford
Mike Fields SE Guilford
Devin Foust SE Guilford
Trey Jones SE Guilford
Ariel Shores SE Guilford
Vashon Solomon SE Guilford
Josh Stewart SE Guilford
Constantine Unanka SE Guilford
Hezekiah Ward SE Guilford
Brandon Cain Southern Alamance
Tony DeAngelo Southern Alamance
Aaron Faison Southern Alamance
Abraham Faison Southern Alamance
William Bennett Page
Grant Brewer Page
Matt Lovejoy Page
Quarry Simon Page
Terrance Wadelington Page
Isaiah Walker Page
Marquis Bailey Smith
Chris Boyd Smith
Omar Foust Smith
Dante Ortado Smith
Chauncey Carter Dudley
Dajuan Haynesworth Dudley
Denzel Jones Dudley
Demetrius Mc Corkle Dudley
Ethan Morris Dudley
Dominique Jones Grimsley
Luke Summerford Grimsley
Jamall Rooks Western Guilford

Brandon Cain Southern Alamance MOST OUTSTANDING RUNNER
Alto Tyre SE Guilford COACH OF THE YEAR

  • Danny said,

    Way to go Falcons. We sure had a great year! Congratulations to all of the All – Conference recipients.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Way to go SE, you had a great year and came oh so close. Congrats go out to the Marrero brothers too. Not real sure about coach of the year though. I think Hardin from Page really did more with what he had than anybody expected. Just my thoughts.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    77 Hornets Im glad you gave us your THOUGHTS but what games where you watching had to be just the two games that you played Page.
    Congrads to Coach Farrer, Corey Kimber, Cory Williamson, and Keith Robinson all well deserved.
    Congrads to all the kids and coaches for a job well done.

  • JD Higgins said,

    Way to go Falcons on a great year, where was Charlie Pannel when we needed him in Asheville.

  • Mark said,

    Only at Southeast Guilford can a North Carolina commit who is 9-0 and probably has the best ERA in the entire state not make his own all-conference team.

    Shame on you coaches.

  • The Newtons said,

    Congrats to all the SEGHS All Conference! Way to go in 2010-2011 season! To the Falcons; you guys had an awesome team! FALCON PRIDE!

  • wow said,

    I agree Mark! That is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC that a player like Newton who had the numbers he did not make the all conference team. I thought it was bad 15 years ago when I went 8-1 and didn’t make my all conference team. But jeez guys, come on! I hope he is like me and goes out there every start in college and shoves it to prove that you coaches don’t know a thing about whats right. Who cares about conference bylaws, we are talking about kids here.

  • JustAsk said,

    Before you make these ridiculous comments you should first find out if his High School coach nominated him. If you’re not there in the room when these votes take place then you should consider reframming from making these comments.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    look guys, enough with the sour grapes!!! great stats and a very good pitcher no doubt, but in the unsophisticated world of all-conference teams there is politics and there are quotas, penalties for parents, coaches who nominate one player versus another for the previous “reasons”, other coaches who penalize opposing players, and lastly coaches who vote for someone for coach of the year because he’s a nice guy, not necessarily because he’s coach of the year—not saying any of these things occur, but my guess is that at least one occurred and probably more than one.
    PS. The justification for certain outcomes is also that all-conference only includes “statistics from conference play”.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Eddie we know you are the Baseball Comissioner but there you go guessing??????????
    The fact is IT IS WHAT IT IS LET IT GO and Congrads to All

  • eddiewillis said,

    Dudley alum,
    I know you who you you are!!! I am not the comissioner, but I may be the commissioner.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    My name has nothing to do with what I said and that does not scare me.
    I know who you are also dont get it twisted because what difference does it make.
    The comment about the coach of the year was not called for and you should know that????????

  • eddiewillis said,

    I stand by what I said!!! Nice guy but coach of the year for a 4th or 5th place finish? You must be a product of the New Age where we reward mediocrity. Why not Simmons who got his team farther with less talent than anyone? Or even Easley who kept his team motivated and listing good baseball the whole season.. Now, there is someone deserves COY@!!

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Since you are the Baseball Commisioner you should know I take that back you do know that they finished 3rd not fourth or fifith.
    He lost 7 seniors and was picked to finish behind Page, Grimsley and Western so your opinion is just what it is an opinion.
    You are entitled to your opinion but so am I and the man did a great job this season and he deserves COY.
    I am a product of the Old AGE what you see is what you get.
    We still love you EDDIE

  • Stephanie Newton said,

    The Newton’s appreciate your concern and support! However, in the whole scheme of things…it really doesn’t matter; nor does it bother the kid! We do very well under pressure and controversy! Like Eddie said, there are quotas. “It’s all good”!

    We are a very loving and private family. Dallas had an amazing season along with his teammates! We as parents, stay out of the politics! If the “kid” cannot do it on his own; then he doesn’t deserve to be there. Well….I think he did just fine and dandy with a 9-0 season and verbally committed to UNC!

    Negative remarks and the no credit make him work harder! It’s a Family trait that will carry him far in life!

    Did any of you know that he has a sister that is on a “special needs” cheer squad? He volunteers to help at their competitions on his own. So, with that being said….”All Conference” or “Well rounded and Big Heart”? There is no Glory in admiration unless you can admire and give back!

    Thanks again for your kind words and support! GO FALCONS!


  • Stephanie Newton said,

    Oh, and again….Congrats to the All Conference players!

  • JustAsk said,

    Newton is a heck of a player and he does not need All-Conference honors to prove that. The stats do not lie, the baseball community knows and understands this. As for Eddie Willis, do you know Coach Farrer? Not only is he a nice guy but he’s one heck of a Coach. Maybe in your eyes Coach of the Year should not be of his race? Try meeting him one day Eddie you just might be surprised.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Just for your information, race has nothing to do with my comment—why should that even enter your mind based on my comments? You might want to reread them! Yes, I do know Larry, and I believe there were coaches who did a better job of getting their teams through the season and of showing improvement. To me, that’s what “Coach of the Year” signifies. Not a vote against a coach because he’s an ass or for a coach because he’s a nice guy. And, to answer a question you might have, I have been in these all-conference meetings and have heard coaches before hand say they would not vote for someone for some petty reason. You can believe it or not, I really don’t care!

  • the process said,

    You may not agree but some of Eddie’s comments about All-Conference are accurate (not the parts about Coach of the year). Some coaches have agendas. Some hold grudges. Some take it out on parents. Some coaches trade votes, ie… I’ll vote for your guy if you vote for mine. And you can’t go from the stats, half the time it is a parent keeping the books. Everyone deserved to make that honor but defintely Newton deserved it as well. When a kid with his talent doesn’t make it, it raises credibility issues about the whole process. Every year there will be a situation like this one. And they’ll be one next year and the next. You can’t pay much attention to it all. If you make it that doesn’t mean you’re a better player and if you don’t it doesn’t mean you can’t play.

  • This has happened before said,

    The Metro Conference coaches meeting was held before all of the conference games had been played. At least this is what I have been told. There were several weeks still left in the season when the selections were made. Not taking anything away from what Dallas accomplished this season, IMO he really came on strong late and at a time that SEG really needed him. However, when these coaches met and made the selections it is possible that he was somewhat overlooked based on what he had done in conference play up to that point. The point was made earlier that each coach is trying to get as many players selected from their team as possible and there is some dealing that takes place. SEG baseball recieved five selections and SEG softball recieved six selections. Did one coach fight harder than the other to get an extra selection? You just don’t know what went on behind those closed doors. I believe Dallas is an All-Everything player and hope he gets the post season honors he deserves. I wish the Metro would have their meeting after conference play is finished, I hear some conferences are just now having their meetings.

  • Andy said,

    The word I get is that the voting was done at the conclusion of the regular season….Newton didn’t really hit his stride until the Conference Tournament got going and he was heading into a different zone in the playoffs….

    You can’t fault Coach Bealey because the system controlled the voting…..There are flaws, but you have to learn to work with them and through them and Newton has proved he can do that with his commitment coming to UNC……

    With the voting done prior to the tournaments and coaches often leaning toward the seniors when it comes to post-season honors, the is not much to argue about here…..The summer game will be crucial for the local players and it will be interesting to see where they all end up playing this summer…..

    Newton is set with UNC in his future, Blake Butler is leaning toward Coastal Carolina from what I hear, and SEG will have many more seniors coming back next year with Reece, Callahan, Frazier, Bain, Amick, and others…..

    Tobias to Florida, Keene to N.C. A&T, Shutt to GTCC, plus Barker and Flinchum from this year’s senior class will play somewhere too, you have to feel that is the case…..

    SEG is in very shape and if the keep the fields at the Pleasant Garden Community Center loaded with players, SEG will be in contention for years to come……

    Good job Falcons on super season and lest we might tend to forget, let’s get it going for the Northeast Guilford Rams…..We have a team left in the hunt and that is the team we have to get behind now…..NEG was one of the few teams to beat SEG this season and if a team beat you, you want to see them do well, cause if they do well, part of your name/team is going up to the plate and is the game with them…..Let’s GO RAMS…….

  • who cares said,

    Who cares about Newton not making all conference. He had a heck of a year but if coach Be Easy didnt noiminate him then its not the kids fault. IDk how manh=y conference starts he made and what his numbers were in conf but i think ill take going to unc over all conference. And Sawyer Highfill should have been a close race with Tobias for player of the year. Very very similar numbers.

  • greenseeker59 said,

    Congrat all conf players

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Stepanie congrads on UNC that is big time.

  • Vol Forever said,

    It seems to me that the SE coach should be coach of the year. He had 5 players make all conference and his team went to the state finals.

  • Phillip said,

    Who made All Conference from the Piedmont Triad- 4A?