Coples complicates and adds new twists and turns into NCAA’s Investigation of UNC football program

Posted by Andy Durham on June 1, 2011 at 3:37 pm under College | 14 Comments to Read

We thought it might be a good time to update the North Carolina Tar Heel football investigation, from last season and now the investigation has crossed over into this season, as well…..Several North Carolina football staff members, have secured the services of an attorney and now this whole mess is getting to be a deeper trough, as the 2011 College Football Season approaches…..Many fans just want to see this whole incident blow over and just go away, but more and more details keep coming in…..It is time to put this caper to rest and get on with plans for a new season, but for some reason, the NCAA continues to have new material to investigate…..The most recent inquiries involve Quinton Coples, out of Kinston High School and one heck of a Tar Heel defensive end…..Coples was a super basketball player too, coming out of Kinston and now we take look at what Charles Robinson is saying, in his discussions with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies, on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh……


The investigation would have wrapped up in April if it had ended with Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn and the few others that created the need for the investigation last year. Thanks to Quinton Coples, social media and the quest for a good time, that investigation has now been extended.

I’m pretty sure that college athletes are specifically warned not to attend draft parties. The reasons why are innumerable, but let’s just say agents, drink purchases, skipping on a cover charge…

The potential impact is great according to Charles Robinson.

“I think things are going to get a little more serious for North Carolina now than they would have if that whole incident in April hadn’t taken place,” he said.

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  • Media Lawsuit follower said,

    I actually hope the NCAA waits to rule after UNC loses their appeal to refrain from releasing parking ticket,email records and phone records.
    I want to see exactly what UNC is trying to hide. They now cannot get in trouble about FERPA since Judge Manning ruled that they should release those records.The appeal means they are hiding something. Perhaps they hope that the NCAA will go ahead and rule before that information is released to get a lighter penalty.The NCAA IS NOT A COURT OF LAW SO THE” INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” CONCEPT IS NOT IN PLAY HERE.

  • compliant said,

    If they were so compliant why are they hiding emails and parking ticket information? maybe the boys at Durst Dodge could shed some light. Several players with new Dodge Chargers. Be interesting to see those parking tickets and who owns those cars. Maybe a employee in the athletic dept. that was terminated last year could shed some light. Speaking with a BOT member that is not tied to UNC, he says that the NCAA and UNC are miles apart. We’ll know more in late June.

  • Coach Tressel said,

    Tell Dickie and Holden that if they decide to make a change I am now available.
    I work very well in a lack of institutional control environment.

  • smh said,

    Two points:
    1. While not very intelligent, it is not against the rules for Coples to have gone to a party. He can even talk to agents, because he is a rising senior. He has to be able to prove that he did not receive anything at all from former players or anyone else at the party. Not defending him, just saying that everyone assumes he has done something wrong, when that may not be the case.
    2. Robinson’s comments about UNC football coaches suddenly retaining outside attorneys is completely erroneous. He has to make sure he provides enough sensationalism that he gets invited back to the Raleigh radio shows.

  • smh said,

    1. Do any of you obsessed ABC fans know how many Alabama players were at the post-draft party for Dareus and Ingram? Somewhere around a dozen. Do you know how many Alabama players have signed with Nick Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton? Double digit numbers.
    2. To all of you who wake up every morning with your greatest hope for the day being that Carolina is going to really be in trouble and the lawsuit around information just shows you they are hiding something: All of that information was given to the NCAA long ago. The NCAA doesn’t have to wait on a lawsuit. Do you really think that Carolina would be fighting a public release of information if they know that there is something bad that will come out of it? They know, and the NCAA knows, what is in the information. The NCAA was given records and information of players not even part of the investigation.

  • JD Higgins said,

    I hope they find out Carolina has done nothing wrong because as sorry as Butch Davis has done since he has been there we want to keep him around as long as possible, Nick Saban already has one National Championship in 4 years and BD cannot even win a conference championship in Chapel HIll

  • smh said,


  • Tom O'Brien said,

    I support Butch!

  • Lee Fowler said,

    In terms of athletic prowess, I for one would not say a word about Butch Davis tenure @ unc. 3 straight winning seasons and 3 straight bowls, unlike our crappy athletic programs that havn`t sniffed a Natty since 1983 a mere 28 freaking years ago. Oh did I forget to mention its all my fault.

    Please continue in all your little delusional unrelavant mentalities while everyone just laughs at us.

    Our fanbase is a complete joke!

  • sefan said,

    You support butch huh. I guess there’s a lot of that that goes on in Chapel Hill…not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • smh said,

    Kind of like those guys on the State tennis team a few years ago?

  • Tom O'Brien said,

    Here is how much I support Butch.
    2007 31-27
    2008 41-10
    2009 28-27
    2010 29-25
    Butch has been good to my teams.

  • smh said,

    It’s really sad that all you guys care about is beating Carolina. It is your reason for existing. Look at his record in four years. If you had not beaten Carolina four straight years, with his record you would be calling for his head. Instead, you are just content to beat Carolina and be completely irrelevant in your entire athletics program. Like pigs in slop.

  • JD Higgins said,

    BD is 28-23 overall@ Carolina and 15-17 in the conference @ Carolina, the ACC has been one of if not the weakest conference in the nation the last 4 years and BD does not even have a winning record, the man can recruit but when it comes to game day BD always lets the Heels down.