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1. 8 plus points per game
2. 4 rebounds per game
3. 1.5 steals per game
4. 2.0 assists per game
5. 1.0 blocks per game

Elisha Hairston Sr. Reidsville: Conference Player of Year, First Team All
Conference Tournament, Second Team All Area, Conference Tournament MVP. Elisha
is probably the smoothest forward in the city. She has a nice fluid movement
that allows her to stand tall amongst the others. She is the catalyst for her
team. She handles the ball well and can create matchup problems. Very athletic
and is a double-double performer. Played very well for the Phoenix AAU team this
past summer especially at an event in front of major college scouts at UNCG.
Helped her team advance to the Championship round of the Sectionals and help
guide team to a conference tie for first place with Eastern Guilford. A mid
major to high major recruit. A five tier player: 22 pts, 15 rebs, 6.9 assists, 6
blocks, 5.5 steals.

Semantha Coffer Soph. Northern: A double-double performer who helped lead
Northern in its first year of highschool competition. Made All Conference and
Third team All Area. Very smooth operator that shoots left handed. Had a game
high of 27 points this year. If Helen Terry or Krystal Moore slip during the
year and Northern improves tremendously over last year and her numbers either
remain the same or increase slightly, she could easily become the Conference
Player of the Year. A mid major to high major prospect at this stage.Did a great
job for the Phoenix AAU squad this past summer. A five tier player: 16 points,
10 rebounds, 5 blocks, 2 assists, 2 steals.

Victoria Davis Jr. Forsyth: Had a super year. Had a season high of 30 points in
a game. A fierce competitor with tremendous hustle. Selected to the All
Conference Team and All Area team in Winston Salem. Had a good year for the
Galaxy AAU team. A good rebounder who can score in the paint. Has improved on
ball handling skills and plays good defense. A physical player that sets the
tone for her team. A low major prospect at this stage. A four tier player. 13
ppg, 6 rebs, 2 steals, 2 assist.

Andria Walker Sr. Eastern Alamance: Mid- State Player of the Year made her
presence known whenever she was on the court. With out performance Eastern
Alamance does not make a run to the Eastern Regional semifinals. An assuming
type player that gets the job done. Her numbers should reached the double-double
mark this year. A division two or low major type player that would be a great
asset for a college team. A two to three tier player. 8.5 ppg, 8.9 rebounds.

Lashonda Anderson Sr. Eastern Guilford: Runnerup to Elisha Harriston for
conference player of the year. May have lead the county in double-double
performances. Had a 30 point and 20 rebound game against Graham and averaged
20.6 ppg, 14 rebounds in Sectional playoffs. Her performance has increased every
year as a Wildcat in Coach Gunn system. First Team All Conference, First Team
All Tournament, First Team All Region and Third Team All Area. A very good
rebounder that has average double figures each year. Does not get the notoriety
as many of the other forwards at more exposed schools but she gets the job done.
Will lead a very talented crew that are returning, that consist of Krystin
Crosby, Amerijah Jamison, Capricia Smalls, April Totten and Miranda Jenkins. Her
performance on both ends of the court will determine how far they advance and
lead what could be a very surprising team in the area. They reached the
Sectional Championship game this past season. A divsion two to low major
prospect. Two tier player. 16.4 ppg, 12 rebs.

Amanda Hairston Jr. Dudley: The most talented player in the county that has the
ability to dominate a game at any moment. Has the athleticism, quickness and
agility that would leave most fans in awe as well as coaches. She has had games
where she scored 18 points and 17 rebounds in a State playoff game. A very
engimatic player that if she ever figures it out the sky is the limit and she
will rise to the top of the recruiting class not only in the State but also in
the Nation. Some one is going to take a chance with this one even if she does
not figure it out. It could lead to either healthy returns or sleepless nights
for the school taking that chance. A high major college prospect with a lot of
question marks. A four tier player with out putting up her numbers.

Chevena Pickard Sr. Page: Did an outstanding job for Page while Jasmine Gill
garnered all the headlines. Had games where she scored 20 or more points to take
the pressure off. Very quick and has the moxy to take over the new leadership
role. Was an All Conference First Team performer and should repeat that again.
If she can put this young team on her back in a way that was different from
Jasmine Gill they may advance further than the second round of the playoffs. All
of her numbers should be up this year in an unselfish way. A division two to low
major college prospect. A three tier player. 8 ppg, 4 rebs, 2 steals.

Paris Alston Sr. Southeast: A very good rebounder and can score in the paint.
Should be an All Conference performer this year. Good at altering shots and her
height is more than welcome. Has had many double digit rebound games and should
be around the 11 boards per night this coming year. Plays for the Phoenix AAU
team low major prospect that might zoom up to mid major with a dominating year.
A three tier player.

Amerijah Jamison Jr. Eastern Guilford: One of the best rebounders in the county
the past two years. As a freshmen she finish number eight in the State with 12
per game. Has added a very nice jump shot from any range to her game. Goes to
the basket very hard and has improved on her free throws. Led her team in three
pointers and had a season high of 23 points in the second round upset of NW
Halifax. She also had four three pointers in that game. She is in the small
forward category becuase of her rebounding ability but is fastly becoming a
forward-guard combination. Was a First Team All Conference Selection and Second
Team All Regional Selection. She helps to make up a very strong group at Eastern
Guilford. Her play in AAU with the Phoenix team has paid major dividends over
the past three years. A division two to low major prospect. A three tier player.
10.5 ppg, 10.8 rebounds, 1.4 steals.

Brianna Foust Sr. Cummings: A very quick and mobile player that make things
happen. Was having a great year until a knee injury at Dudley. Was an All
Holiday Classic Tournament performer. Has the ability to score 20 or more points
on any given night. If her knee injury is healed and she does not lose a step or
two she should have a fantastic year. Because of athleticism she will get
college looks. If the knee is suspect look for a juco, division three or
division two to come calling.

Alyssa Cutshaw Sr. East Davidson: One of the main cogs on a team that won a
State Championship. A smart player that gels very well with Player of the Year
Anna Freeman. Was an All Conference First Team Selection and Honorable Mention
All Area performer. Has the ability to drive or knock down the open shot. Will
be one of the main players as East Davidson defend their title. A low major to
mid major college prospect. A three tier player. Scoring, Rebounding, asists.


Desiree Drayton Soph. Dudley: A very athletic,agile and mobile player. Blends a
great combination of speed and ball handling that allows her to out run and out
quick opponents. The county has not seen her true abilities yet but in due time
she could become one of the best. In a game this year she had a triple double
with 13 points, 10 rebounds and 10 steals. She did an outstanding job along with
returning starters Leandra Hicks, Khadejah Wilkerson, Brittany Drew and Miranda
Jenkins for the Greensboro Galaxy AAU squad this past summer. Still learning the
game and will be a force if she is not restricted. Has developed a semi-hook
shot that allows her to out leap opponents and has improved tremendously with
her free throw shooting. Needs to learn to take the mid range 10-15 ft jump
shot. Here is an example of what she is capable of: During the AAU season
against some of the best talent in the country in her age group and older she
had games like this: 27 pts, 25 rebounds, 22 pts: 21 rebs, 3 steals, 2 assists:
18 pts, 10 rebs, 2 steals, 2 assists. Help lead the Galaxy AAU squad to a
National Title in 2007 and help them reach the Division One Classic Championship
in 2008. She may not win the player of the year in her conference but she may be
the best player overall. A mid major to high major player. A four tier player
that is fastly becoming a five tier player once she learn the art of blocking

Portia Oakley Jr. Page: A fiery competitor who has tremendously improved her
game. She has relentless energy and is an in your face defender. She must
continue to develope a mid range shot and must convert consistently on
transitional baskets. Had a great camp over at UNCG during the summer and shows
the desire to get better. Her play for the Phoenix AAU team should pay off in
her second year in Debbie Jones system. Her hustle and determination will keep
her in the line up. Learning to score a little more in the 7 to 10 point range
will allow her stock to rise. A two tier player. Steals, Rebounds. A division
three or juco at this stage.

Jentilla Street:Smith Showed some flashes this year of being a pretty good
player as evident in her 15 point performance against Dudley in an upset win in
the Little Four. Has the height and ability to really be one of the best as long
as the desire is there. She will get a lot of looks because of height and now
must transfer that with a greater commitment to the game. A two tier player.
Points, Rebounds. A low to mid major prospect for now.

Kristin Rush Greensboro Day? A pretty good player on a team that is not so good.
She has great ability but is ask to do too much that usually leads to a lot of
losses on a non talented team. An All Conference performer. A three tier
player. Scoring, rebounding, assists.

Chell Jackson Soph. Dudley: A very agressive rebounder that hustles. Should see
considerable playing time this year which will allow her numbers to increase
with in the team concept. Should be in position to get a lot of put backs while
all the focus will be on Helen and Brionna. Must have hands in position to
receive the pass and convert when opportunity presents itself. Could easily be a
5 to 7 point 6 rebound performer either starting or coming off the bench this
year. Had a great summer playing AAU basketball for the Greensboro Galaxy that
should lead to more confidence going into the season. The athleticism is already
there. A two tier player for now. A juco or division two player for now.

Kiera Mciver Soph. Dudley: A combination of forward and guard. Has nice height
and good vision when handling the ball. Has the ability to penetrate and dish
off but needs to develope more confidence in the jump shot. Will have to come in
at times to help spark the team when Helen or Breonna are not having an on night
from the perimeter. Has good foot movement and must increase her free throw
percentage over last year. Had a great summer playing AAU for Phoenix. Had a
season high of nine points in highschool but has the ability to average that
either as a starter or reserve at this juncture. One of the most celebrated
players coming into Dudley’s system coming out of junior high and in due time
fans will get to see it. A three tier player at the moment. Scoring, assist,
rebounds. A low to mid major player for now.

Krystin Crosby Jr. Eastern Guilford: A very nice left hand jump shot who can
also hit the three. Shoots well from the freethrow line and is a good rebounder.
Can create off the dribble and does a great job of taking charges. Had a game
high of 16 points. She is a two year starter in Coach Gunns system. Has the
ability to bring the ball up to relieve some of the pressure off of the guards.
In a conference tournament game she had 12 pts, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, 5 assists.
Had a great summer of AAU basketball and should pay great dividends going into
the season. Her presence should help impose a very unique under the radar squad
at Eastern. Look for her to have several double-double games this year and may
flirt with a triple double a time or two. A division two or three to low major
player at this stage. A three tier player. 6 ppg, 5 rebs, 2 assts

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    To ? – if you would have taken the time to read the “subject line” it said this piece was written several years ago when these girls were obviously Freshmen or Sohpmores.

    For whatever reason someone did not see Zena as better than some of these girls back then or maybe they just were not aware of all of the talent in the area. Often times the girls in High Point, private schools, or lower Guilford such as Southwest or Southern do not get the same attention as girls that go to schools such as Page, Grimsley, Smith, Northern or Dudley.

    I am sure that the college coaches and local AAU teams knew who the “real” players were back then and now.

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    It look like the subject matter said ” Top Forwards”, or did I read it wrong?