NCHSAA State Championships

Posted by Andy Durham on June 4, 2011 at 11:16 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

3-A Final:
South Point 8
Northeast Guilford 5
*****South Point wins the Best-of-Three Championship Series over NEG, Two-games-to-one….*****

2-A Final:
Randleman 8
East Rutherford 7

*****Randleman wins the State 2-A Championship…..*****

Northeast Guilford had a great season and they will be back next year with Jaylin Davis, Caleb McCann, Jacob McCann, Josiel Colon, Jordan Brown, Matt Milloway, Cole Wyrick and others…….Gone Luis Paula, Harrison Phillips, Johnny Brown Jr., Shane Flippin and others…..

Again, congratulations NEG Rams on a Great Run and Super Season and we forward to seeing and following you guys again next year…….

  • Mike said,

    Good run for guilford co, sefan, i told you so! I but i knew both se and ne had some real good competion in front of them. Congrats to both.teams for wonderful seasons, way to represent guilford co.

    Vegas Mike- out

  • Sasha said,

    Isn’t Davis graduating this year? I had read that he is going to App State. If he plays baseball there, one of his teammates next season will be South Point’s Jeffrey Springs.

  • Andy said,

    Davis just a junior, he will be back next year for his high school senior season…..Made the early junior committment…..Should be on his way to solid baseball career, with his summer work and off-season approach……Hard worker who can improve his school……

  • Sasha said,

    I didn’t make it to Raleigh for Saturday’s game but from what I heard, Davis probably had the best results against South Point’s bats that the starters. Of course, hearing about his winning Grand Slam in the 7th inning of game 2 blew me away when I got the text message.

  • JUSTI said,

    Its over NE just go home, you had a cake walk all the way to this point. Even the reg season you played no one.

  • Ram said,

    JUSTI—You have found a way to beat the laws of physics.
    It is June in North Carolina a warm Southern State.
    The past week has seen temperatures go on into the upper 90’s.
    However you are one ICEHOLE that survived the heatwave enough to post on this board.
    You want to slight what those NE players accomplished this season.You are really worthless as a football bat.
    It is Sunday so you need to make sure you allow yourself an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes later on today.

  • To Just ! said,

    Someone titled “JUST !” wrote “Its over NE just go home, you had a cake walk all the way to this point. Even the reg season you played no one.” Why does every set of postings with more than 5 responses always seems to include at least one idoit response or comment. Some people just cannot help themselves. These are the same people that cannot come to terms with Duke winning the mens bball champion year before last, or even the Southwest H.S. womens run to the 4A championship this year in bball. The reality is that all championship or even runner up paths require a tremenous amount of skill, good lucky, practice, teamwork, good coaching, good decision making and a willingness to be the best on the day of play. No one has the right to call any such runs lucky or a piece cake. If they played only 2 games all season against “rec” little league teams from the YMCA, then I would be in agreement with you but instead they were playing teams throughout the year that were either 3A or even 4A and maintained a 30-3 record.

    Good Job to the Northeast boys and coachs and all of the area teams this year that at least made the dream real enough to get to the big games whether they won it all or not. All of these kids will forever remember the experience and be better players and people as a result of the experience. There is nothing in life better than experiencing some level of a challenge with others and coming out on or near the top with these same group of people. These experiences will be remembered even when these players are 70 years old sitting on the porch but idoits that make stupid responses in the middle of great achievements will be forgotten the next day as it should be ! Good Lucky next year to Northeast and all of the future championship run teams that our area will produce in football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, track, tennis, golf, swimming, and any other sport that does not get the same attention !!

  • sefan said,

    Yeah it takes a real genious like yourself to figure out that there is strong competition for the state championships. As I said earlier you have to be lucky and good to make it that far whether you are 4A or lower. Sometimes if feels like one pitch, one hit, one strikeout, or one error can make the difference in the outcome of a game or a series but it takes a team to win or lose. The area was well represented. It is great to remember so many kids who are doing well in the schools around Guilford County during their rec ball days. Some you could tell would be good ball players then but some blossomed years later.

    All the seniors will be missed. We have some wonderful talent in this area. Next year will be another strong year for area teams.

  • Mike said,

    One pitch, one strike out, one hit or one error were not the case in the 4A and 3A state championships. NE and TC were dominated, PERIOD…. and i knew they would. Im not taking anything away from those teams, I was just being realistic with my picks.

    Vegas Mike

  • NE said,

    NE was not dominated there buddy. Had we not made 6 errors on Friday night and costly errors on Saturday we win all three games. Get a life and go pull for your team that probably did not even make the playoffs.

    How does a team get dominated when we had a 4-1 lead on Friday night and was leading in Game 3 3 to 2 in the 4th inning?

  • Ram said,

    Any series that goes all 3 games is NOT a domination.

  • Sasha said,

    As a SP alumna, I naturally think that SP had the better team overall this weekend, with pitching being the key to their victory. When our pitchers were not pitching well, it showed. NEG with Davis, J McCann, Colon, and others took advantage and proved why they were the #1 offense in 3A according to Massey. Massey had SP ranked #2 in defense in 3A. I also think that the stats of the pitchers going in were a key indicator of how this series turned out: SP’s Springs – 1.02 ERA, 142 Ks, 31 BB in 82.1 IP; Walden – 1.23 ERA, 103 Ks, 24 BB, 62.2 IP) — NEG ‘s Paula – 2.46 ERA, 85 Ks in 54 IP; Phillips – 3.15 ERA, 66 Ks in 49 IP.

    Anyone with half a brain could see that this match-up between 3A #1 NEG and #2 SP was going to provide an incredible series of games. It happened that the Red Raiders won the series. Had it been a 3 out of 5 series or another weekend, the results could have turned out the other way or remained the same. Both teams made mistakes, whether it was pitching, fielding, choice of swings, coaching decisions. I bet Coach Lineberger kicked himself up and down for taking out Walden in the 7th inning of Game 2, instead of seeing whether he could have gotten himself out of the jam and ended it all there.

    The Raiders and the Rams both came to the championship series to win. After all is said and done, with the heart that both teams brought to Raleigh, one team was going home heartbroken. That is why so often sports is used so often to teach the fundamentals of life.

    Best wishes to the players and coaches of NE Guilford, especially the seniors as they graduate and move on to the next stage of their lives. Hang on to your memories, good and bad, as they will encourage and sustain you when you encounter other challenges.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Try to figure it—the kids are already over the disappointment and getting on with life, and the parents are the ones who cannot just let it go. NE had a great year and they lost!!! SE had a good year too. Let it go. South Point is a very good baseball team, and they deserved to win. I had a chance to see a game each each of the 2A, 3A, and 4A finas and it was exciting baseball. All the teams did themselves proud.

  • Ram said,

    Thanks for your input and sportsmanship.
    South Point won last night because their pitcher did not walk any of us.
    Great game and congratulations to him. We hit the ball well but we hit solo homers due to the lack of baserunners.
    Your pitcher I am sure saved his absolute best effort for the most important game.

  • Sasha said,

    Ram, our #3 pitcher in game 3 was SOPH Andrew Locklear who had only pitched 25 innings prior to last night’s appearance. This was his second complete game, the first being game 2 against Marvin Ridge in the West Regional series. With this kind of performance and limited experience for him to have a win like this is incredible.

  • observer said,

    Coach Linebarger made the right decision by taking Walden out. The kid had thrown 144 pitches.

  • Sasha said,

    Thanks, Observer. I couldn’t make it to Saturday’s games and wasn’t aware of the pitch count. I know that Walden has been in jams before like the one in game 2 and had managed to pull them out. From what you are saying, it looks like he was getting tired/sore from all the pitching.