One of the worst wrecks I’ve ever seen this morning and you’ll probably see this on the News tonight:We now have N&R update…

Posted by Andy Durham on June 6, 2011 at 10:27 am under Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

Dump truck hit a Jeep Cherokee on Friendly Avenue at the intersection near the Hardees and it was bad…..I heard the pop and the dump truck had hit the Jeep Cherokee so hard that it knocked it up against a building…Knocked the bumper clear off the Cherokee, it smashed so hard and the Cherokee looked like it had been thrown into the building…..

The Cherokee up against that building on Friendly Avenue near the church and not too far from the Grasshoppers’ stadium, the Cherokee looked like some of the cars you saw tossed around in last week’s tornadoes, out in Joplin, Missouri……

The dump truck hitting the Cherokee and the sound of the pop when the Cherokee got hit was almost like a 250 pound linebacker hitting a 160 pound wide receiver coming across the middle…..Thoughts and prayers go out to the driver of the Jeep Cherokee….The dump truck was barely phased at all…..Still can hear that pop or the boom and the Cherokee is laying up against that building, like it got hit by truck and it did……Man, that was some kind of heavy hit…..

Police personel and fire/emergency staff were on the scene very quickly……..As it happened I was heading through the light and toward the stadium, so I had to get on down the street, but I made my way back up the street and around the corner and came back through again, and at that time, the respondents were working to help the driver of the Cherokee….Again, thoughts and prayers go out to that driver…..And to the driver of the dump truck our thoughts are with him too, in has to be a very tragic situation….

Not sure who was at fault, just heard the boom and then saw the aftermath, but the most important thing now is the condition of the Jeep Cherokee driver…..

Read more on the accident from News and Record:
GREENSBORO — Three people were hurt today when an SUV and a dump truck collided in a downtown intersection.

Greensboro police said two people inside a white Jeep Cherokee are in serious condition at Cone Hospital. The driver of the dump truck is being treated at the same hospital for what police said are minor injuries.

The crash happened about 9:55 a.m. Monday at West Friendly Avenue and North Edgeworth Street. Westbound traffic on Friendly is being diverted onto Edgeworth. Police said they hope to reopen the intersection shortly after noon Monday.

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