WXII 12 Video footage from this morning’s wreck on Friendly at Edgeworth:I have never seen anything quite like this…

Posted by Andy Durham on June 6, 2011 at 1:46 pm under Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

I wrote on this earlier this morning and we had the news on this accident, before any other media outlet and it turns out that the Jeep Cherokee had just gone through the traffic light at West Friendly and Edgeworth and then got smashed by the dump truck and I was the next car in line……I heard the boom/pop and looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes and still can’t really take all of this in, when I look at this white Jeep Cherokee….

CLICK HERE to see what I am telling you about and it looks like the Cherokee was hit by a bomb and I was next in line to be hit by that dump truck this morning, as I was heading down Edgeworth……Another day and we still pray for the passengers in that Jeep Cherokee…..

This is unreal, it looks like the Jeep Cherokee was hit by a bomb in war zone…..And I was next in line……

Thanks to Bill Ahrens for sending us the link to the WXII TV 12 video footage from this morning’s accident…..

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