Bryce Harper Throws A Kiss To Zach Neal

Posted by Don Moore on June 7, 2011 at 3:15 pm under Professional | 4 Comments to Read

After getting hit on Sunday, Haggerstown’s Bryce Harper hits a home run off Zach Neal and throws him a kiss as he rounds Third.

He is getting a lot of flack in the sporting community for it.

Now they are piling on as they are now picking on him trying to grow a mustache.

  • catherine said,

    Bryce Harper is expected to hit a lot of homeruns in his career. I think he better learn how to act like he has “been there done that”. Many major league putchers won’t look too favorably on a cocky kid who thinks he is going to show up a pitcher every time he gets up to bat.

  • baseball guy said,

    Taking one in the earhole or in the ribcage will cure all of that…kid better grow up quick or he is going to get bruised up or worse

  • baseballfan said,

    No kidding! It might not be anybody on the other team, he had better watch his back in his own clubhouse. Nobody is bigger than the game, Bryce! And remember you are a high school drop-out. And that is an AWFUL stache dude!

  • Bryan said,

    Truthfully, I know in minor league ball it doesn’t matter this much, but taking 2 of 3 from Hagerstown and putting more pressure on them takes care of the evil (at least in the Hoppers fan’s eyes). Put it this way, if this costs his team the division in the first half, you don’t think the Nationals will look at that and say, “This will cost us wins and you games because of your stupidity?”