Junior Legion Baseball at Southeast Guilford Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on June 7, 2011 at 4:27 pm under Amateur | 13 Comments to Read

Junior Hi-Toms vs. Southeast Guilford Falcons at 7pm with SEG having a strong lineup featuring Dallas Newton, Austin Bain, Devin Sweet, Cam Gardner and others….Not sure if Jacobelli, Reece, Frazier and others are with SEG but they might be……

  • BBall Fan said,

    Hope “Big Charlie” was there to see the guys play. It was a sure shame he got stung by Jelly Fish. We know your heart is in the right place!!!

  • HA! said,

    you must be joking, right? Best regular season in years.

  • Brian said,

    No doubt HA! I’m with you.

  • matteroftime said,

    Big Charlie is on his way back. Give it time.

  • HA! said,

    If he is sick then I hope he gets better, but I think GCS has told him to stay away and that is good. Things will stay peaceful and controversy among parents and players will not be stirred up.

  • JD Higgins said,

    I do not know who is selecting the music now between innings at the SE games but they are doing a great job it sounds like we have someone that knows what they are doing now.

  • sefan said,

    That would be Angie Greene with the scoreboard, music selection, scorebook, etc. etc.. She does it all even if the game takes 1/2 the night. We had many opportunities to score last night but just could not push one more run home. We are young and learning. That is what this league is suppose to be about…learning an improving every game.

    Big Charlie is still supporting the team and will be back again one day.

  • HA! said,

    Agree music was great and Mrs. Green did a awesome job.

  • BBall Fan said,

    HA! glad you liked the music but how much have you done to get the baseball program going there. That game played last night is because of a lot of hard work that started several years ago, with a big hand in it going too Charlie. Great season, you are right but lets see, how many of those kids played Jr. Legion that Charlie had a very part in starting. Wonder if the season would have turned out the same??? Guess we will never know.

  • Thank you CP said,

    Charlie, thank you for all you have done multiple years for SEMS, SEGHS, and SEJL! Without you, many kids would not have had the opportunity to play. You have spent countless hours getting donations and looks at these kids. What the kids and their parents do with it; oh well! Look forward to seeing your face soon! Again, thank you!

    To all you negative wanna be baseballers: How about showing respect and volunteering? Oh, and that jellyfish is gonna wash up on shore one day! 🙂

  • saywhatyouwill said,

    Many people like to talk about big Charlie but I can tell you he loves those kids. He is always thinking about how to help each and every one of them. It is a shame some don’t recognize it. Most of the criticism comes from those that like to sit back and throw stones vs get involved and make a positive differnece.

  • Thank you CP said,

    Exactly, saywhatyouwill! Get more involved, volunteer, shut your mouth and open your ears! We love you Charlie Pannell!

    -Syllvia (hehe);)

  • Mike said,

    Charlie is a great man, PERIOD!