MLB Draft local update with area players

Posted by Andy Durham on June 7, 2011 at 3:23 pm under College, High School, Professional | 14 Comments to Read

Round 30 overall #929 Pick
John Brebbia Elon(RHP) New York Yankees

Round 28 overall #856 Pick
Thomas Girwood Elon(RHP) Oakland A’S

Round 28 overall #847 Pick
Kenneth Ferrer Elon(RHP) Washington

Round 28 overall #846 Pick
Jordan Ramsey North Davidson HS(RHP) Kansas City

Round 23 overall #698 pick
Cody Allen High Point University(RHP) Cleveland

Round 21 overall #656 pick
Jarrett Miller UNCG(RHP) Atlanta

Round 21 overall #636 pick
Kenny Swab East Forsyth HS/University of Virginia(C) Kansas City

Round 14 overall #429 Pick
Dillon Maples Pinecrest HS NC Gatorade High School POY(RHP) Chicago Cubs

Round 12 overall Pick #376
Xavier Macklin NC A&T(OF) Oakland A’s…..

Round 8 overall Pick #247
Greg Holt(West Forsyth High School) UNC(RHP) to the Washington Nationals

Still Round 8 overall Pick #250
Brandon Culbreth(Forsyth Country Day School) [RHP] to the Houston Astros

*****Things have slowed down some now after 10 Rounds of player selections, but here are few more players that you might recognize from today’s activities….

Round 2 Corey Mozzoni NC State(RHP) New York Mets…
Round 2 Will Lamb Clemson(LHP) Texas Rangers…
Round 3 Pratt Maynard(C) NC State LA Dodgers…
Round 3 Mike Wright(LHP) East Carolina Baltimore Orioles…
Round B Compensation Carter Capps(RHP) Mt. Olive Seattle Mariners…

  • baseballfan said,

    Told you so about a kid from Greensboro that wasn’t as highly touted as everyone thought he was……

  • eddie willis said,

    Not sure who you are referring to, but this site is all about hype and support of local kids. Don’t expect any insights with much real depth when it comes to the MLB draft. Just enjoy and have a few good laughs.

  • Andy said,

    Most of the Draft info has been coming from, Baseball America and…..You guys are missing the boat …..

  • Mike said,

    I have been saying that for two years, again, not hating….just being realistic!

  • Andy said,

    Hey, last summer at least two of these kids were in the Cape Cod Summer League All-Star Game and the AFLAC All-American Game as starters and that’s not talent? Nobody from around here is being taken today….We had the kid from NC A&T(Xavier Macklin) and the young man from Forsyth Country Day(Brandon Culbreth) and that has been it……It is a quiet day and we have done all we can to bring the focus on this area and it is possible that others out there somewhere are giving us a bad name…….You men are all after the fact talkers……Somebody put the bad word out on us and if I find out who it is……..

    Most would say it is all just a big business and in the end it is, but don’t let that kill the dream for our local players….Just because many of you never made it don’t try and spoil for those that are still trying to get there……

  • Drew said,

    Kenny Swab–21st round–Kansas City Royals

  • Andy said,

    Congrats to EF, UVA and the Swabs…..That kid has worked hard and he has come a long way from Kernersville….Remember seeing him play against Grimsley back in the day……

  • DH said,

    Jordan Ramsey from North Davidson HS went in 28th Round to Kansas City Royals. Jordan has a scholarship to UNCW, if he chooses to take it.
    Congratulations Jordan!!

  • Andy said,

    Some of the guys we were looking to go today didn’t go and it was more money issues than talent issues according to the coaches I talked to and the scouts that they have been talking to…..You set goals(financially) and if they are not there, you stick to your original plan…..This worked out well for Garrison Lassiter a couple of years ago when he waited and went later to the New York Yankees and we will know more tomorrow and we’ll keep burning the midnight oil…..Glad to have some oil to burn….

  • Eddie Willis said,

    The majority of the players who make it to the majors get drafted in the first 10 rounds. Lassiter did not go undrafted, he just did not sign because the money wasn’t right. He was an extremely talentd 5 tool HS player with a future and everyone knew it. If you are a major league prospect and a high school senior or a graduating senior with MLB potential, then you do not fall out of the first 30 rounds. Maybe, if you are a college senior with marginal chances of being anything more than a career minor leaguer at best, then you go undrafted because team’s figure they can hire you as a free agent. It’s tough to make it to the show and we have lots of local kids who get drafted and are back in the area before too long. Baseball is a tough game at the professional level, and I would just like to see us be more realistic in how we evaluate players. Sure, it’s exciting to see our local players get drafted, but to act as if every one of them is the next ARod is a little bit silly.

  • Andy said,

    I get the sense that the players appreciate what we do for them and I also have the feeling what some may consider a blind faith that they depend on us……When I see a kid and they tell me I just signed or committed to certain school, then I know they feel it is important and they want us to know they have reached a feeling of accomplishment…..

    I am out there with some of these kids every day and they know who we are and what we represent…..At times those that follow these games just watch or read about it and then they just talk about what they heard or saw…..I’m on the front line and represent what these kids stand for and I better promote as many of them as I can or I’m not doing my unwritten job……

    You talk about silly, is it silly to promote a kid like a Clint Moore, who stands by the military creed Duty, Honor, Country…..I unlike some,, don’t claim to know it all, but to me it seems that part of that, the Military committment would be the holdup on his MIA from yesterday’s draft notices…..It may seem silly to you, but that sums it all up for the most part…..Service to God and your country and then the baseball will have to take it’s place in the batting order after those two…..I’m glad Clint Moore is on our side and I wish we had more like him and we do, it is just up to us and others to bring it out of them….

    I speak on Clint and Josh Tobias since they were the two that were most heavily mentioned in today’s paper and they have been the target of our discussions here as we break down and look at the MLB Draft…..It has been made clear that if the terms don’t reach the right limits, then Josh will be headed to college at Florida….I hate talking about the money, but this is a business and that is how they have to approach it…..Josh and Clint have been talking to teams over the past two days and with Clint’s military commitment being a holdup and Josh’s need to find a balance with what he would get for a bonus and the monetary value of the four years paid at the University of Florida, you have some tough issues to deal with……Many times the signing bonus is lined up in order with the value of the four years of school and with Clint Moore that is not an issue since he has completed his four years of college, but with Josh it is a different story…..

    Both young men have been talking with teams, so it is not like they are not involved in the Draft process, the numbers, conditions and issues all have to match up…..

    How did these two become such a hot topic? Where did the newspapers, TV, and other publications find out about them and learn of their background?
    Through this web blog……For better or worse, this has become the stopping point for those that want to get noticed and papers, the TV people and other publications will tell as much and how did it happen? We are on the front lines……..I dare say, that many of you that come in here, would not have been heard of before either, if you had not left your name or your surname and I’m not naming names, don’t have to…….

    Let’s carry on and keep working hard and in the end, we will be there to see how it all turns out…..This past year we have begun to a better job of following the players as they go on to college and I hope we can continue to keep improving on that next year……..We were able to follow that Guilford group at Catawba with some good coverage this season with Moyer, Hohn, Neese, Whited, Underwood and others……

    I can put your people and just about any people out there on the map and the only way I can explain it is that again, we are on the front lines…….When you see us out there we may look like a bum to some and seem silly to many, but over the past couple of years I have been able to help many athletes with this site and have probably hindered a few too, but that is why I am still typing today…….

    Say we can’t make a change for the better? I think we can and life is like a marathon and I hope to still be in this race for many years to come, as a man told me last Saturday afternoon as he saw me doing my 40 yard sprints down his road/street, as part of the weekend workout with the temps in the high 80’s…..As I flew by his house on foot the man said, “You are tough”……I said sir, “I may not be tough, it may be that I am crazy”…….

    Crazy enough to keep on going and to keep it coming…..

  • guru said,

    Josh Tobias- 31st Round Washington Nationals, pick #937

  • What are the Stats? said,

    We always pull for the local players to do well on the national scene. I have an interesting question. How many current basball players in the Big Dance that are not pitchers or catchers have height less than 6 feet? I think I checked about 4 years ago and there may have been 5 in all of baseball on Big Dance rosters. I hate to say it,, but the stats are stacked against shorter players these days. They want pitching, especially lefties. They want catchers. They want the long ball hitter. They want speed.

    Looking forward to the stats if someone can provide the number of players in the Big Dance that are not pitchers or catchers less than 6 feet tall.

  • Stats ??? said,

    The Braves have (6) guys under 6 feet on their 40-man roster, not counting pitchers & catchers.
    I believe your info must have been incorrect.