Top Nine at 9:Who were the top nine high school baseball players from Guilford County this past season?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

From the 2011 season, who were the Top Nine players? We’ll start locking this down with the Top Nine at 9 on June 9, but as we get set to break it all down, who were the nine best in Guilford County this past season???

Not going by position, just the Best, the Top Nine players…..You are building your team and who are your Top 9?

Plenty of names to choose from and who are the locks? You just can’t leave these guys off your team……

Do you say:
Nick Taylor

There’s 9 kids right there that might be the tops……With a team like NWG, it is hard….You ask yourself, do I go with Kuxhausen, Everett or Haack or Swim or Schmucker…….. Selecting one, who would you take? NEG is hard too, with Paula, Jaylin Davis, Harrison Phillips, Johnny Brown Jr., Josiel Colon, the McCanns, but we have Paula……

I think I might be on to something with that nine that I listed, what do the rest of you think and we will start locking this down on June 9 with the official voting……

  • NE Fan said,

    I would take Davis over Paula

  • lotta talent said,

    1st team – Tobias, Davis, Paula, Orth, Reader, Haack, Ferrante, Bethea, Newton.
    2nd team – Kimber, Kuxhausen, Pearl, Marrero, Colon, Butler, Shutt, Taylor, Phillips or McCann

    All good players. Honor just to be mentioned. I agree with NE fan. I like Davis slightly over Pauia.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I too agree with Davis over Paula—–Don’t know him or parents, but he;s probably a step above ASU for college–especially if he has the work ethic I have been told he does.

  • bball said,

    1st team – Tobias, Davis, Colon, Orth,Brown jr, Haack, Ferrante, Bethea, Newton.
    2nd team – Paula ,Kimber, Kuxhausen, Pearl, Marrero, Butler, Shutt, Taylor, Phillips or McCann

  • bball said,

    COLON and DAVIS deserve to make that first team….
    **great talents; both 5 tools players
    ** they were the key to the RAMS outstanding 30-3 season
    **fun to watch play them play

  • john boy said,

    You can not keep Haack off that top 9. It showed how inportant he was after he was injured. Alabama must think a lot of him.

  • curious said,

    if you had to choose one player for each position who would you choose and at which spot?

  • Alumni said,

    Who is the top coach in Greensboro, college or HS?